Curse of the Vampire Coast is Now Available on PC

Curse of the Vampire Coast, the newest DLC expansion for Total War: Warhammer 2, is now available on PC. The DLC was first announced last month and is one of the largest to come to the game this year. In addition to adding an entirely new faction, the Vampire Coast, complete with four Legendary Lords, the DLC launches alongside a major game patch and a new Free-LC; Lokhir Fellheart. To mark the launch of the DLC, Creative Assembly released a new trailer showing the opening cinematic for the Vampire Coast faction.

Curse of the Vampire Coast Launches Today on PC

The biggest addition included in Curse of the Vampire Coast is, of course, that of the Vampire Coast faction. Primarily situated along the north-eastern coast of the continent of Lustria, this faction is very different to the Vampire Counts; the other vampiric faction in the game. It also boasts a full roster of four Legendary Lords, more than several of the game’s existing factions. This includes Luthor Harkon, Count Noctilus, Aranessa Saltspite, and Cylostra Direfin. Cylostra is particularly notable for being the first completely original Legendary Lord designed by Creative Assembly. All of the game’s other Lords were adapted from the existing Warhammer Fantasy lore.

Alongside the Vampire Coast, who have numerous new mechanics and special abilities, and who are playable in both the Mortal Empires and Vortex campaigns, the accompanying patch brings some major changes to the game. Many units and characters have received nerfs or buffs, such as Archaon the Everchosen and Tyrion; both of whom have been improved. This patch is coming to the game for all players, not just those who purchase the new DLC. Additionally, the Vampire Coast will appear in the game’s campaigns for all players. However, it will only be a playable faction for those who buy the DLC.

Curse of the Vampire Coast Launches Alongside Lokhir Fellheart

In addition to that content, all players can download a new Free-LC; a smaller free DLC pack. This particular pack adds a new Legendary Lord for the Dark Elves faction; the infamous Dark Elf corsair, Lokhir Fellheart. This character is playable in both campaigns and adopts a play-style akin to the new Vampire Coast faction with an emphasis on naval activities.