Respawn Has Officially Launched Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Season 2 officially launched today, following weeks of building up hype from Respawn. According to the studio, they heard the feedback from fans both during and after Season 1 and have designed Season 2 to be a much better experience. Certainly, it seems as though they’re adding in more new content than before; a new Legend, a new weapon, of course a new Battle Pass, and plenty more!

What’s New in Apex Legends Season 2

The most obvious new content available in Apex Legends Season 2 are the new Legend and new weapon. The former is Wattson, a new defensive Legend with the ability to deploy electric fencing. The latter, meanwhile, is the L-STAR, an energy-based SMG from Titanfall 2. Both offer Apex Legends fans new ways to play. Indeed, the season also includes a significant weapon rework for many of the game’s existing weapons too. Even the King’s Canyon map has gotten a redesign, following the destruction of the Repulsor Tower.

Apex Legends Season 2 Now Available

This redesign doesn’t simply give the map an updated look, however. The tower’s collapse has also allowed the planet’s native fauna to return to the canyon, bringing pterodactyl-like flying beasts and colossal reptilian quadrupeds. Indeed, as shown in a recent trailer, players will have to be careful not to be crushed beneath a gargantuan foot in the midst of combat! In addition to these new arrivals, Season 2 also includes a new and redesigned Battle Pass. Just like in Season 1, the Battle Pass offers players a way to gain a lot of new content.

However, the Season 2 Battle Pass requires less grinding and offers more content overall. It includes new daily and weekly challenges, for example, which offer players a better way to level up and earn rewards. The pass includes a host of new legendary skins and other rewards, including three new reward categories; music packs, loadscreen artwork, and skydive emotes.