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    I'd say Stellaris, which is a grand strategy game I've been playing for the last few weeks, but honestly, the difficulty is mostly artificial in that game. AI empires are dumb as rocks, but fast as Sonic the Hedgehog on a good day, and difficulty settings don't really improve their intelligence at all; they just give them bonuses that more easily compensate for their stupidity. Human players are the real threats, though for obvious reasons, they aren't a factor in single-player mode. Honestly, I think in general terms, the Halo series has done a good job about this. I mean, I never noticed the AI getting smarter there either, but in the FPS genre, this matters less. The higher difficulty you play, the more you get punished for being out of position. This doesn't fully translate to the multiplayer, as human players are less predictable than AI under most circumstances and most multiplayer maps aren't structured in the same way campaign maps are, but you will definitely learn to appreciate cover after it has kept you from getting your face blown off by a deadeye Jackal sniper or three.
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    I don't think all, or even most, games really need an easy mode. Accessibility is one thing, but difficulty is another matter entirely. Some games – particularly those that are played for their competitive multiplayer – can, in fact, be negatively impacted by both. To illustrate, I want to talk about a game series that I greatly enjoy: StarCraft For those who don't know, StarCraft is a series of sci-fi RTS games created and published by Blizzard. There are presently 2 games in this series: StarCraft, released in 1998, with an expansion (StarCraft: Brood War) being released later that year. Its full sequel, StarCraft II, was released in 2010 with the title StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, with 2 expansions releasing in 2013 (StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm) and 2015. (StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void) StarCraft is one of the earliest examples of esports in gaming history, predating the first MOBAs by several years. Fighting games like Street Fighter might be even earlier. StarCraft, however, is on a different level entirely; it's particularly popular in Korea, where it may as well be considered the national sport. I myself am a StarCraft player, particularly a StarCraft II player. I'm not particularly good at it; on the ranked ladder, my highest finish was top Silver League, which is really, really low. Part of the problem is my computer having mouselag with the game, which hinders my accuracy and speed significantly, but in all honesty, the lion's share of my problems are that I'm just bad. Period. I can improve, and will if I keep at it enough; perhaps even overcoming that particular limitation, but I don't have that kind of patience. I prefer to lose on my own terms, not because of bad hardware. Or maybe it's my OS that's the problem... The mouselag wasn't a thing before I upgraded to macOS Sierra a couple of years ago... Anyway. There is a faction within the playerbase – a few, actually – who believe StarCraft II overall was watered down from what the StarCraft: Brood War experience was. Not just in the campaign, but in the gameplay itself. After having some lengthy discussions with some of these people in my spare time, I can see where they're coming from for certain. I don't like Brood War myself, and a lot of the reasons I like StarCraft II are a few of the reasons these people hate it, because these are things they believe lowered the skill ceiling for the game compared to what it was in Brood War. First, let's talk about the campaign. In StarCraft: Brood War, the campaign was more or less designed to teach you how to play the game. How each unit works, and when you need to use them. Except for hero units, every unit you play with in the campaign can be used in the multiplayer, and they work pretty much the exact same way in both modes. That said, the campaign is very difficult for those not used to the (in my experience) very restrictive UI, and in some cases, very difficult even for those who are. More on that later. In StarCraft II's campaign, this is a whole different ballgame. While the game does teach you the very basics of how to play, it doesn't teach you how the units work the same way Brood War did, and in fact, the units in the multiplayer can end up playing completely different roles than they did in the campaign due to balance changes completely overturning the metagame. Sure, you'll learn how units work in that campaign, but those units don't necessarily work the same way in the multiplayer, and some of those campaign units – Terran Goliaths, Protoss Dark Archons, Zerg Guardians, for example – don't even exist in that mode. Conversely, some multiplayer units don't exist in the campaign. Blizzard even added a completely different mode at some point that was intended to aid in the transition from campaign play to multiplayer play because the disconnect was so big. This mode was called "Training". In addition, multiplayer is played at a faster speed than most campaign difficulties, the exception being Brutal difficulty, which is played at multiplayer speed. I didn't spend enough time with Brood War to notice a speed difference between the modes; I doubt there is one. Speed is an important factor to consider here, because it affects timings. But that's getting into gameplay... ... which is the next thing I want to talk about. In StarCraft: Brood War, you're only allowed to select either 1 building at a time, or up to 16 units at a time. While commonly attributed to hardware or software limitations of the time, I'm... having a hard time buying that excuse, as it's the only RTS game I've ever played that had that limitation. Granted, I haven't played any other RTS games from the 90s or earlier, so for all I know, this could be completely true. I'll have to ask some fans of early Age of Empires or Command & Conquer games later. Anyway, regardless of the technical reasons for this being the case, the effect was that players had to be smarter about unit management. It was excruciatingly difficult to send what are called "death balls" over to the enemy base and roll over them because of a combination of this and less-than-stellar unit pathing algorithms, the latter of which affected the Terran Goliath and the Protoss Dragoon the most of any other unit in the game, or so I'm told. In addition to this, worker units had to be specifically ordered to gather resources, even when rallied to them from the primary base structure, or they would do nothing at all. StarCraft II? You can select as many units at one time as you want, and even have more than one building in your selection. This streamlined several things, but it also made it painfully easy to build those death balls I talked about in the previous paragraph. In the Protoss arsenal in particular, there's a unit that rather annoyingly enables and borderline encourages death ball play: The Mothership. As a Protoss player myself, I personally avoid building this thing on principle, though it does usually fall off in the upper echelons of play as death balls do anyway, at least in current versions of the game. Early on in the game's lifetime, though? Death balls were everywhere. This has frustrated quite a handful of series veterans enough to write the game off entirely. All of this because of an effort to make the game more accessible. It worked, but it came at a price. I'm not gonna deny there's some elitism at play; there totally is. However, it doesn't change the fact that these seemingly innocuous quality-of-life changes have altered the game in such a way that it very nearly took the "strategy" out of the real-time strategy game. I'm sure there might have been a better way to make the game more accessible to new players without alienating the old ones, but in the end, as much as I like StarCraft II over StarCraft: Brood War, I don't think this was it.
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    VGR is Launching Our First Podcast!

