The Division 2: Title Update 3 Patch Notes And Raid Trailer

After a month-long delay and multiple testing phases, The Division 2’s Title Update 3 is finally here. The update’s biggest highlight is undoubtedly the Operation Dark Hours raid experience, but there’s far more included as well. Title Update 3 also comes with major changes to crafting, loot drops, gear scaling, and more.

The Division 2 Title Update 3 Highlights

The Division 2 Title Update 3 launch

As you can see in the below trailer, The Division 2’s debut raid experience is an action-packed PvE showdown. Players who suit up for Operation Dark Hours must battle some of the toughest enemy forces in the entire game. The trailer also reveals a tantalizing reward for whichever raid team manages to clear Operation Dark Hours first. The world’s first raid team will be forever immortalized courtesy of a painting in The Division 2’s in-game White House.

Aside from Operation Dark Hours, other highlights of Title Update 3 include both free and paid content additions. Those who own The Division 2’s Year One Pass can now venture through two new Classified Assignment missions. All players can also participate in a brand new apparel event with the Dark Hours theme. The apparel event allows players to earn new limited-time emotes, weapon skins, clothing items, and more.

Fans of crafting will appreciate some of the changes Title Update 3 makes as well. The inventory caps for both Receiver Components and Protective Fabric have been increased to better accommodate crafting enthusiasts. Inaya al-Khaliq is now also serving as a permanent Base of Operations crafting vendor. She’s permanently posted next to the White House crafting bench and sells a rotating stock of crafting blueprints.

Changes have also been incorporated for in-game commendations, loot container refreshes, and gear score scaling. It’s now easier for players to reach the gear score cap of 500. Also, players who are already at 500 gear score can receive guaranteed 500 loot drops from multiple sources.

You can find the full patch note for The Division 2’s Title Update 3 here.