So, Apex Legends Season 2 has Brought… Space Dragons?

When Respawn released their trailer for Apex Legends Season 2 at EA Play, it ended on a rather confusing shot; a huge, reptilian eyeball. Now, what exactly this eye belonged to may have been revealed. In a surprising update ahead of the start of Season 2, a number of dragon-like creatures have appeared throughout King’s Canyon.

“Flyers” Have Arrived in King’s Canyon Ahead of Apex Legends Season 2

These new arrivals are reportedly known simply as ‘Flyers’. They are the first creature to feature in Apex Legends. Thus far, their interactions with players are fairly limited. Players can’t land on them when gliding down into King’s Canyon, but it seems that Pathfinder can attach his grapple to them. They are highly resistant to damage, but they can be killed. They don’t fight back in any way, but they will drop a loot box upon death, which contains generally high-tier loot.

For now, it’s likely that these new Flyers are just a teaser for Season 2. If fans recall the release of Octane, a number of that character’s bounce pads were added to King’s Canyon shortly before his release. It’s unclear what the Flyers are teasing, however.

Apex Legends Season 2 Adds Flyers 2

It’s certainly possible that they might not remain so passive; perhaps Respawn plans for them to serve as some sort of PvE challenge during matches. Furthermore, the current Flyers clearly aren’t big enough to be the creature which appeared in the Season 2 trailer… perhaps they are just a prelude of a much bigger beast that is still on its way… For now, players will have to wait and see, but they won’t have to wait long. Apex Legends Season 2 is due to start on the 2nd of July. The new season will bring a new Legend, Wattson, as well as a variety of weapon changes. It will also include a totally new weapon, the L-STAR.