    I second this! The gaming world needs more professionalism, and you're off to an awesome start here!
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    Opening a Gaming Store

    I think opening a game store in the age and time of the digital download does not sound like good investment. Instead store that hosts the esports tournament. And also charges some fee can be a good option in such case.
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    I am nominating @xXInfectedXx, @LadyDay, @The Blackangel, @DylanC and @kingpotato. All have provided great contributions in terms of discussion and community spirit.
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    Hi guys. I could use some advice on what games to play. I'm pretty new to video games. Except for the Sims franchise. I've played some Borderlands and Left4Dead 2 with a friend, but that's a pretty long time ago (that was so much fun, but I don't think I'd enjoy playing them alone). However, recently I've fallen in love with Skyrim. I'm having so much fun, and that has made me want to explore more games. Browsing around for other games I might enjoy I've come across The Witcher 3 and Assassins Creed Oddyssey. Both look so beautiful and sound amazing. My worry is that they'd be too hard for me to have fun with. The thing is, because of the treatment of a chronic disease I have, my reaction speed is bad. I also easily lose overview over situations and don't multitask well. Skyrim on normal (Adept) mode is perfect for me, hard enough to be a challenge, but not hard enough to get me frustrated with my own limitations. I can charge in with a two hand weapon and bash the baddies to death. However it sounds to me like these two particular games I've gotten my eyes on may be too hard to be fun for someone with my particular challenges, even on easy mode. I don't enjoy getting killed 20 times in a row, I like to feel like I'm making some progress with the game and not just sucking. The obvious answer is to just try the games and see what happens. Problem is that to play these (gorgeous) new games I have to invest in new CPU and graphics cards, so that suddenly becomes a big investment for the sake of two particular games, when I could just have stuck with old games (I plan on trying out Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning once I'm feeling done with this play through of Skyrim). However if I feel confident I'll have fun, in the long run, with these and other new games I'm willing to make the investment. What do you guys think? If I can handle Skyrim on normal mode, can I also handle these two games without getting defeated? I'm not opposed to easy mode. I'd also love to hear other suggestions for games that I might enjoy. They need to be single player and available for PC. I am not comfortable playing with complete strangers, I don't like having to constantly share my whole illness history with random people so that they'll understand why I suck compared to them, and I don't have gaming friends. I like the open world and freedom to explore of Skyrim. It's nice to be able to chill with some smithing between fights, get the adrenalin down a little :D I don't enjoy puzzles (the ones in Skyrim annoy me, despite not being hard). Alright, this post is getting long. Sorry about that. Thanks for helping.
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    Gaming in prisions

