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    I would love to see a game that for once is set outside the US.
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    Katri Marcell


    You can always read VGR! Has news 24/7 and we love the things we write about 😛 Other than that, you can visit n4g.com for a quick overview of what's hot in video game news every day. If you're really into reading and are looking for books as well, humblebundle.com has great book bundles for cheap. You can check it out!
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    Whelp, I don't know anyone else who posts as frequently as Killa. Although, my second best pick would be @Alyxx. Why? Because she does some damn good posts
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    Hi everyone! I just joined. I'm a huge gamer. I've been gaming since I was a little girl. I play mostly RPG-type games with lots of action, but I love a good FPS or racing game too! Nice to meet you all!
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    Welcome to the forums, my lady ❤️
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    In the game's universe, it was a nuclear world war. Mainly between the US and China. But it was definitely a global war. There hasn't been much information about what has happened anywhere but the US though. A game outside the US would definitely feel completely different and interesting though. So much of the game's feel is based on that 50's era US culture, and to see something other than that would be neat.
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    I reviewed Resident Evil 2 recently and absolutely loved it:- https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/resident-evil-2-review/ Anyone else excited?
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    Hello humans of Sol 3

    Hi. I may play the game, but i do the free-to-play thing. I have a bounty hunter called Jagg Bligo, a sith warrior called Premmrach or something like that, and a jedi consular called Themmin. The latter is the only female one i have. I just felt like switching it up. Besides, the male voices... don't sound that great. In my opinion anyway. Only male voice that does sound good is my sith warrior's. My bounter hunter is my 3rd character. Sith warrior is first while the consular is second. I had a smuggler called Orbaniz, but i had to delete him. I'm guessing that i was inactive from the game for so long that the name Orbaniz was claimed by someone else. Ttyl Cleopatra92.
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    As we all know, Red Dead Redemption II took the world by storm when it was released in October. The game has been insanely popular since then, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Still, the game was only released on PS4 and Xbox One, so that leaves out a very large PC market at the moment. I have plenty of friends who haven't played the game yet, since they're waiting on the game to come to PC. Interestingly enough, the first Red Dead Redemption never came to PC, so some people think it may not. What do you guys think? Will Red Dead Redemption II be released for PC? If so, when do you think that will be?
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    It's a shame I haven't got any nominations for this month. Alyxx will too get my vote for January. She posts high quality content on a regular basis, puts time and effort when writing game reviews and is very polite to the forum users and staff.
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    COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Trial

    That's without even taking their microtransactions into consideration. They tried to take everything that has been great about Fortnite but managed to incorporate it in the worst way. The game looks stupid with all these damn skins and weird face paints. I miss the good old days of COD. It's a shame because they had a chance to convince me to move over to COD again because BF was especially disappointing this year but they failed.
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    99% of it is YouTube for me. I watch hours of YouTube daily somehow lol
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    As far as the game itself goes, the Empire is much more fun and satisfying to side with. The Stormcloaks are annoying and sound like idiots a lot of the time. And I love dressing up in the Empire's armor much more lol. And General Tullius is a great character imo. However, I think when I think about the lore overall, Skyrim is screwed either way. It really comes down to if they want to go down with the ship (the Empire) or try to swim out in the ocean on their own and drown (the Stormcloaks). I felt like it was quite clear that the Aldmeri Dominion is poised to take over as it stands. The Empire was clearly too weak to defeat them before, and outlawing the god that your entire empire was based on and founded by was something that crippled it even more. I would imagine that if we knew more of what was happening outside of Skyrim after Talos was outlawed, that Skyrim wouldn't be the only province that was upset by this. Any province run primarily by humans should be extremely concerned by this. All that being said, I think it sounds more like the Nords to try to swim in the ocean all on their lonesome lol. I feel like the canon ending will be the Stormcloaks winning, but we'll have to wait a while to see for sure.
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    Keeping gaming laptops cool

    I primarily use a PC I built for gaming, so please bear with me when I say I have a MacBook lol. But I do have a 2011 MacBook Pro (hopefully will upgrade next year lol). All I do to keep it running pretty cool is have it sit on a large, thin book. My 15" MacBook sits just about perfectly on this large Star Wars book I got when I was younger, and the book isn't too thick. This keeps it from being directly on my lap. "Laptops" aren't really made to be on your lap as I'm sure we all know lol. When I worked for Apple, we weren't even allowed to call the MacBook a laptop, it always had to be a notebook. Just because they didn't want people thinking they should keep them directly on their laps (which I totally understand lol).
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    Love the last one says 50 plus.. hahaha that's me.
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    Anyone got any good riddles?

    I've heard this one before. It's pineapple. What is made to cook but never cooks?
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    Did you get them removed already? How old were you when you did it and what was the experience like? I was 18 when I got all 4 removed at the same time. It hurt like hell and I couldn't talk or stop bleeding the whole day. I went to Walmart for gauze right after and the pharmacist tried to help me but he couldn't understand a damn thing I was saying. lol
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    The outer Worlds is on my radar as well as Cyberpunk 2077.
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    Favorite cookie??

    My friend loves Jaffa cakes as well.
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    Never liked the Zombie thing with RE but I can admire that the lore is huge. I wish I had played or watched someone played it so that I know why everyone is excited. The remake looks amazing though and I'll be seeing it on Twitch over the next days 😄
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    Hello there everyone!

    Hello! I go by Cleopatra92 on the internet usually. I'm 26, female, and live in the USA. I love Dragon Age, Britney Spears, Star Wars, ASOIAF, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Warcraft, Harry Potter, The Sims, Star Trek, The Office, YouTube, and a few other things. I've been looking for an active forum to join. I miss when I was a teenager and all I would do is post on forums at all hours of the night, so I'm trying to recapture a small piece of that lol. I look forward to posting here, and thanks to everyone in advance for possibly reading this lol
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    Disney Remakes

    I know I would definitely pay to see the Lion King in the theatre again lol
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    This is going to be tough because there are a lot of good posters here. I think I will need a few days to think about this...
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    What's your favourite horror movies?

    I get those two confused too but I'm pretty sure it's Tales From The Crypt. Have you seen the short The Blob? There was a couple stuck in the middle of the lake because the trash that was in the lake was actually a flash eating monster. It's a good one.