Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling: How to Unlock the Inklings

There are so many different new fighters that you can unlock in Super Smash Bros Ultimate like Ridley and Incineroar. However, one of the new fighters that many Nintendo fans have been excited for is the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling. That’s because they are one of the few fighters that allow for both male and female options in battle.

Hailing from the Splatoon series, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling is the protagonist you play as in those titles. The first game on Wii U was one of the most beloved titles on the ill-fated console while Splatoon 2 on Switch has been a massive hit. As such, it’s no wonder that Nintendo made sure they are a fighter for you to pick.

How to Unlock Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling

Similar to other icons like Robin, you are able to select either male or female Inkling. In addition, there are numerous skins and color tones you can choose from. However, before you can select those things, you actually need the Inklings themselves. There are three ways to do this. You can do it in World of Light, Classic Mode, or normal Smash matches.

The World of Light method isn’t too bad in this game if you like the mode. You can find Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling in the city northwest of the beginning area. However, if you don’t like that mode you can unlock Inkling by playing normal Smash matches. Inkling is the fifth character earned this way.

However, even still, there is an easier way than both of those. Nintendo made sure you didn’t have to wait long for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling. Simply open up the game, play Samus’ Classic Mode, and Inkling will be your first challenger to appear afterward. Defeat Inkling in a battle and you’ll unlock them.