WWE 2K20 Soundtrack: New Details About Eminem’s Involvement With WWE 2K

Months ago, reports arrived from various pro wrestling sources suggesting Eminem and WWE 2K had a deal in place for the hip-hop star’s involvement with their upcoming game. Now it appears that arrangement fell apart and Eminem will not be involved in WWE 2K20 Soundtrack or the game. More details recently arrived about how things broke down between Eminem’s side and the WWE 2K folks.

Eminem not involved in WWE 2K20 soundtrack or game

According to a new Fightful report, Eminem’s rep Dennis Dennehy told Pro Wrestling Sheet that there was a meeting about the 2K-Em deal involving two unnamed parties. Reportedly, the deal was “being brokered between Universal reps and 2K reps.” Due to this, not many people within WWE knew about it. Still, many professional wrestling sites reported on the news and it went viral.

Apparently, 2K and Universal had come to an “agreement” on Eminem’s WWE 2K20 involvement. Still, it was made clear that it didn’t mean a deal was officially “signed.” Once the reports arrived about Eminem’s involvement with the WWE 2K20 soundtrack and game it caught Eminem’s representatives and Universal off guard.

Many people in WWE and Eminem himself hadn’t even known that an agreement was reached between the two parties. After that breaking news hit the internet, it caused finger-pointing amongst various parties. Unfortunately, things broke down from there and the deal ultimately fell apart.

Fightful made attempts to contact Em’s rep, WWE

It’s also noteworthy that Em’s rep Dennis Dennehy left his job as the Executive VP and head of publicity for Interscope this past May so he could take on a role working with AEG. He had originally reached out to Fightful to discuss the Eminem/WWE 2K20 deal. However, things never materialized with that, despite attempts from Fightful to make it happen.

Fightful indicated that they made attempts to contact Em’s former rep Dennehy but he never got back to them. In addition, attempts to contact WWE resulted in no replies either. However, 2K responded to an inquiry telling Fightful “Soundtracks and projects are constantly in development at 2K, but an agreement has not yet been finalized with any artist for our impending slate of games.”

So it seems that Eminem won’t have any special role when it comes to the new WWE 2K20 soundtrack. He was featured on WWE 2K19 soundtrack with his song “Survival of the Fittest” amongst the tracks on the playlist.

So far, there have been no further details about the upcoming game’s soundtrack. The new WWE game arrives on October 22, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs.