Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter: How to Unlock Richter Belmont

There are so many characters for you to unlock in Super Smash Bros Ultimate like Ridley and fellow Castlevania hero Simon. Like those two, one of the brand new fighters is┬áSuper Smash Bros Ultimate Richter. Considering that he is one of the brand-spankin’ new characters, it’s no surprise that players want to check him out. It helps that he has a long lineage associated with him.

Hailing from the Konami’s Castlevania series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter is a newcomer in this fifth game. His fighting style and movements are rather unique compared to other characters. While he certainly won’t be for everyone, he’s definitely worth unlocking. Here’s how you about unlocking Richter Belmont in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch.

How to Unlock Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter Belmont

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter

Like with most of the other fighters we’ve already covered, there are a few ways to unlock Richter Belmont. In total, there are three possible ways you can unlock this new fighter. The first is through the Adventure mode or World of Light. However, we absolutely do not recommend this method unless you love the mode. It simply takes a long time.

Your best bet is using these other two methods. Next up is by simply playing through normal Smash matches. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter is the 35th character that you unlock through playing normal matches. He’s one of the later characters so we recommend the next method over this one. That method is, no surprise, Classic Mode.

Classic Mode is also a great way to unlock Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter Belmont. All you need to do for this one is play through and win Link’s Classic Mode until you get Young Link. Then you will need to play through Young Link’s Classic Mode a few more times to unlock Richter.