BioWare Assures Anthem’s Endgame Will Give Players Reason to Come Back

Love it or hate it, Anthem is the next big thing for BioWare and they are taking everything in their stride. Mark Darrah, BioWare’s executive producer, has not only been answering question after question on Twitter, but he’s done so with zero complaints like a true professional. We’ve learned about PvP, player trading and much more thanks to his input. But what we don’t know much about, understandably, is Anthem’s endgame.

What’s pretty obvious about Anthem is that unlike the studio’s previous RPGs, there is no fixed ending. You’ve still got things to do outside of the storyline, and it’s been stated by BioWare during E3 that they plan to add more story content as time passes. However, for those who want to know more about Anthem’s ending, don’t fret. Thanks to VG247’s Arrekz speaking to BioWare’s game director Jonathan Warner, we do have some information about not only your character’s goals but about that elusive endgame we all want to know about.

Anthem Monster

“The overarching goal is really to power up your javelins to the degree where you feel that you’re pretty legendary,” Warner said. “You have that mid-level goal of ‘I’m going to go out and defeat the Dominion’.” Warner states that defeating the Dominion is the story they are going for, however even with the defeat of the Dominion there is still a lot to do due to the world you’re living in being in constant conflict. It is an “unfinished world” and the “gods have left”, which has left it in a strange state that you, the player, are stuck right in the middle of.

Warner adds that these endgame activities – world missions, daily challenges, etc – will reset so you can still continue to benefit from the variety of activities given. He also states, “we’re still fine-tuning it to find out what that cadence is, but … there’s always going to be a reason to come back on a weekly, daily basis.” Replayability is always key in a game like Anthem, so we’re pleased to know that BioWare are taking that factor very seriously.