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  2. No. I don't think Cavill is a good actor and frankly we need to stop making everything into a fucking movie or TV show. No one can embody Arthur the way Roger Clark did. Please just leave the masterpiece untouched.
  3. The only credits I've ever watched were after beating Halo on Legendary so I could see that scene with Johnson and the Elite. Other than that I go get a sandwich if I can't skip em. THe nagain there are many games that you can't skip Xd
  4. I seem to recall a band called Ulu doing Super Mario Bros.
  5. Been gaming since I was 6. 25 years now. Still play daily. Yes, I would take this. It would eliminate all those money problems, then again no need to buy a PC worth 10K in that regards if you not gaming anymore XD. relieving that stress would be worth more than anything in the world to me. I can just watch Netflix or actually go outside and stuff. I have a couple friends who don't play, they somehow manage to keep themselves busy too.
  6. Not many that I can think off, in fact I loved the music that you can play while doing GTA πŸ˜‰ so many good songs in the older GTA series radio stations. I found the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack to not only be phenomenal as a standalone listening experience, but it also enhanced the storyline and gameplay in ways that are fairly rare now. Music is generally thematic and driven by gameplay - with SH2, the soundtrack hit on a psychological level as well.
  7. They cut corners and if you pay attention when you play you can see how much they cut. It really just feels like a "street racer" version of Forza Horizon. Except copied, pasted, and extremely watered down for "satisfaction" reasons
  8. Nope, I end up buying more addons for MSFS2020 - So far that single simulator is over 350GB in size πŸ˜› I will never go and play it, I would never - Aren't my tea
  9. I have not seen the last as of yet, I do not want to watch it on a crack unprotected website πŸ˜› Then that being said Rowan Atkinson is now doing his new TV series that is on Netflix. DMANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn If I was earning more money I would subbed
  10. I know that they are into it, I know that they in enjoy it, I let them speak about it. No point saying... I do not like it - SHUTUP XD
  11. I rahter plsy them then the new series, it's about about shooting and FPS
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  13. I think that it's something I can manage. I have played Walking Dead, so I think I will be able to take what Prey throws at me.
  14. Most of us kids back then have almost everything prepared and provided for us. It's why we are free to play as long as we desire. But now, our responsibilities wouldn't let us play like that again.
  15. They did very good in working more on the Rock's movie on Rampage to blow up what's in the game. It was one of uncle's favorite games back then on his Atari 7800.
  16. If you're very sure that most of them aren't fan of NFTs, then you have the job cut out for you. You have nothing much to worry about.
  17. You can say that again!! Peely is surely the Banana Skin 😍. Isn't it obvious enough? He's a warrior πŸ˜‚.
  18. You can't blame them that much because the developers took too long to fix the problem and they needed to have a way to play the game.
  19. Your point is completely understandable. Something that you have used to working with for years will be part of you and that makes it easy.
  20. I know a few gamers that are just like that, they have more affection for good graphics and not the gameplay. I would have good gameplay over graphics any day.
  21. The baby steps like I call it are very important. Its like laying the foundation in the right way when playing such games. When you have perfectly learnt and upgraded when you are supposed to, it's going to be a smooth ride.
  22. You're very welcome to do that my friend, anything that helps you to get a better gaming experience with your partner is a good thing to do.
  23. I had the time then. It was during the CORONA lock down, so I was at home for months doing nothing but play games.
  24. Nope, I already have the games. There was no need getting them all over again. What would I do with it? Sell them? I don't have that kind of time.
  25. Why do you think that it's not something that's going to last forever or at least for a considerable long period of time?
  26. Doing that works very well. I have at least 2 of my friends that used the support channel to get their accounts back but the hacker have messed up their resources.
  27. I had considered that at one point because it felt as if my device wasn't meant to carry such games because of the way it kept acting. At one point, it heats up bad.
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