WWE 2K20 Roster: New Aleister Black Entrance vs. 2K19 Comparison Video

The WWE 2K20 roster hasn’t been officially revealed, but 2K is continuing to reveal some of the updated superstar entrances. In a brand new video released on September 12, fans are getting their first look at Aleister Black’s WWE 2K20 entrance. As with previous entrances involving Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, a comparison video with Black’s 2K19 entrance has also surfaced.

Aleister Black confirmed for WWE 2K20 roster with new video

We’ve learned that the WWE 2K20 roster will have Buddy Murphy, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens in the past several weeks. Thursday brought former WWE NXT Champion Aleister Black into the mix with the first look at his 2K20 entrance video. It features the mysterious man who now appears as part of the “blue brand” with the WWE SmackDown roster that will head to FOX next month.

Here’s the official Aleister Black entrance video as revealed by 2K20:

Aleister Black’s theme music remains the same from the previous game, as it has since his arrival to the main roster. It’s CFO$’s “Root of All Evil,” a heavy metal hard rock track that fans easily recognize. Below is a look at what is updated with the new ring entrance in the 2K20 title.

Comparison with his 2K19 entrance video

Thanks to a new YouTube video, fans can see a side-by-side comparison with his WWE 2K19 entrance video. Black’s WWE 2K20 roster superstar appearance is definitely more detailed when compared to last year’s edition. His 2K20 entrance has better lighting including that extra touch of the lit candles as he rises to a standing position on stage. Even his outfit is more prominent in the new WWE 2K entrance.

Aleister Black originally debuted in WWE 2K18. This marks his third 2K game as he appears on the WWE 2K20 roster. Of the three, this new version looks and sounds the best so far. Based on side-by-side comparisons, it’s clear a lot more detail went into customizing the unique entrances superstars will make for 2K20.

In WWE 2K19, Black was rated at 84 OVR, a three-point increase of his 2K18 rating. Will his move from NXT to the main roster keep him stable, or lower him? We’ll wait to see when those 2K20 ratings are finally revealed!

Check out Samoa Joe’s 2K20 entrance to see a comparison with his 2K19 video. Also, see what Kevin Owens’ 2K20 entrance comparison looks like.

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