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    Favorite TV series Theme Song?

    My top three are Scooby Doo, Seinfeld, and Prince of Bel Air
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    Community Chat #1

    What's everyone have planned this weekend? @Alyxx @The Blackangel @DylanC @kingpotato @killamch89
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    I bought the pre order and ive done all main missions except killing walker. Its definatly different from wildlands. Some things i like some i dont but im having fun playing it. Even though it seems to be a big open world like wildlands it seems it took way less time to do all missions before walker mission. I liked having a 4 man team on single player so its a bit different being a one man army...lol plus im not the greatest at face to face battle. I pretty much play sniper all the way and Ghost Recon is bout only fighting/battle game i can actually play. I tried others like COD and similar but just totally suck at it. With that said for me i give it a 4 outta 5 star.
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    The damage and the attention is the fun part 🙂
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    I'd rather they don't go down this road although they seem to be already but I love being able to customize the hell out of my character.
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    Being able to customize your character and most importantly their gender. And yeah I agree on offline play especially in a single player game.
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    Hahah, yeah. Mostly entertaining to me though, because it seems clear that GTA is a tongue-in-cheek satire, and thus a criticism on such real-life things, in an ironic way.
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    Your Favorite Nintendo Retro Games?

    And there were a fair amount of them too...
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    What’s your most hated song?

    lmfao On topic though, I kinda hate most mainstream rap music these days.
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    Your Favorite Nintendo Retro Games?

    Yeah they're pretty cool. Personally I really dig the Lotus racers from that era.
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    'ello, 'ello.

    Welcome @Carlos X. Thanks for joining. I look forward to posting with you around the forums!
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    Dying on purpose in video games

    I do hate losing if I don't give it my best shot at things in real life but I never take games that seriously because they were made for entertainment.
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    In one of the PS5 patents leaked earlier this year if I am not mistaken they had some kind of emulation software capable of theoretically playing games as far back as the original PS.so they could have easily done if they wanted. What I suspect is what I mentioned before about profit margins in addition to some brand new accessories coming out for the PS5 that may not be compatible with most previous generation games.
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    They have never made any attempts at working with the community and would rather treat us like cheaters and criminals.
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    The Blackangel

    Synagogue Attack on Twitch

    If that's the way to go about it, then they will start disabling things that they don't personally like. Prejudice would interfere way too much. If they could develop an automated system that would block things such as this then that would be great.
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    Almost every american enterprise is outsourcing from china. So they need to stop that to get back the control. I think trump did something good on that part but left wing is to adamant and america is losing it's power due to china on that.
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    Trying to teach them is worse than talking to a brick wall - most times they just keep doing the same stupid crap anyways.
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    Your Favorite Nintendo Retro Games?

    Castlevania just remains favorite regardless of the type of console. I think that game has evolved a lot over the years. And with anime released even more so in demand.
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    Doom 2016 was kinda a waste of time compared to the single player portion. Just didn't feel like it was proper Doom. On the other hand I feel the Call of Duty games have always had great multiplayer. There's a reason it became a saying that nobody bought CoD games for the single player.
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    Too Much Gaming!

    I think he meant self harming. Like playing even if your fingers are in pain. Which happens in case of mobile gaming.
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    Compatibility is number one. You're absolutely right on that. I think "achieve" may have been the wrong term. I should have said that the money is nice if you're able to work and earn it. But still the thought of the bank should never come anywhere near your mind when you meet someone you're attracted to and think of them as someone you could spend your life with. Money is nice, but it's not so important that it should lead your interest in finding a partner.
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    You and me both. Financial stability is nice if you can achieve it, but when getting into a relationship the bank account shouldn't even be on the radar. If you don't have a connection other than that, then there is no relationship. It's a sugar daddy/mama situation.
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    In this thread, I cannot help but be astounded by the sheer number of unplayed games @killamch89 and @Alyxx happen to have. Yet this seems very common. I won’t ask “how the heck do you afford all these games?” as that might be rude, so instead I’ll ask, “how do you budget for your video games?” Like, do you set rules for your spending? Is there a certain amount or percentage of your budget monthly you let yourself use to buy games? In my case, I usually only purchase a game if I decide I Must Have It. And if that is the case, I try to do overtime and then shop only out of that budget. Though if I see a good deal or if I am reaching the end of a previous game in a series, I will often make an exception. As a result, I do not have many games.
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    I remember this one too unfortunately. Although I was in my mid/late teens when it came out. I don't know how many brain cells I lost as a result of hearing this song. 90's music, if it can even be called that, is the reason I can't stand radio today. The only thing that ever plays in my car are CD's. Absolutely nothing else. Ever. God forbid the radio be on and Justin Bieber, or even worse Talentless Skank (oops I mean Taylor Swift), starts playing. I would jump out in the middle of the interstate to get away from that shit.
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    Ask KingPotato

    In what context ? If this is for toilet paper I dont want to know what kind of monster uses plastic xD
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    Earn More Points

