Explore Pandora with Claptrap in Latest Borderlands 3 Trailer

In the lead-up to the release of Borderlands 3 later this year, Gearbox has started a new trailer series. Following their story recap series which recapped the stories of the previous Borderlands games, this new series focuses on the planets which will feature in Borderlands 3. The series, titled ‘Claptrap Presents’ is narrated by the series’ iconic wisecracking robot. (Who actually has a new voice actor in the upcoming game.)

Claptrap Presents Pandora in New Borderlands 3 Trailer

While the series is likely to reveal more about the game as it continues, it starts off with a planet which Borderlands fans should be very familiar with; Pandora. However, it certainly looks as though the Pandoran fauna has gotten something of an upgrade. While the video does show plenty of familiar creatures like Rakks and Skaggs, it also features a variety of more exotic variants, many of which are crackling with energies. Perhaps because Pandora is so well-known to fans already, the video doesn’t go into too much detail about the planet’s geography.

While it does offer a view panoramic shots of the planet’s landscapes, we don’t see much unfamiliar. It seems that Pandora remains a blasted desert wasteland for the most part, as it always has been. It’s currently unknown exactly how much of Borderlands 3 will actually take place on Pandora. After all, the game will take players to several other planets. It’s possible that Pandora might not feature much if Gearbox wants to focus more on new environments.

Borderlands 3 Trailer Pandora Claptrap 2

Hopefully, fans will get a more detailed look at some of those new environments as this new Borderlands 3 trailer series continues. While previous trailers have shown plenty of regions, it’s currently unclear which are located on which planets. It seems likely that things will become clearer as Gearbox clarifies the names and landscapes of the other worlds.