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  2. I'm also a user of Opera, but I don't see the point of GX.
  3. Also, can't forget about the whole animus thing and the modern day templars; so I wouldn't doubt there to be a modern day story going with the past/time traveling. Should be interesting to say the least.
  4. The fact that it's Ubisoft themselves working with Netflix, should keep it true to the game. I'm thinking it will be based on Ezio or a similar character/story. Or they may go with Origins type with the beginnings of the assassins themselves. But they might have each season a separate story, since the game series stretches across a broad timeline from ancient Egypt, Greece, Renaissance, Imperialism, etc. I'm not sure if any of the games go into the 1900's. So we can expect a historic setting.
  5. Cyberpunk is not a realism game, gotta be based on realife events and bbased as so realism as it can be 🙂 Like flying the A320 in flight sims, each knobs and each movements and each little details are so realism. Takes me 45mins to get to takoff.
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  7. Sometimes when something interesting happens in a video im listening to I jump out of the game to take a look. So the video overlay is useful for that, no more freezing because you tabbed out of the game. I don't even see why it's a gaming related, I never used it myself. chrome literally has more options though, Or if you need to use less as you gaming then edge 🙂 and now edge has extentions like chrome does.
  8. I use Opera. I like it. It has in in-built VPN, add-blocker and it very customisable in appearance. The blank tap also links to discounts and deals for digital stores on both PC and console. In terms of performance, I see no difference between Opera and any other well used browser. It has a feature that can overlay the housed over a game app if, for example, you wanted to search the web concerning something about the game and I believe it can link to online accounts steam, discord and so on. I'd actually recommend it.
  9. That stupid gaming browser that is ''trying to change'' the gamer's perspective.
  10. The only consoles that I ever had were PS2 and Sega Dreamcast. I was spending a lot of time on PC, as I do now.
  11. I'm one of those guys that will go with Cyberpunk, because, let's be honest, it melts your eyes. ...if you ignore the memes.
  12. Welcome in da hood, Chuck and Samuel!
  13. For me, they represent nothing. Everytime, my friends beat me at achievements, but I only play for fun. I'm not competitive.
  14. The fact it’s a series has my hopes up a bit. The fact it’s a Netflix series has me doubting it lasting any longer than 2 seasons. It all comes down to how true to the game it is for me.
  15. The community has kind of a sexist view about gamers. Girls aren't really taken seriously. For example, Someone got really angry and posted Danii's tweets on the subreddit saying she was delusional and arrogant by saying they would win Nashville. Yet, if an all male, amateur team said that, people would just brush it off as people puffing up their chest. It's a bit frustrating
  16. As long as it doesn't feel wrong in the game i'm fine with it, for example EA advertises their social accounts (Twitter, Instagram etc) in FIFA on the advertising boards in-game. Obviously to mimic real life, as football grounds have adverts around the side of the pitch.
  17. If money isn't a big deal then three years or less is good. In my case money is not on my side and so if it last ten years then I try and last. I do not earn much money and so what I have I have to use.
  18. I do not follow phones, I mean not a big phone user and nope, From the UK and not seen that brand around.
  19. Yeah, Google already owns way to much like andthing else.
  20. No, not the big sized edtion. Only 2.5 😉 same as what you get in Laptops. Can you get externel drives for it nowadays?
  21. Well, if you know that you are going to get the best of the best then I would wait 🙂 if that's what you can do. At the moment with the new 3000 series they all out of stock in the UK And so we all have to wait anyway for months.
  22. One thing I have to give to Nintendo is their consistency. Consistent arrogance and incompetence, sure, but their immovability makes their actions - and thus our purchasing decisions - easy to predict. It's almost admirable that they're unconcerned with impotent rage from people who will unquestioningly buy their products and services, instead of chasing trends and pleasing crowds. This isn't to say I agree with what they're doing, as the ludicrous management exibited here would obliterate any company that wasn't Big N. I'd find it astonishing if I wasn't further descending the cavernous
  23. i believe that these exist on mobile games only (based on my experience), they aren't that fun of thing at all, especially when your volume is high, then some ad pops up, it's really annoying and some games ask you to pay to get them removed, if it's a matter of few bucks, and you really love the game, then it shouldn't be a big deal, but some of them don't have that option and those ads keep happening again and again, one more reason to not play mobile games :(
  24. I had put off playing this game for a long time because Fuckonami, but finally started playing this game for the first time as the deluxe edition was going dirt cheap on PSN. I've played all the previous major MGS titles, and I don't know if I'm just getting old and stupid, but this game feels alot harder that the previous installments to me. I'm not classing it as a problem nor a complaint, merely an observation. There are things I like about this game, others not so much. I'll reserve judgment until I've beaten the game, just this has surprised me. The checkpoint system is really
  25. I've neither been fully aware of what Madden is nor it's curse, so I can't say I believed in the curse but it's quite an interesting phenomenon to follow all the same. I don't place much stock into curses myself, and the hex having an apparent expiry date tells me it's not really all that fearsome. Apparently Electronic Arts were going to work on a comedy film about it, but two years later entertainment executive Pat O'Brien said that EA isn't working on the movie. That could mean either the whole thing was a joke, or that they're no longer working on a film that could have been in the ea
  26. In the sense of driving, walking or flying past them in games such as Prototype or Forza, I couldn't give two shakes of a Mann Co. crate. That's personally speaking; in my professional opinion they have zero business in a game I pay for under any circumstances, unless the game couldn't be made without them (for example, racing games requiring license to use real world cars; an energy drink poster has no place in the game unless it causes problems with the cars.... which could just not be featured.) When it comes to pop-ups or things appearing in loading screens or whathaveyou, I'm totally
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