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    Favourite Games of 2018

    It is that time of the year again, and here at VGR we want to ask YOU guys one question! What are your favourite games of 2018? The 10 games with the most votes will get featured in our "Top 10 Games of 2018" feature, so this is your chance to pick what games you want to see on that list! This poll will run until December 21st, so bare in mind if you haven't played some of the games yet, you can vote for them later.
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    Favourite Games of 2018

    Just voted. My favorite games from this list (in no particular order) are RDR2, BO4, BF5, GOW, and Spider-Man.
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    Share your rage-quit stories

    When I was 7 years old I was playing the first super mario on my NES, I was already on world 7 (didn't knew anything about the shortcuts back then) , But I was already tired of playing and it took me a long time to get there, but I was upset that I couldn't save my progress, I threw a tantrum, broke the controller and cried myself to sleep. I got grounded for a month because of that. The Good old days.
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    Katri Marcell

    Ask Stacey

    For real?? Man Stacey! You're my idol 😄
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    What Game World Would You Live In?

    This topic also makes me realize how many game worlds I would NOT want to live in... lol
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    Weirdest game you ever played?

    I also played Call Of Cthulhu recently for review and, man, was it *weird*. Worth checking out if you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft and unsettling, get-under-your-skin horror experiences. https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/call-of-cthulhu-review/
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    What concerts have you been to?

    So what concerts have you been to? Which one was your favourite? I've been to UB40, Blink 182, No Doubt, etc. My favourite one was UB40 though. Ali Campbell sounds the same live. It was just good vibes the whole time. Wish I went with different people though.
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    Is anyone enjoying Fallout 76?

    Really glad to hear this (remember to post your review in the forums as I’m looking forward to checking it out!) I’m VERY tempted, man. Got a feeling I’ll really like it despite the negative backlash it’s getting.
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    Is anyone enjoying Fallout 76?

    I am very much enjoying it so far.
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    Games you regret buying?

    Ghosts I actually really enjoyed, at least the campaign. The multiplayer was kinda meh but it was historically significant in the series as the first CoD which allowed you to pick gender in multiplayer and customize your soldiers.
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    What concerts have you been to?

    I wish I could see Muse honestly. I hear they're one of the best live acts ever.
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    Favorite band of all time?

    I've never heard of Madrugada. I'm going to check them out now!
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    Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    Yes! I do sometimes get burned out on gaming and have to move my interests over to something else for a while until my interest in gaming comes back and I actually feel like gaming again. This has not happened for a while for me however I remember earlier this year I got so burned out when gaming that I ended up going off and watching movies and TV shows just to take a break away from games for a while. I think now because I look back and remember how burned out I got with gaming, I pace myself more and spend less time gaming and more time doing other things so that I avoid being burned out again, so far it seems to be working so I am hoping that I have a balance.
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    Refund on a game?

    I have never requested a refund on any of my video game collection. I read the reviews, watch gameplay and finally make sure I know I will enjoy playing it before I purchase it(demo version). I buy all my gaming equipment from either: GAME or Steam and I've never had an issue with either company's.
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    I've been looking very carefully at the statues and paintings on your advice. Not only is the artwork amazing, but you are right--there are a lot of details i'd have missed otherwise in terms of plot. Thank you!
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    Favorite band of all time?

    Yeah, he's incredibly underrated worldwide.
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    Best Arcade Game You've Ever Played?

    House of the Dead 3 with a shotgun. Best time I've ever had in an arcade. Also DDR. All the DDR. Burned so many calories on those machines.
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    Hi from Tennessee

    I've been to The Philippines, South Korea, Saipan and spent a few days in Japan.
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    Thanks Dylan! Let's see what this game is all about now 😮
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    Use the points!

    Hey. I was thinking about the utility of our coins (the points we earn for posting). Maybe VGR could design a kind of shop where you can buy different things: · A lottery where you pay for tickets and you receive if you get the number · Maybe change your username vs points · Maybe change your username color vs points · Getting a title / rank for points Also, with this you could do contests (weekly, or whatever) where we can get some coins free and encourage people to become active. What do you think?
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    Favourite Street Fighter characters?

    One of my favourite games ever. My go-to was always Ryu or Ken. I liked all of them but those two were my tops because of the shoryuken and hadoken and what not. ❤️
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    3 great games for one great price: https://www.simplygames.com/p/uncharted-the-nathan-drake-collection-hits-range-ps4
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    Hahahahahaha 😄 Death Stranding would be my choice too, Well played!
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    Katri Marcell

    Last Game Played

    Did you break the console? Am I safe to buy it? 😄
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    Ask Fanta

    Do you even still come here?