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    dumbest ways you've died

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    The Blackangel

    No longer for kids?

    I've been noticing a shift in video games over the last several years. Especially since the N64/PS1/Xbox era. Games are getting more violent, graphic, vulgar, and just not particularly kid oriented. So I'm thinking that gaming may not really be meant for kids anymore, but instead, meant for adults. Sure there are games such as Mario, Sonic, and Zelda that are kid friendly. But the majority of what I see on the shelves, and in online discussions, are not for kids. I remember when NES came out, there were a lot of parents who either sold or threw away the Zapper because they thought it would teach their kids gun violence. Then we have the whole controversy of fighting games (MK, SF2, etc.) and games like COD and GTA. So is it just me, or are kids being phased out from the gaming world to make room for adults?
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    I understand, and you have a point, Discord can take activity away from forums. It happened at another community I was part with, but that was much larger community that was more focused around community play and basically started using Discord to replace Teamspeak (PSA, teamspeak is a garbage app), so it didn't affect the activity on the threads too badly. I won't say anything else about that community other that it's problems and collapse came for different reasons. They're technically still active, and I was a game leader and even a moderator over there for a while, but I'm long over wanting anything to do with them. Anyway, like you I am keen to hear other member's thoughts on this as well. It can help communities grow, but it really depends on what is said communities focus.
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    Of the ones you mention, micro transactions and lack of single player games are the ones I am most concerned about. I want my games to myself, or play them with friends, I don't want strangers in my game. And micro transactions I simply won't do. Period. I don't want to lose track of how much money I'm spending on a game and I don't like feeling like I'm constantly being milked for money. I'll happily buy proper packs of DLC to a game I love, but I refuse to pay little things constantly in order to progress properly in the game!
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    I nominate the following @StaceyPowers @killamch89 @kingpotato @DylanC
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    Hopefully we will see it in our lifetime
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    Modern Warfare for PC (Battle.net)

    I'll take one
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    Religion in video games

    Thanks 🙂 You're right! On my to do list is becoming less scared of people. Shanking might be a bit too much, but yelling "fuck you" and walking off might be achievable. 😄 My family are all fundamentalist Christians, so I'm used to walking on eggshells. Fortunately I've got my boyfriend and friends, who are all just as godless as me. When it comes to religion in games, I think it's good when it's a reasonable part of the story. Preferably a made up religion. It looks like this Jesus game doesn't just use it as a part of it's universe, it preaches Christianity to the kids who play it (I'm focusing on the young gamers, who are more impressionable than adults). Children should learn about religion, all religions, not just one, and they shouldn't be preached to. I think fantasy religions in games, like the religion of the Stormcloaks in Skyrim, teaches kids about religion as part of humanity, and I think that's positive.
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    The Blackangel

    Religion in video games

    If someone gets all butt hurt about you being an Atheist, then fuck them. There's nothing wrong with Atheism. Shank them and walk on.
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    Open world games ?

    If you're asking if these games are available on multiple platforms including Xbox then yes, at least the more recent games. If you're asking if you can interact with players on other platforms and/or switch platforms to play the game same game account with the same save file then no, you can't. Most of these games are single player anyway.
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    Discord is basically a platform centred around gaming that allows people to group up and chat through both text and voice. Users can join and create servers on the discord platform for friends, members of their community or the public to join. More details on their website.
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    I'll just do it with my cellphone for the character customization topic.
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    Any Silent Hill fans in the house?