    I believe depriving a person of their freedom is already a harsh punishment, and that the main purpose for doing so should be for the safety of others, not for punishment or justice. Ideally, I'd prefer a system geared toward rehabilitation. I see no reason not to give prisoners video games, especially if they behave. In all frankness, a lot of the crap that goes on in prisons probably could be reduced if prisoners were not so bored to begin with.
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    Hey all. New here. Been lurking for a while and decided to finally join. My favorite game is Fallout 3. Any Fallout fans here?
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    Hi guys! VGR has now officially launched our first YouTube podcast. It'll be a 30-minute weekly news recap/discussion podcast hosted by myself and fellow VGR writer Jacob Smith. We're very excited to be getting started with this, and we're keen to hear any feedback about what we could improve! We're currently working on adding gameplay footage/video, so that should be coming soon, but if there's anything else, please let us know and we'll take it into consideration! If you like it, please support us by liking, subscribing, etc.!
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    In this thread, @kingpotato and I were talking about things we would like to see improved on in the next Elder Scrolls game, and we got to talking about how in Skyrim, you can't fight effectively on horseback, and your "warhorse" doesn't fight unless you dismount. How the devs didn't think to make your horse ... useful ... in combat, is beyond me. What are some stupidly obvious things developers have neglected in your favorite games?
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    When No Man’s Sky came out, I remember everyone got so down about it. Since then, I’ve heard lots of people say it’s actually a pretty awesome game in many respects, but the over-hyping made it a disappointment compared to unrealistic expectations. I still have not played it, but I want to. What are some other games that suffered from that kind of over-hyping?
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    Pharell - Happy for when I'm in a good mood.
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    I still have Netflix. I like documentaries, and there's also a lot of movie choices for films that I've either never heard of or just haven't seen. Yet. Also if you're into stand up comedy they have an awesome selection. I highly recommend Felipe Esparza. He's the funniest man alive. For those here that are Latino/Latina you will love him. He's Mexican and pokes a lot of jokes at his heritage. There's one streaming service that you may like though. It's Shudder. They show nothing but horror, thriller, and suspense movies. I've been meaning to sign up, but always forget about it. And their library is enormous.
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    Should all games have an "easy" mode?

    Damn this post was all fired up 😂 I didn't even notice. I will just leave my opinion: The appeal of soul games is to be difficult, thats what makes them popular, yes they target a specific audience because they know casual gamers (like myself) will not purchase this game. When you are selling something regardless of what it is you have to know your market and these games where made for gamers who enjoy a challenge since this is where the developers and publishers will get their profits. They didnt exclude anybody from playing the game, anyone can walk up to a game store and purchase these games and play them, is not like they where made for 3 arm people. (but it damn looks like 😆). Anyway going back to the topic: Should all games have an "easy" mode? for me the answer is No, most games do have a difficulty selection since they want to target as many gamers as possible but for Soul games being difficult is what makes them to stand out in a very competitive gaming market.
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    2019 is the year of remakes, and shitty sequels.
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    At this point I picture someone's face being hit by three sniper shots at the same time.
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    Should all games have an "easy" mode?

    That was one of the most eloquent and enlightening comments I’ve read in ages. Really illustrates your point perfectly. Nice job.
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    The Blackangel

    Disabled Gamers

    I'm an amateur writer. I've finished 2 novels, a few short stories, and a shitload of unconventional poetry. I don't know if that counts as a craft or not, but I enjoy it because I get to be god (or in my case goddess) and do whatever I want to the characters. I can get out my frustrations and be as cruel or kind as I want.
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    VGR is Launching Our First Podcast!

    I liked how you talked very professionally about the topic above. Subbed to your channel and I'll be sure to tune in to future podcasts. I have to say this is a great addition to VGR!
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    My next stream will start in a few minutes. It's going to be for the Ace Attorney Trilogy! Me and my co-host @Executor Akamia will go on and play this game for as long as our sanity allows. So yeah! Let's all have some good ol' fashioned Ace Attorney fun.
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    1. because the publisher tends to overhype and then the devs don't deliver. -.- aka Anthem (even tho, it now looks that Anthem will become the next No Man's Land) 2. because the game is too hard even though that's what the game's intention was -.- aka Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (even tho, some speed-runners have finished it in an hour!) 3. because some people just like to hate on stuff, because jumping on the hate-wagon is really easy. Hate bounces from person to person and spreads instantaneously. The third group's probably the largest by a vast margin. Praise, love, and play. Cheers! ❤️
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    Anyone got any good riddles?

    "Her face went pale and the note slipped from her fingers" means she knew what the letter meant. She then rushed to the door to leave/lock it and started screaming because she saw the brother (who had previously tried to kill her) standing at the front door? So, because the letter was dated yesterday, she knew at the time of opening it that the brother had escaped/been freed from the mental hospital, which justifies her reaction. This is one of those riddles that you have to reverse engineer to solve.
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    @kingpotato That’s true. That’s a good example, another one being Berenziah (spelling?). I like that if you read the books, they shed light on events which otherwise you might totally misinterpret. My mind was blown by the one which talked about how Ulfric made a mess of the Reach. That book arguably contributed more to my understanding of both him and the situation with the Forsworn than anything anyone said to me in the game.
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    The Blackangel

    What's your baby?

