Destiny 2: This Cheese Allows You to Get Unlimited Glimmer

With the Annual Pass, Bungie delivered three seasons of brand-new stories and content that included Forges, a new PvP mode Gambit Prime, PvE activity The Reckoning. And with the Season of Opulence, a new matchmade 6-player PvE activity called The Menagerie (which is probably the best activity of them all). Today, we’ll be taking a look at a cheese that’ll allow you to get an unlimited amount of glimmer in Destiny 2.

Tribute Hall was last week in Destiny 2. Through Tribute Hall, you’ll be able to complete the questline of Bad Juju. Also, to acquire its catalyst. But for that, you’ll need to buy a total of 45 tributes (18 tributes for the actual mission The Other Side) before you can get the catalyst.

Destiny 2 menagerie patch Unlimited Glimmer

Each tribute costs 100+ planetary materials and 10,000+ Glimmer. Each time you buy a tribute, the cost of planetary materials increases. So, it’s really hard to farm that much materials and glimmer.

Unlimited Glimmer Cheese In Destiny 2

Luckily, Pyro Gaming has a fix. We all know that Spider doesn’t sell Planetary Materials for Legendary Shards every day. So, this cheese can be useful when Spider is not selling any stuff for Legendary Shards. In order to do this cheese, you must have The Platinum Starling exotic ship unlocked (this ship can be acquired by forging 100 weapons in Black Armory forges) Below is how you can do this cheese.

  1. All you need to do is go to you Collection, then Vehicles and then Season 5.
  2. You need to buy The Platinum Starling (3rd row, 2nd column)
  3. Dismantle it.

This ship costs 2,500 Glimmer and 5 Legendary Shards. But when you dismantle it, you get 5,000 Glimmer and 2 Legendary Shards. So, you are getting 2,500 Glimmer for 3 Legendary Shards. It’s still not as profitable as when you’re buying from the Spider. But, this can come in handy when he’s not selling Glimmer for Legendary Shards. Here’s the video guide you can watch:

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will release on September 17, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and later in November on Google’s Stadia.