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  2. Could you do me a favour and just lock this topic now? 😂
  3. Slowly but surely inching closer @Shagger.👍😉
  4. @kingpotato What fictional place would you most like to go?
  5. DC

    Ask Alyxx

    @Alyxx Would you rather be able to control animals (but not humans) with your mind or control electronics with your mind?
  6. @The Blackangel When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone?
  7. @Executor Akamia Are you ready for Xmas? What are your holiday plans?
  8. Indeed. I do remember Cinderella getting trigged and going on a massive twitter rant about much Vannile offended her.
  9. I'd like to extend the similar sentiments to EVERYONE in that bloody game! Lightning is a bitch! Hope is a wimp! Fang is a genocidal maniac! Sazh is an idiot! Finally Vannile is the Disney Princess edition of Jar Jar Binks!
  10. You're right for the most part. It really doesn't make a difference what platform a game is on 99% of the time. But we all know there's some asshole out there that just wants to pick a fight, and will argue that a game is impossible to play on one platform but is easy to play on another, when there's no damn difference.
  11. I would love a game based around astronomy. I have loved astronomy since I was a child, and a game that is based around that that is not only fun, but educational would be an instant pre-order for me. There was a PC game I played when I was younger that was called Operation Weather Disaster. It was so fun to play, that I didn't even realize that I was learning. If someone could do the same thing with astronomy, they would then become my favorite game publisher.
  12. The Sims and most other games with that kind of RTS isometric design are better suited to a PC interface. The experience on console can feel a little cumbersome. In case of Skyrim and similar games (especially from Bethesda) you can use debug consoles and/or mods to bypass certain issues or make the game easier. Beyond those two situations and bad ports aside (like Arkham Knight on PC for instance) I can't really think of any other situation where playing on a PC (or a console) makes the game any easier. For the most part it doesn't make any difference.
  13. Diablo comes to mind for me. I think it's a bit more difficult on PC than it is on PS1. Sure, you can download programs to craft your own weapons and armor, and make your characters more or less invincible. But forgoing that, I think that it's designed just differently enough, that there is more challenge on PC.
  14. In a thread where we were talking about where to store consoles, @kingpotato mentioned covering them with a thin blanket to ward off dust, and @The Blackangel mentioned using plastic storage tubs. I am wondering what other tips others here have on how to protect unused consoles from dust? It seems like it would be easy to forget to dust them regularly if they are out of sight and out of mind for long periods of time.
  15. Snow from FFXIII This self-righteous douche canoe is so annoying and dumb blind to what is going around him it's almost funny, but it stays in cringe. His abilities are useful in combat, but I can't stand the character. The game tries everything humanly possible to make you like him, but none of it works. He is so beyond salvageable as a character that even having him played by Troy Baker couldn't save him. Think about that.
  16. @The Blackangel was talking about using Game Genie in order to make opponents stronger when games become too easy. I was wondering what everyone else’s strategies are for continuing to get the most out of a game when the challenge goes away even at the hardest settings? I don’t find this a problem with story-driven games, as I am mostly playing them to enjoy the stories. But with open world games, I will usually try and challenge myself to play through with a different set of weapons/tactics.
  17. @LadyDay was mentioning that her sister finds it more stressful to play The Sims on PlayStation than on PC, which led her to wondering if it the game is harder to play on console than it is on a computer. This made me wonder what games everyone here has played on multiple platforms, and whether some platforms made the games significantly more challenging. @Crazycrab mentioned using the console commands for Skyrim, which was the example that sprung to mind for me as well. So many times, I find myself with a problem in Skyrim, and I look up the solution, only to find that there is no way to solve the problem on PS3, as the only known solutions are console commands I would have to enter on PC. So I can definitely say that makes the game harder to play on PS3.
  18. We probably already have a thread somewhere on our favorite party members in various single player games, but I don’t think we have one on party members we can’t stand. Are there any characters that just annoy the heck out of you who are eligible to be in your party? Do any of them annoy you so much you dismiss them completely? This topic leapt to mind while playing Mass Effect last night, and deciding I don’t like Ashley’s attitude toward aliens. I don’t know if Mass Effect lets you boot people out entirely, but I’ll probably still keep her around in case she has an interesting story.
  19. @skyfire made an interesting suggestions in another thread that he’d like to see Eastern religions featured in video games since a lot of people especially in the West may not be as familiar with them in a world dominated in large part by Christianity. I was wondering if there are other real-world topics you all would like to learn more about by seeing them featured in popular video games? I learned a lot about history, architecture and design while playing BioShock games, so those are areas where I’d love to continue to learn more while playing other games in the future.
  20. Once after you've connected the controller physically the first time after the update it should work wirelessly after that.
  21. Taking special care of one of my rats. He had surgery a week ago, and last night I saw that one of his surgery wounds had broken open and was infected again. So I’m gonna be taking him to the vet ASAP because it looks like he’s going to have to have another abscess surgically removed. He had 3 removed Monday.
  22. The update was after I figured out that I had to physically connect the controller. I’m just wondering if this is what I’m going to have to do to play the machine.
  23. Imagine total recall type stuff in the games. It'd be fun that way.
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