WWE 2K22 Gameplay Trailer Drops During Royal Rumble Weekend With More Roster Ratings

With WWE’s Royal Rumble event taking place this weekend, 2K released a brand new WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer. It’s jam-packed with superstars featured in the upcoming game including cover star Rey Mysterio and DLC headliner The Undertaker. Footage reveals the use of weapons, ladders, steel cages, and in-ring moves giving fans a good look at what’s coming. Along with the trailer, several more 2K22 superstar ratings arrived.

WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer drops online

The new WWE 2K22 game is just over a month away, and that means more details are coming. On Saturday, 2K released their WWE 2K22: Booyaka Gameplay Trailer. It’s nearly two minutes long on YouTube and features many of the most popular WWE superstars featured in the business today.

Early on, there’s footage of cover star Rey Mysterio, The Boss Sasha Banks, and Roman Reigns. A shot shows Rey’s son Dominik Mysterio laid out on the mat and what looks like Rey doing a splash off the side ropes onto him.

Other superstars shown off in the trailer include legends like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Beast Brock Lesnar. There’s a pause about midway through for a bit of The Undertaker’s chilling ring entrance.

We get shots of a ladder being set up and Mysterio climbing up one side with AJ Styles on the other. From there, Mysterio grabs Styles to bring him off the ladder with a hard-hitting move. There’s also a look at a backstage brawl involving Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, with a steel chair and a hockey stick among weapons used.

A small part of the trailer focuses on a RAW steel cage match involving Big E and Kevin Owens. There’s also a scene in which Rhea Ripley smashes Alexa Bliss through a table at ringside, in addition to the backstage segment and other in-ring action.

Roster reveals still forthcoming

Fans see a variety of superstars in the WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer above. Others include Asuka, Charlotte Flair, Shinsuke Nakamura, Damian Priest, and Matt Riddle. So far, a good amount of roster members look to be in the game, but fans always want more.

While the full roster isn’t known, some of the superstars are confirmed. Daily roster reveals with 2K22 ratings have also been taking place. As fans know, a Community Creations suite exists to add missing superstars and wild characters into the game’s roster.

Alexa Bliss, Roman Reigns’ superstar ratings arrived too

We’ve been seeing WWE 2K22 superstar ratings arrive day-by-day, including cover star Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, NWO members, and Bianca Belair. This weekend several more arrived from a few superstars.

On Saturday, The Goddess Alexa Bliss, reprising her darker role with Lily, revealed she’s part of the 2K22 roster. She went on to share her official rating in the game will be an 84 OVR. Alexa had an 83 OVR in WWE 2K20, so she gets a slight improvement here.

The Big Dog Roman Reigns appeared in a 2K22 video on Sunday, which also featured Paul Heyman. This arrived after the two reunited at the WWE Royal Rumble to help Bobby Lashley defeat Brock Lesnar for his championship belt.

Heyman revealed that Brock has the highest rating of any superstar in the game. He’ll have a 95 overall, which is ahead of previously-revealed stars including Rey Mysterio, Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Edge, and Hulk Hogan. For comparison, Reigns was a 92 OVR in WWE 2K20, tying him with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Seth Rollins, and Shawn Michaels. Brock Lesnar and The Rock rated ahead of everyone at 93 OVR.

WWE’s 2K22 video game will arrive on March 11, 2022. The WWE 2K22 pre-orders are available for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PCs via Steam.

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