Bethesda is Making Changes to the Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts

After last month’s update problems for Fallout 76, Bethesda is looking ahead to the first February update in their latest ‘Inside the Vault‘ blog post. Although patch notes aren’t available yet, or an exact release date for the update, Bethesda does offer a preview of some of what will feature in it. Specifically, Bethesda is coming after the Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts with several tweaks and balancing changes as a result of player feedback.

Changes to Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts Coming in February Update

Bethesda highlights two key areas of the Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts which will be getting changes in the upcoming patch. The first of these is the frequency of their Sonic Scream attacks. Apparently, many players feel like this attack is used too often. As such, Patch 6 will introduce a minimum delay of 10 seconds between Sonic Scream attacks. This will apply to both regular Scorchbeasts and the Scorchbeast Queen. The other area concerns the queen specifically, and is a bug-fix for the queen’s loot list.

Fallout 76 Scorchbeasts and Queens Will Soon Get Changes

“We’re also planning to fix a bug affecting the Scorchbeast Queen’s loot list,” explains Bethesda; “which often results in receiving the same plan as loot even after multiple Queen kills. Once this fix is live, the Scorchbeast Queen will be able to drop a wider variety of plans from her loot list, which should also limit cases where players receive a duplicate plan. Additionally, we’re looking into ways we can make her loot list more ‘legendary’ in the future.”

Additionally, Bethesda requests that fans come to them with feedback about the creatures in Fallout 76, posing several questions to players which they can answer on the official Fallout 76 Forums:

  • “Which enemies are currently your favourites to fight? Why?”
  • “Which enemies do you currently dislike encountering? Why?”
  • “What makes an encounter with an enemy or creature fun or intriguing to you?”
  • “What types of enemies would you like to see added to Fallout 76 in the future? Why?”
  • “Other than legendary items, what types of loot help a fight feel rewarding to you?”
  • “Would you like to see more challenging enemies added in the future, that may require multiple players or a team to defeat? Why?”