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  1. right right, got u. good intentions, bad execution...new to this but probably will be on forums more since we locked down. hope you good in the midst of all this covid bs.
  2. No offence taken, preci8 the interaction, gave me a laugh too. really wasn't tryna deceive anybody... just puttin a word in about the game. thanks for the feedback fr fr. here's a link to the app store page if you or anyone else is interested. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lilbabybuds-couchlocked/id1468776130 oh yeah what's SSP? lol
  3. hahahaha...do I want yall to check the game out? YES. did I think typin like I would if i wasn't tryna impress the grammar police would relate better? didn't care. have a good one!
  4. Been lightweight addicted to this since I downloaded so i had to put yall on before they start chargin for it lol. Lil'BabyBuds CouchLocked! They got nugs surfin on blunts and joints its crazy and the music is dope
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