    @DylanC, @UleTheVee, @killamch89, @The Blackangel, want to leave some YT comments and RTs for extra points? Giving away more video games this month including Modern Warfare!
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    I don't mind the lack of competition, hehe. But it's a great incentive to be more active for sure ^_^
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    Honestly it looks like all other COD campaigns , nothing special. Unlike the first two modern warfare games when the campaigns where epic.
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    Ah, I can totally grok that. I always thought it’d be cool to live at the bottom of the sea and explore. And Rapture’s ambiance is amazing. I never noticed any drains in the floor … but hey, maybe I just don’t look at the floor enough =D Ah, I can totally grok that. I always thought it’d be cool to live at the bottom of the sea and explore. And Rapture’s ambiance is amazing. I never noticed any drains in the floor … but hey, maybe I just don’t look at the floor enough =D I feel like it’d have been a great place in theory, but in practice, it’s not like everyone came in with the same fair shot at success. Didn’t help that Ryan was a hypocrite either, nor that Fontaine was better at his game and an asshole. In that type of economy, I think one is counting on folks to be good for goodness’ sake—and alas, I don’t think one can count on people.
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    Earn More Points

    @kingpotato, @DylanC, @killamch89, and @Alyxx - this is still going on. Get your extra points! We just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel!
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    The Blackangel

    Ask Akamia

    Yeah, SP is the clamshell design.
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    Executor Akamia

    Last Game Played

    Stellaris I finally was able to synth-ascend the Blorg Commonality in a game with a friend of mine. My economy is about to explode. I also reformed my government into a dictatorship so that I don't have to spend Influence on elections every 20 years (Blorg Commonality starts the game as an oligarchy, which has elections every 20 years) and renamed it the Roblorg Contingency. Now all I have to do is colonize a bunch of planets and build huge fleets of warships, and the galaxy will be powerless to stop anything I do. I'm hoping there's a Determined Exterminator hiding around that I can vassalize. There's a huge chunk of space I haven't explored yet, maybe I can look there. It's blocked by a space amoeba for now, but I can take it out easy.
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    I could be wrong but Riot games have yet to get the LOL on android. I am not sure if the EPIC games who is publisher for the Riot games is going to release it any time soon. Anyone have any success of seeing the league of legends on the mobile devices?
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    Personally I think organized religion should be eradicated. Believing in whatever is not a problem. But religion uses its name as an excuse for some of the stupidest and worst actions in history. One title tries to commit a successful genocide of another title. While I have my beliefs, I refuse to claim any title. It’s a headache I don’t need or want. I’ve had a certain religious organization forced on me by literally every person I’ve ever had to deal with in my life which is why I absolutely hate absolutely everything associated with said religion. People I don’t even fucking know, have never seen, and will never see have pulled this. I got up one morning, and some coward had left their religious text on my windshield because I had a bumper sticker that said “No gods no masters”. I threw it on the ground and pissed on it. To sum up: FUCK RELIGION.
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    Best Batman Arkham Game

    As a massive fan of the Batman Arkham series, this has to be one of the few superhero games that I can say is comparable to some of the best games ever released. The story is amazing (no surprise there, I mean it's about Batman), The gameplay is very fluid and is challenging ( A lot of superhero games usually mess up in the gameplay department but the Arkham series does a very good job of letting you feel like Batman) and the mini-games are pretty interesting and unique. My favorite pick for the best of the entire series has to go to Arkham city, just because of the gameplay features (driving the Batmobile and swinging and gliding throughout the city gives the purest form of the Batman experience and the story was very gripping from start to finish. Which Arkham game is your favorite and why?
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    What’s your most hated song?

    A noble prize in Literature? Based on the lyrics of this song, his writing couldn't be anything that outstanding but maybe he has other pieces of work that are.
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    Heheh, I remember doing that with TV as a kid, but it was because of content, not the time of day. Smart :) My habit was to do as much of my homework at school as possible so that I'd have just maybe one or two tasks left when I got home that wouldn't be too intensive. Then, I would stretch them out over the rest of the afternoon and evening while playing my MUD. Whenever parents would come upstairs, I'd quickly hit minimize on the game, and then appear to be hard at work on the assignments. Meanwhile, as they were standing in the room, I'd be praying nobody was killing me or robbing me in the game while it was minimized, lol. The most dramatic thing I ever maximized and came back to was discovering that a member of one of the game's mafias had robbed me of all my money, and his brother was offering to "help" by giving it all back, thus attempting to put me in his debt =D Ironically, as a result of the incident, we became close frenemies.
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    The circle of life

    true once u get used to it then u know what you signed up for
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    Games that were too short?

    MDK Darkness II Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
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    Neither considering both places are terrifying.
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    I already own a model 1 Mega Drive and have emulators on my PC so I have no need for it.
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    I increase my bid to 3000 points then over Dylan's 2750.
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    Best Batman Arkham Game

    Arkham city is the best one, Arkham asylum is good and introduce us to the game mechanics but the finale was shit. Arkham Knight was okay I guess, not bad but not memorable except for the Batmobile, and I feel like Arkham city has more like a comic book vibe and Arkham knight feels like a movie adaptation.
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    Earn More Points

    60 points awarded to @Alyxx for YT comments and RTs
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    To be honest, I can't think of any off the top of my head other than maybe learning more about car and bike parts and how they function from the Need For Speed and Moto GP series respectively.
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    They like our money - nothing else matters to most of these gaming companies. I perfectly understand what you mean because I also operate similarly but I am just stating how the companies in the gaming industry are nowadays. EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Epic, Take Two Interactive, Ubisoft and the list goes on have been doing this for close to a decade.
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    The Blackangel

    Ask KingPotato

    I was an 80's kid. Everything back then was big hair and guys with more makeup than me. But it's proven that music attained perfection in 1986. It's a scientific fact.
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    It's funny that i brought up this very same point to @Alyxx the other day and here it is!
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