Respawn May be Teasing the Next Apex Legends Character

At present, the Apex Legends community is abuzz with rumours concerning the next Apex Legends character coming to the game. According to leaks and datamining, this character is named Octane, and makes use of deploy-able jump pads. However, Respawn may now actually be teasing this character directly with a mysterious addition to the game’s map.

Is Respawn Teasing Octane, the Next Apex Legends Character?

Players have discovered that several new jump pads seem to have recently been added to the game. It’s unknown exactly when they were added. However, it seems likely to have been in the latest update. The jump pads resemble green inflatable pads, with three handles and a metal plate to jump on. Although these pads are immobile, they certainly resemble the sort of pads that a character might deploy. In fact, they directly resemble the sort of pads which Octane purportedly uses for his ultimate ability.

Apex Legends Character Teased with Bounce Pads

These mysterious pads will launch players who step onto them. Land on them from higher up, or sprint into them, and they seem to bounce you a greater distance. Other than that, the pads don’t seem to do anything. As such, why Respawn chose to add them to the game is something of a mystery. It’s possible that Respawn may be subtly teasing the upcoming release of Octane. Or, they may actually be using these immobile pads to quietly test out the mechanics of Octane’s pads in-game.

Respawn hasn’t commented on the addition of the pads to Apex Legends. However, when a Redditor who goes by ‘jetblacklab’ posted a screenshot of one of the pads online, a Respawn developer ‘lowkeydbjosh’ simply responded with a winking emoji. For now, fans will have to wait until Respawn comments directly. It’s possible that the pads could be for something else entirely. However, it’s hard not to see the resemblance between them and the rumoured next Apex Legends character…