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  2. There will definitely be others who try. Mark Zuckerberg may try to come out with a console. Call it the Fast Back. Elon Musk may come out with a console. Call it the M%g7+Q2(H1ÆO±. Or maybe one of us here may come out with a console. I'd call it the Son Of A Bitch. I'd call it that, because I would only want games on it that were so difficult that every gamer would regularly get pissed and yell out SON OF A BITCH! when playing it. But to get back to the point, many will come. Most will fail, some may succeed. For a time at least. But as for true competition to the Big 3, I highly doubt that will happen. At least not in my lifetime, or that of a lot of the members here.
  3. They're a bit of a bitch to find here. And there's even a battery store here in town that all they sell is batteries. They have a hard time getting the right battery for video game carts in because they're not in any demand anymore. Next to no one plays NES these days, so no one needs them for gaming purposes. As for other uses, it's just not a needed battery here in my area apparently.
  4. Playing new season of Fortnite today.
  5. cmos batteries are easy to available on both amazon and ebay. Usually one is good to go for like 5 years or so.
  6. I just got too much of SIMS and GTA, so It's not going to be my favorite any time soon. I am more likely to move away from the SIMS and the GTA.
  7. Yeah some games just worth goinng over and over. Especially the one with say story and trail or episodes type.
  8. XBOX is not bad in fact the box is lot better in performance over the years plus their monthly game pass is lot better than the PSN too.
  9. Superhero games are boring and lot of tangent storylines from comics, animation, movies make you go mad on games. I mean it messes with your head what is canon and what is manipulation from original. That is where it gets boring. I'd say if you want to follow hero storylines then MMO games are lot better.
  10. Yes the cheap graphics does appear but if you check the whole game, then considering the graphics style it kind of fits.
  11. Makes no difference as you can play it on multiple platforms. The case in point is pure gameplay value. I think Rocket League is strong enough on any platform for that gameplay value.
  12. I have one dedicated table for the laptop so I don't have to use the laptop cooler like most people. I do however think that my processor does not catch up much heating on that context.
  13. Even if EA keeps the company alive most likely they will fire the workers and keep the code rehashed year after another year like FIFA and Cricket they are doing over the years.
  14. Not that I can recall. Sucker Punch, Guerrilla and Naughty Dog seem to be doing well under the banner. I'd take time to research to be sure, but a deal with Sony doesn't seem to be the kiss of death EA is.
  15. It's a CR2032 and their pretty common. You can usually find them at a local store or on Amazon for a couple of bucks.
  16. Kind of late, but happy late birthday! Did you do anything fun? Assuming that video isn't a hint to it.
  17. I don't think so, out of the big three it seems like Xbox struggles to keep up with Sony and Nintendo, so I can't see another coming in and matching the others in what they have going on.
  18. Has sony really messed up any game company they have bought though?
  19. Oh the ships look awesome, but the skull looks something cheap you would see in fortnight.
  20. I really haven't looked into myself, but did Nintendo use a very special battery instead of a common everyday one?
  21. Last week
  22. The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week is a good one this week. I just pulled the trigger. https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/playstation-store-slashes-80-big-popular-ps4-game/
  23. I have replaced the battery before. That's not a big thing. The big thing is finding the right battery to put back into the cartridge. There is where the hunt starts. The batteries that are installed when the carts are made were intended to last forever in NES terminology. But being that it's 35 years later, they don't really hold that forever expectation anymore.
  24. Personally I don't like the Idea of Sony gaining control of Warframe, it's one of if not THE best and fairly monetized FTP game in existence. I'm not anti-Sony nor am i making any accuastions or assumpions but they, just like any major company, are now in a prime position to fuck that up.
  25. Being toxic towards a game is lot better than being toxic towards players, their origin, religion, and their ethnicity or the color. World just recovered from that time, no need to go back.
  26. These days a lot of listening has been in between the youtube and the spotify. Though gaming soundtracks are not much on the spotify to be honest.
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