Total War: Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban DLC Video Details He Yi

Total War: Three Kingdoms is finally due to release later this month, in just a couple of weeks’ time. As has become somewhat traditional for Creative Assembly, the game features a day one DLC pack, which is free for anybody who pre-orders the game. The Total War: Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban DLC will add the Yellow Turban rebellion as a playable faction. Until now, the studio has kept details of this DLC under wraps. However, they have now finally released a video detailing the start position of He Yi; one of the Yellow Turban playable faction leaders.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban DLC – He Yi’s Start Position & Details

According to Creative Assembly, He Yi and the other Yellow Turban leaders have very difficult start positions. This is largely due to the fact that they begin the campaign surrounded by enemies. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Yellow Turban rebellion was the event which begins the story, and unites many factions in China to defeat it. Indeed, many of the important figures of the Three Kingdoms era began their rises to power as military officers or soldiers fighting the Yellow Turbans. When the campaign begins, the rebellion has already been mostly defeated. However, there are scattered remnants left over, and it is these groups which players can take control of in the DLC. Needless to say, they have few allies!

Total War Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban DLC He Yi

To make matters worse, the Yellow Turbans cannot even make peace with some of their enemies until they reach a higher faction rank. As such, players will find themselves fighting on multiple fronts very quickly. When it comes to his faction, He Yi does have a few useful advantages to help him fend off so many foes, however. His faction benefits from increased unit replenishment, and the higher his population grows, the more his unit recruitment cost decreases. This enables him to amass large armies very quickly, especially if he accrues a large population.

He Yi’s Unique Building Chain, Units, and Abilities

He Yi’s unique building chain is the Village Healer, which improves population growth and public order. This helps to keep public order in check as players balance a high population with high food demands and overpopulation. He Yi can also choose to “Aid the Wounded” instead of “Occupy” after conquering a settlement. Doing so boosts the settlement’s population growth, commerce income, and also helps adjust the citizens to their new leaders more quickly.

Total War Three Kingdoms Yellow Turban DLC He Man

He Yi also has a unique unit to call upon; the Youxia. This heavy assault infantry unit is armed with swords and shields. Designed for frontline engagements, they have good armour and benefit from guerrilla deployment. As much of the Yellow Turban army is poorly-armoured, this unit can deploy further forward and absorb ranged damage in their place. Finally, He Yi starts with the aid of He Man, a character who complements He Yi very well in battle.