Apex Legends Could be Getting Portable Respawn Beacons

At the start of July, Apex Legends got a host of new content with the launch of Season 2. However, if a new Apex Legends leak is to be believed, the game could be getting some major new items in the near future. The leak comes from a noted dataminer, who found voice lines in the game referencing a “Portable Respawn Beacon.”

The Latest Apex Legends Leak: Portable Respawn Beacons?

The leak comes courtesy of Twitter user Shrugtal, a dataminer who has leaked Apex Legends content before. While this Apex Legends leak doesn’t actually reveal any new items, or details about how they might work, it does contain clear reference to a Portable Respawn Beacon in unimplemented voice lines. As such, it’s unclear what exactly this Beacon would do. However, if it – as the name implies – allow players to respawn away from the normal respawn locations, it could have major implications for gameplay.

Of course, there’s no indication of if or when such beacons might come to Apex Legends. They could be a feature which Respawn is only experimenting with. Even if they do eventually come to the game, it could be months from now. After all, details of the L-STAR leaked months prior to its inclusion in Season 2. Of course, given the implications of this item’s inclusion, fans will no doubt start speculating about what it might mean for the future of Apex. For now, Season 2 is due to continue until mid-September. However, Respawn is expected to add at least some new content during that time.

Apex Legends Leak Portable Respawn Beacons 2

While it’s possible that Portable Respawn Beacons could come to Apex Legends in the near future, fans probably shouldn’t consider it a foregone conclusion that they will. Respawn has previously warned fans not to assume that datamined files are guarantees of upcoming content. After all, such files can include data for projects which have been discarded, or which never left early development. For now, fans will have to wait and see.