DICE Will Change Spawn Protection for Battlefield 5 Following the Open Beta

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta is drawing to a close, and following its end, it seems DICE will have plenty of things to do. The studio has been actively responding to player reports throughout the Open Beta period. They have been noting various changes which could be made to improve the game. These include spawn protection, UI alterations, and increasing starting ammo.

DICE Has Plans for Numerous Changes Before the Final Release

Spawn Protection and More Changes After the Battlefield 5 Open Beta

Overall, the Battlefield 5 Open Beta seems to have gone relatively well. As one would expect from a beta, gamers have found plenty of small problems and instances where the game isn’t working properly. The profanity filter on PC, for example, appears to not be working as it was meant to; it has been aggressively censoring a wide variety of inoffensive words. DICE made a number of changes between the two Closed Alphas and the beta, and will now be making even more between now and November. David Sirland, the game’s Multiplayer Producer, along with other developers have been active on social media recently; responding to fan concerns and questions. For example, in response to a fan question about spawn protection, Sirland clarified that changes are  already in the works.

There are also plans for other changes. Players can expect to start with more ammunition, for example, so you won’t need to fire as conservatively. In addition, the user interface will automatically darken if the background lighting is bright. Some players were struggling to see the UI in snow maps like Narvik, and this should rectify that issue. EA DICE now has around two months to make changes before the final release of Battlefield 5, which was recently pushed back to the 20th of November. Hopefully they can do plenty of work with those four weeks of extra time. It’s currently unknown if other features which were to release post-launch will now release with the main game.