Star Wars Battlefront 2: Here Are Anakin Skywalker’s Abilities and Star Cards

In just a few days, the passionate Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker will join Star Wars Battlefront 2’s roster. In a recent community transmission, DICE provided a full breakdown of Anakin’s abilities, Star Cards, and customization items.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Anakin Skywalker Details

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Anakin Skywalker

This community transmission post has the full lowdown on Battlefront 2’s version of Anakin. In Star Wars lore, young Anakin is a skilled yet reckless combatant, and those traits reflect his Battlefront 2 abilities. His fourth ability, Retribution, even taps into his eventual fall to the dark side.

Here are Anakin’s four unique abilities:

  • Passionate Strike – A powerful overhand attack which can break through an enemy’s guard. The attack actually deals full damage against an enemy dark side hero who tries to block it.
  • Heroic Impact – A charge-up attack which grants Anakin high damage resistance while he charges it. When released, Heroic Impact unleashes a shockwave whose power is tied to the damage Anakin absorbed.
  • Pull Dominance – Anakin uses the force to yank multiple enemies through the air towards him, leaving them exposed to additional attacks.
  • Retribution – As Anakin and his allies take damage, a Retribution gauge slowly fills up. When the gauge is full Anakin can unleash a devastating 360-degree force choke which heavily damages all nearby enemies.

DICE also previewed Anakin’s unlockable Star Cards which further augment his abilities.

Star Cards

  • Tenacious – Increases Anakin’s maximum health
  • Reprisal – Anakin regains health whenever he defeats an enemy trooper or hero
  • Massive Strikes – Anakin’s lightsaber attacks do more damage
  • Pressure – Passionate Strike deals more damage
  • Fierce Fighter – Passionate Strikes’ cooldown is reduced
  • Control the Force – Heroic Might has a larger radius of effect
  • Raw Strength – Increases Heroic Might’s damage
  • No Escape – Pull Dominance has greater range
  • All of Them – Pull Dominance deals more damage to affected targets

Be sure to consult the full post for an in-depth look into Anakin’s cosmetic customization items as well. DICE outlined Anakin’s voice lines, emotes, victory poses, milestones, and outfits. Also, if you’re an EA Access subscriber you can now play Star Wars Battlefront 2 for free.