WWE 2K19 Starrcade 2018 Arena Available to Recreate Match Results on PS4, Xbox One

Professional wrestling fans were able to witness the WWE Starrcade 2018 results on Saturday, November 24. The event, formerly a WCW pay-per-view, took place in Cincinnati, Ohio as a high-profile house show. It included one wrestler’s big return to the ring after a hiatus. It also featured a number of other top superstars available on the WWE 2K19 roster. Thanks to the community, there’s also a WWE Starrcade 2018 arena available for gamers to use in the game as well. Fans can decide to host their own version of the event and maybe recreate or change the Starrcade match results.

WWE Starrcade 2018 brings back Wyatt, exciting cage matches to try

“The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt made his surprise return to the ring on Saturday night, according to WhatCulture. During the event, Baron Corbin came to the ring to issue an open challenge to anyone available. None other than Bray Wyatt came to the ring, after being away since September.

Wyatt defeated “The Constable of Raw” in quick fashion, which seems to indicate he’s back. He may or may not show up on Raw on Monday. Fans can recreate the Starrcade 2018 match in WWE 2K19, where Wyatt is and 83, and Corbin is just a point higher. There’s even the Wyatt Compound and other relevant Wyatt-themed matches available in 2K19.

A few cage matches were also on the card, which makes them perfect for WWE 2K19 gamers to recreate. One of these had AJ Styles against Samoa Joe to continue their rivalry. Styles was victorious again. In the main event, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins got to take on former friend and tag team partner Dean Ambrose. At least one weapon was involved, as Seth Rollins wielded the kendo stick for part of the match. This could make for an entertaining contest to recreate as the WWE 2K19 matches can include weapons, cages, and more.

WWE 2K19 Starrcade 2018 arena now available

Every unique WWE event gets a unique theme or setup for it and Starrcade was no exception. There are now community-created editions of the WWE Starrcade 2018 arena for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One available. As seen in the screenshots below, the arena features the “Starrcade” logo on the ring and in the distance above the ramp. This will allow gamers to recreate last night’s event on their own terms.

To get the arena on PlayStation 4, head over to Community Creations and search for “STARRCADE.” For the Xbox One, head to Community Creations and look under the “Shows” category. Download from there and enjoy!

With the arena available at the Community Creations spot, gamers may also want to add Rey Mysterio to their roster via the WWE 2K19 DLC pack. He was part of WWE Starrcade 2018 and appeared as a guest on the MizTV show before Shinsuke Nakamura arrived out. A match took place from there between Rey and Shinsuke but ended when Miz interfered. Fans may want to play a different version of how that goes.

Other superstars involved on the card included Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka. Gamers can pick up the WWE 2K19 game on sale right now through 2K’s game sale. In addition, head over to VGR’s WWE news section for the latest information about the game.