    The weirdest pet I ever had was a scorpion. It's name was Fluffy.
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    GTA Vice City/San Andreas and Fifa because I used to play against my brother every day so I always wanted to be better than him.
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    I forgot to take the screenshot of the moment I exchanged the code (And Uplay doesn't believe in showing the receipts through mail). BUT here's my screenshot of the game screen for The Division 2 on Uplay. I'll be playing the game next week on Stream.
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    An Extremely Sick Game

    I guess the silver lining is that it's not on Steam
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    Post here when you get your reward

    Received Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for winning Lightning Auction 3. Thank you so much! Cannot wait to get stuck into it!
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    Best Video Game Pets?

    @DylanC Dogmeat!!! I actually found he stayed alive better than some of my other companions, like Charon. I also love Meeko and Vigilance in Skyrim, and …. Er, Barbas, in a way. He’s such a pain, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of him.
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    The Blackangel

    Best Video Game Pets?

    Angelo in FF8. He could learn so many attacks and tricks, and was always there when Rinoa needed him.
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    Best couch co-op games?

    Mostly some old classical one's. Same like Borderlands
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    Best couch co-op games?

    Thank you for sharing. I've been looking for Co Op suggestions because my friend who is coming around tomorrow to video game with me. This topic is definitely useful as I can now plan what we are going to play together. Yet again, thank you so much!
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    Best couch co-op games?

    A good ol' classic that I loved playing in my teen years was the lego games! They were so much fun!
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    Well.. Uhm... I'll raise my bid to 800 Points
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    Tonberrys in FF8. Weird little bastards that just want to stab you with a kitchen knife or wave a lantern in your face.
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    On that note, I think even the castle wolfestein's old warrior vilian at the end is scary too. I have seen some really creepy similar heroes in other games. It'd be interesting to see some of similar such resurrected vilains.
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    I’m in agreement that the Big Daddies are awesome! At the same time, I have a hard time thinking of them as “enemies,” so much as just something I’m “forced to kill.” If anything, I tend to see them as unfortunate victims. The entire time I’m shooting, I’m apologizing all over myself. And then when the Little Sisters start blubbering over “Mr. Bubbles …” I am in such a rush to click “Rescue,” lol.
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    There's a lot of early system games that wouldn't have the audience they once had when they originally came out. One that I think wouldn't have the same audience would be Contra. It was a great game in the 80's, with a slight Vietnam war feel to it. Or maybe that part was just me. But today even South Park is fighting aliens. And the war games like Socom, and CoD would surpass Contra in such a great way, that it would most likely flop completely. Then there are games like Dig Dug, Galaga, Q*Bert, and Marble Madness that kids would look at today and flip out asking "WTF is this shit?!" They were mind blowing then. They would be mind blowing today, but in the opposite direction.
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    I'd say for me that has to be Return to Castle Wolfestein. i was not aware of occult background of nazi. And the game kind of made me read about it. And overall impression of the game was fun for me. I learned a lot about survival games and different categories of it ever since.
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    In general, no. I grudgingly use some TV streaming services, but I would rather just buy the shows I like. Many streaming shows aren't purchasable at all, and it's easy to imagine gaming going the same direction. I like to own things.
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    @DylanC Oops, that failed to occur to me. Well, I'm glad you won last time, and it's the thought that counts. You continue to be awesome!
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    Hide your pottery

    Welcome Kaynil. Glad to see you have joined us here at VGR Forums.
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    Favorite Skyrim Followers?

    I found J'Zargo pretty fun since I was playing a Khajiit mage and it was very fitting. His comments can be amusing. 🙂
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    I'll start by making the first nomination. I'm going to choose Stacey Powers for actively contributing high quality posts to the forum. Well done, keep up the great work.
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    One that baffled me was the lack of gore on God of War for the PS4, like seriously for those who played the whole game you will notice that you dont tend to see a lot of blood. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose but going back to the previous god of war games the deaths where very gruesome. It didnt ruin the game and its still a 10/10 game but I was very surprised.
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    Milestone Thread

    Congrats on the milestone @DylanC! I'm closing in on 500 posts.
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    Ben Folds, The Libertines, Ella Fitzgerald and Michael Jackson often helps to lift my mood when I’m feeling low. Really helps to give me some extra energy.
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    I can understand a frustrating puzzle or boss fight because most good games have at least one of the two and I do usually persevere although I will swearing under my breath the entire time.
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    How did you find us?

    Thanks for joining, we look forward to seeing you around the forum @palemidnight25.
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    How did you find us?

    Found on a search on Google and glad I did, out of the many megaforums that are out today.
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