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    Hi all, I'm new here 🙂 Thought I'd ask an interesting question. If you could combine certain features of 2 games together, what would they be and what would you make? Now I guess I better start. I'd make a Witcher 3 MMORPG by combining the story, characters, and world of Witcher 3 with Black Desert Online, which has a really good combat system, graphics, and is a decent all around good MMO in my opinion (apart from the upgrade system).
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    Ion Fury Giveaway Competition

    So it's time for a competition. This time I'm giving away a copy of Ion Fury for PC (Steam). https://store.steampowered.com/app/562860/Ion_Fury/ The only thing you need to do is answer correctly and a winner will be randomly chosen from those who have answered correctly. So here we go!
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    Completely get that yeah. Skyrim has fun combat and it's interesting but it's slot. Fast paced action hack n slash style with a bunch of effects is always a winner to me
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    Hello everyone! For my masters project I'm investigating why people own games which they do not play. If you have a spare 5 minutes please could you fill out the questionnaire linked below? All the unplayed games Thankyou!
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    EA always overdo the microtransaction thing so the iron box event thing never surprised me in the least bit and I don't mind another Saints Row but no more demons/futuristic vehicles/weird superpowers. I also don't want it to be a crappy GTA ripoff, they need to add some unique mechanics. I'm excited to hear that another Timesplitters will be out - it feels like forever since I've played it.
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    Dead Space 2 small opinion.

    It's a shame EA did away with Visceral Games because I absolutely loved the Dead Space Franchise. Even the third one wasn't as bad as people made it out ot be although the microtransaction thing was a slimy move by EA.
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    Dead Space 2 small opinion.

    I finished Dead Space 2 last week, it was the first time I played a Dead Space game, for some reason Game stop had the first game at 8 dollars and this second one at 2.50 so getting Dead space 2 was my choice 😆. Any way, the game is very good survival game, it has a horror, a good atmosphere and excellent gameplay, the story was a little confusing because there isnt like a specific goal to follow, still the game has an excellent physiological side and your character gets more and more paranoid or schizophrenic as the game progresses due to the experiences of the first game. The only thing that I hated was the final mission , the end of the story is great but the actual mission is very lame, through out the game you are basically told that there is a smart way to avoid or end quickly a conflict, on the final mission there is no way to avoid damage, enemies will come from all sides and there is no end to them, even if you go fully armored and with a bunch of bullets and med kits you are going to get heavily damaged no matter what, so is more like spraying bullets to make your way through the last mission which takes away a lot of the survival atmosphere that the game had. What are your opinions on the Dead Space franchise ?
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    I nominate everyone you mentioned, @DC, as all have been actively contributing great conversation as always :)
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    Hi everyone, episode 17 of the VGR Weekly Recap is now available on YouTube! This week, we discuss Death Stranding, rumours that Call of Duty 2020 could be a Black Ops reboot, and a new plan among publishers to reveal lootbox drop rates (along with its potential flaws), and even more! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the comments!
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    When was this announced? Can you make Krabby patties in-game? 🤣 Amen.
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    Last Game Played

    Also playing Borderlands 2. Borderlands 3 can't come soon enough!
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    Are games still cryptic?

    I find the Dark Souls series to be one of the few games to be really cryptic these days. It may not be clear what the Items you pick up do, or where you actually need to go as there's no map. Still, I actually think it's one of the positive draws to the franchise, as it means that I need to experiment and learn about the game, if that makes sense.
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    Games that didnt aged well ?

    Some early 3D games haven’t aged particularly well, like Tomb Raider 1 for example. 2D games tend to stand the test of time and age better.
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    Any LEGO fans here?

    Great video, keep it going dude.😁 During my child hood I used to be crazy about Legos, specially Starwars Legos, mostly imperial stuff from AT-ST walker to the biggest I had which was a Star Destroyer, some are still at my parents house somewhere in a box. Nowadays they are to expensive for me to keep up the hobby 🤣
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    Please cast your vote in the poll above for this month's Member of the Month. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles. Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community. Voting closes August 5th at 10pm EST. You may vote for yourself and you are encouraged to ask your friends to sign-up to VGR and vote for you! @skyfire @Aerielle del Rosario @The Blackangel
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    Matt Morgans

    VGR Weekly Recap Episode 15!

    Hi everyone, Episode 15 of the Weekly Recap is now up on YouTube! This week, Jacob and I discuss the GTA Online Diamond Casino update being banned in 50 countries, the pre-order design of Borderlands 3 vs. Cyberpunk 2077, the Fortnite World Championship, and more! Check it out!
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    I'd say GTA V made a significant leap forward from GTA IV in terms of everything - gameplay mechanics, storytelling(by a bit but still an improvement), graphics, world space and activities to do in-game. I only wish they had kept the body training mechanics of GTA San Andreas so that the character could get stronger and faster through physical training.
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    Games you bought recently

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    Any Stranger Things fans here?

    Loved Season 3 way more than I was expecting to. Kinda thought it couldn’t go anywhere after Season 2 but oh my, I was wrong. Any fans of Stranger Things here? What’s your favourite season and character?
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    Hello everyone my name is jordan and I been gaming for a very long time. I was a kid little my age and I am a gamer.a true gamer. I hope to have fun on here and make some friends if it is true I can make friends but if not then oh well. There are more plenty fish in the sea. :D
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    Papers Please

    I’m lucky enough to have played Papers, Please and it’s an excellent indie game. Thing is, it’s not meant to be a super fun game per se, as it’s more an experiential game with a message. It’s such an interesting game, and like @Executor Akamia mentioned above, it’s sort of meant to feel like work in a way. That’s kind of the point. Definitely worth checking out but just a warning: It’s not a very “fun” game in the traditional sense. But it’s brilliant nonetheless.
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    Hi everyone! Please do check out VGR's exclusive interview with Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move where we discuss their work composing the Borderlands 3 soundtrack and why they think fans are going to love it! https://www.vgr.com/finishing-move-fans-love-borderlands-3-soundtrack/
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    The good old days

    2009 maybe, the glory times of online gaming, when everyone had an uncle that worked at Microsoft and apparently everyone had a sexual relation with my mom 😆
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    Games you'd recommend for Halloween?

