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  2. I will get free time more once the Christmas is closer. I may spend more time learning games which I don't touch. So I'd say there is going to be free time for me soon.
  3. I don't feel that way. Considering the scenarios are made and we have to act according to that scenario. And so the video game characters are not real and we are given scenario to act for it.
  4. Exactly. Start may not be in our hand, but end can be..
  5. There is a machine named "SatisfyerMen vibration" which pretty much automates the porn+masturbation with VR support. I think the way things are going VR lifestyle is coming out. Though this handles different niche. I'd love the VR to solve different problem for me. I suffered from fast city life and got harassed with slow village life too. I wish VR can solve this problem for me by adjusting the environment which does not cause this constant switch issue for me. A lot of childhood and the adult life drama can be fixed by keeping people in alternative life which gives them safe space. On
  6. Yeah using the bank codes and the OTP through devices which are not secure can be problem. I honestly don't see the consoles and the gaming devices as security rich devices.
  7. I think GTA once tried the ads through naming the certain places in game, like coke machines and the other brand names were shown considering they sponsored. I don't know if that is unethical or so. But I have no problem if the games make use of such type of ads in-game instead of annoying.
  8. Left 4 dead is gone too. And there is no new updates coming out regarding the sequels as well.
  9. I hope so. I am tired of the multiplayer games and the microtransactions. Playing solo is something I want back.
  10. Yeah there are some of the 3D too, I'll have to find out some of the new and old titles worth playing. I'll update if I find any good title.
  11. Gaming trends have changed a lot over the last 2 decades of gaming and it continues to do so. There's no telling what'll happen next. Maybe games with a similar style like Black Hawk may become popular again.
  12. Add Dying Light 2 - those developers has been telling us for the past 2-3 years that the game would be out and they still don't have an exact date planned as yet. ALl they keep saying on twitter is it'll be out "soon"...
  13. I'm going to be honest and say that I would've finished the main quest already if I wasn't so busy getting sidetracked by all these...side quest! The only other reason I haven't finished the game is because it's so god damn demanding especially for PCs. I wouldn't even try playing it on my current gaming PC and it's no slouch.
  14. I wish we'd get something like that for PC or more developers would implement this feature into their PC games so that when we use controllers we have access to this feature.
  15. To be honest, I've tried out this game as well and it's basically a knock-off of the Friday the 13th game with more gimmicky gameplay. Honestly, I'm not sure what the hype is about...
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