Will Halo Infinite Release in Stages?

We have been waiting a long time now for Halo Infinite. In fact, we are waiting for much longer than we originally expected. Rumors are that the delay in the release of the game might have something to do with the Halo TV show. 343 Industries did confirm that we can expect the game to come out at last in 2021. But now there are indications that the delays could result in a Halo Infinite release in stages. Let’s take a look at where this rumor comes from.

It is Possible Halo Infinite Will Release in Stages

Actually, the possibility of a staged release for Halo Infinite comes right from the mouth of Xbox boss Phil Spencer while he was chatting with Kotaku. Journalist Stephen Totilo wrote, “I asked if Microsoft would consider offering Halo Infinite’s campaign at a different time than the multiplayer, if one is complete before the other.” Spencer replied, “Bonnie [Ross, head of the Halo franchise] and the team will go drive those decisions. But I think we want to make sure people feel like they have a Halo experience. I think we can look at options like that. So, yeah, I think that’s something to think about, but we want to make sure we do it right.”

Totilo said he took that as a “maybe,” and we are doing the same. But the good news is that the phrasing does not imply that a release in stages would result from further delays. It would simply be Microsoft’s decision to make sure that fans get to play at least part of Halo Infinite as soon as possible.

At this time, nothing is set in stone. Microsoft may or may not decide to go this route. We will keep you posted on further news about the release of Halo Infinite as we hear it.