    It's pessimistic, but I have to agree The professional relationship between Kojima and Konami is shattered. Even if they did work on this together the environment would be, if anything, even more toxic than it was with MGS5 and that could only hurt the game. Komami is a company that just happen to own a lot of gaming related IP's, but isn't actually that interested in making video games. They'll publish their annual sports cash cows and publish other games here and there to claim relevancy in the gaming industry, but seek to actually make money elsewhere. You know what, let 'em. A great game never made is a lesser evil compared to a terrible game ruining a franchise's legacy from a company that doesn't care. And because it seems Komami isn't will to sell these IPs, the latter is the best we can expect from any Komani game for the moment.
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    Well, here it is. In my as always humble opinion, it wasn't brilliant. Nice to see confirmation of Resident Evil 3 Remake and more info on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind was gonna please fans, but that Ghost Of Tsushima trailer was a trailer for a trailer and most of the other games were duds or have very limited appeal, like Superliminal and Dreams as well as Paper Beast as a game that's already strange, but also VR. This opened with Untitled Goose Game... the perfect start and a great omen. Onto my thoughts on the other stuff. Predator: Hunting Grounds will be Evolve and Friday the 13nth all over again, except I do see it being a pay-to-win, microtransaction laden leech. They're already doing "pre-order to win", so the intentions for this are very clear to me already. Spellbreak has potential, but a battle royal game trying to appeal to RPG fans? I'm sue about that. I do want to be wrong because it does look cool. It's totally right for PlayStation to celebrate 25 years and that message from Ken Kutaragi was sweet, if a bit short, so I'm not going to grudge that part, but let's be honest, it wasn't very useful. However, there was one shining star. The very appealing partnership of Square Enix and Platinum Games came out swinging with this; This looks amazing. This is probably still to early in development to draw any real conclusions and the release is probably a long way off, but this looks incredible. Getting some very nice Devil May Cry vibes. This, for me, was definitely the highlight. So what are you taking away from the State of Play. Anything you're looking forward to?
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    How often do you replay your favorite game? Most of my games are open world games, so I just keep them on a semi-permanent rotation loop—so I am basically always playing Skyrim, Fallout, etc. I’m finally getting around to my second playthrough of TLOU, will probably start in the next few weeks. And I recently finished my first full playthrough of all BioShock games and DLCs. I think ideally, I want to play through BioShock and TLOU every year. But I am sure it will be impossible to keep up with that as I expand my video game library. How often do you replay your favorite game or games? @kingpotato @DylanC @The Blackangel @Alyxx @killamch89 @LadyDay @skyfire
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    Heroes Arena

    I recently got myself into this MOBA game and it is kind of pretty much copy of the league of legends including the characters. It is fun to play the game though despite being the slow and rip off type.
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    Shovel Knight on PS4. It has the same 16 bit graphic style as what you would see on SNES. I think Links Awakening on Switch can fit this topic. It came out a lifetime ago, but they decided to tweak it and update the graphics and now we have an amazingly crisp version to play. A lot of the remasters should come into play here too.
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    VGR Member of the Month - November 2019

    Please cast your vote in the poll above for this month's Member of the Month. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles. Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community. Voting closes Decemberr 5th at 10pm EST. You may vote for yourself and you are encouraged to ask your friends to sign-up to VGR and vote for you! @DylanC @killamch89 @kingpotato @StaceyPowers @The Blackangel @skyfire
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    The Blackangel


    Here's a short list to get started.
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    No longer for kids?

    And cultural and individual perception of that content. I mean, my mother highly disapproved of Doom, but in a rare moment of live-and-let-live, ignored it. But my father didn't find Doom objectionable at all. And as a kid, I didn't have a hard time distinguishing video game violence from the real thing. So maybe it also depends on the kid and what is appropriate for that specific kid?
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    What are the best sim games?

    GOAT SIMULATOR!! and also Papers, Please although this one is more like puzzle/simulation, you play as a border agent for a Communist country.
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    Thats actually whats getting me confused, according to the guidelines the new policies will help content creators to prevent their videos from being shadow listed from a certain age group due to violent content. I know that YouTube has been demonetizing a lot of videos recently and these guidelines are supposed to help prevent that, well at least thats what I understood.
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    Executor Akamia

    Last Game Played

    Team Sonic Racing Really enjoying this one. Kinda takes me back to my hours of playing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I checked it out from a local library, so I don't properly own it, but if I did, I'd probably play it quite often!
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    I would say an obvious one is The Sims. Relaxing, intricate building, nothing too challenging to rage quit over, nothing unexpected, at least unless you purposefully intend it to happen.
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    Last Game Played