    For this year I think Blair Witch, Resident Evil 2 Remake are two good options I guess.
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    Best and worst tutorials?

    Worst is gotta be Assassins Creed 3, the game starts of very normal, you get to do a few sequences of the story and you get to learn all the basics of an AC game as you progress through the missions, that was very nice, the problem is that the "Real tutorial" starts an hour later into the game, making you relearn stuff that you already new, like climbing for example, the only difference is that you are climbing trees which makes no sense since climbing trees and buildings is basically the same and it takes the same logic and controllers in the game. The whole training missions where unnecessary to the game, even if you where a newcomer to the franchise they could have divided the essentials of the training like hunting and traps into different missions and not a long 30 minute tutorial.
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    Dead Space 2 small opinion.

    Absolutely love the Dead Space series -- even the often maligned third entry. I think the first one is the best imho but the second and third ones are pretty damn good too. I'd love to see EA return to the franchise with a fourth installment. I'd lose my mind if that happened! Sadly, the studio that developed the game -- Visceral Games -- was shuttered last year. Still, could be picked up by another developer, I guess. Here's hoping!
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    Gonna nominate @killamch89 for this month as I’ve noticed that he’s always on here and is always up for a chat about games and all things nerdy.
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    Do you have any game-themed clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that you wear/carry everywhere? I only have one item, a recently-obtained Bioshock-themed ring that says, “A man chooses, a slave obeys.” I also would like to craft a choker like Elizabeth’s in Bioshock Infinite, but make it reversible with the cage on one side and the bird on the other. I'm also in the process of teaching myself art nouveau and deco design so that I can make my own tattoo, not necessarily Bioshock-themed, but with the same overall flavour. What about you? Do you wear anything to express your video game fandom? @killamch89 @DylanC @Alyxx @kingpotato @skyfire @The Blackangel @Executor Akamia @Aerielle del Rosario
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    Yeah and dolphins aren’t mammals because they don’t have hair.
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    Long cutscenes. Typically they add nothing to the game. FF8 has tons of them, most of which are completely pointless and add absolutely nothing to the advancement of story in any way. They just waste time.
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    Ask Stacey

    Good to know you still exist :) Well, even if you're not actively gaming a lot, we'd still love to see more of you around here!
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    Ask KingPotato

    Broccoli, but strangely only if they are steamed
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    I’ve got lots of video game merch tbh: - Dark Souls t-shirt - Silent Hill 2 t-shirt - Asteroids t-shirt - Pixel Junk Monsters t-shirt - Black Ops 2 t-shirt - Fallout 76 t-shirt - Also got a load of video game soundtracks like Silent Hill 2, Dark souls, Two Worlds Two, FTL etc
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    I’ve played it extensively on both PS3 and Xbox 360 and it worked the same on both IIRC. 🤔 Weird. Just look it up online, I guess. It shouldn’t be too tricky and it makes the game way more immersive.
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    Read about it here: https://www.vgr.com/save-up-to-75-during-playstation-store-celebrate-summer-flash-sale/
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    The Blackangel

    Favourite movie music?

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    I'm not even sure what the game is about but I expect for it to be good 😁
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    Community Chat #1

    I'm currently dusting off my old modded Wii, the Wii & gamecube controllers are already falling apart, they work fine but I might as well get the best out of them before the whole console stops working.
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    Games you bought recently

    Olli Olli 2 on Vita
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    The Blackangel

    Pro Cycling Manager 2019 for Steam

    I don't play online games, so I'll opt out on this one.
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    RE 2 is definitely my pick as well because the remake was an upgrade on the original game in every single way.
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    We all know that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released soon and even though it is one of my favorite Final Fantasy Games from the series and I am looking forward to the remake, I also feel there are others that deserve such a chance. For instance, Final Fantasy 8 - brilliant characters, a main character (squall) and side characters who show tremendous character development throughout the show and a brilliant story. I've never been certain why it gets so much hate when it is a very solid game. Which Final Fantasy games do you think deserve a remake and why?
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    Any starting tips for Oblivion?

    Once you've levelled up a little bit, the arena quest-line in the Imperial City is fun and rewards you with lots of money/loot. You also get a follower from around there -- but he's a bit annoying, lol. Weapon Repair Kits are handy, and finding a decent alembic, mortar + pestle, retort and calcinator are handy for alchemy.
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    @kingpotato That's a nope for me - a creepy doll house. People who are obsessed with dolls always tend to be on the creepy side as well.
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    Doll house that is near my house, it used to be a house full of old dolls hanging from every side of the house, it was creepy as fuck, there was an old car parked and it was also decorated with cars. My house is on the industrial park of the city and the doll house was in the rural area behind the industrial park, full of plains and hills so that makes it more creepy at night . I dont know much about the owners except that they where old people couple and I believe the husband passed away last year.
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    Post here when you get your reward

    Code for Tropico 6 received - thanks!
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    Favorite TV series Theme Song?

    The fresh prince of Bel-Air theme song is a classic
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