Fire Emblem: Three Houses E3 Trailer Reveals Dramatic Twist

Nintendo blew every other conference out of the water with its E3 Direct. With a wave of new games and further details for previously announced ones, there’s a lot to dig through. One such previously announced title that was extrapolated on was Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With the latest trailer shown at their conference, Nintendo has shocked everyone.

Three Houses Takes An Unexpected Turn

Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes place in the Officer’s Academy where the protagonist will play a professor. Players can choose one of the three titular houses to teach, and this will shape the game going forward. With different house leaders and students within each house, it’s quite an important decision. While this was already known though, Nintendo has emphasized just how big the decision will be.

The trailer showed a completely unexpected element to Three Houses: A five year time jump. Before the action-packed E3 trailer it was assumed that players would be guiding mere children in tutelage and battle. This, however, was clearly only half of the real story.

Although the nature of the conflict is not yet entirely clear, it’s apparent that bloodshed is the intent. If Dimitri’s “Kill every last one of them,” battle cry wasn’t enough to convey that, then nothing truly will. Given the fact that the Church of Seiros has been the advocate for unity that brought the nations together in the first place, it’s possible their presence has been weakened or diminished. This notion is also perpetuated by the appearance of menacing foes.

Though partially hinted at before the most recent trailer, fans haven’t been offered a proper look at Three Houses’ villains until now. Their presence is still cryptic, but it’s likely they are the root cause of the problems plaguing the land of Fódlan. A dive into the politics of the world would be welcome as well, for little is known about each kingdom even still. Although fans now have even more to look forward to, there are still so many unanswered questions. Players will be able to answer those mysteries when Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases on July 19, 2019.