    Jedi: Fallen Order on PS4
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    Something that is relaxing are some of the classics. My top two recommendations are Q*Bert and Galaga. They’re simple games, and extremely relaxing. Also the original Diablo would be another good one. It’s on PS1 and PC. But if you’re wanting something else then try AOE2. Exploration and building are both involved in success. None of the games I’m suggesting are new, but I think they would be a good idea for him. You can also try to get him into one of the older Final Fantasy games. Nothing after FF X2. You know I would personally recommend FF8, but he might enjoy another one more.
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    Last Game Played

    PUBG Mobile.
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    Game stop Black Friday ad

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    God damb it! If I'm around, barricade your doors, lock your kids in the basement and say goodbye to your pets!
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    We all scored as I had guessed. I think my secondary psychopathy is lower than average because my OCD makes me cautious/paranoid/careful. I think my primary psychopathy is higher because I have empathy deficits, especially with ToM, and cultivated survival adaptations. @LadyDay Interesting self-analysis. I have some of those same traits. Seems some of us are trained pretty effectually through socialization during childhood to consider ourselves to be of reduced worth compared to others. I've been working to train myself to remember that I am a person too. Always remember, you count just as much as anyone else :)
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    Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]

    Yup! It's that easy, just a click, and let the page fully load. Anything you elect to do beyond that is optional. You can repeat this daily. 👍 Be sure to reply to this thread daily so I can verify the IP address and award points!
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    Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]

    Just a click ?
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    I just didnt killed the little sisters because I felt bad for them...😕 I was going to say that the Witcher 3 has a lot of decisions like this, but after reaching level 40 I will say thats not entirely true, you can make a decision that at your belief is a good moral decision but it can end up being a bad decision with terrible consequences, so there is no way to tell if the consequences will be good or bad, on some cases you can easily predict the situation but thats not always the case.
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    Do any of you play simulation games?

    The best simulation game is goat simulator xD
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    330 posts to go!
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    I remember seeing gameplay of one group on youtube that showed how they arranged "singing idol" competition on PUBG hall. Where they used to shoot bad singers XD
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    Last Game Played

    NFS: Heat - easily the best NFS game I've played since Most Wanted and Carbon.
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    Last Game Played

    Jedi: Fallen Order on PS4
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    The Blackangel

    Too Much Gaming!

    Actually the video game console came out first, if you're talking about people having a PC in their home. The Atari 2600 came out in 1977 and the Colecovision followed in 1982. That was before people were getting computers in their homes for the most part, unless they were wealthy. And technically, Bill Gates hadn't gotten PC's up and going yet. PC refers to a non Macintosh system. In reality the Apple II was before the PC. So technically it's the other way around. PC's wouldn't be here without consoles.
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    Executor Akamia

    Ask Akamia

    As of this posting, it's The Martian by Andy Weir, with I, Robot by Issac Asimov a close second.
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    Anyone ever have a weird glitch in Skyrim where random characters suddenly get stuck sort of walking in place like they’re on a treadmill for eternity? Including dead characters? @kingpotato @killamch89 @DylanC
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    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Lots of good reviews are coming, just bought Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and I'll see what's the buzz about.
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    The Blackangel

    Post here when you get your reward

    Got my code for This War of Mine: Final Cut! I've never been the biggest fan of post apocalyptic games, but this one seems different and looks really good.
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    Post here when you get your reward

    Received my copy of SIMULACRA for Switch — thanks!
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    The Blackangel

    Ask The Blackangel

    I would have to say Disturbed. They hit on actual issues with their music, and everything has an actual meaning behind it. They have released 8 albums and every song has held a meaning behind it and/or told a story. Whereas most metal bands are releasing only hard hitting screaming Disturbed does so much more. Their music is not only innovative, but inspiring as well. It has inspired me to be a better singer. Here are some videos to give you an idea what I'm talking about.
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