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  2. I think by the time 2021 ends, we would have some of the good titles for the VR and that would be a good experience with graphics and the VR matured in a year or so.
  3. DOSBOX can give you access to many emualtors which often are not yet ported to Windows 10. But now a days noticed that most of the updated emualtors work fine with win10.
  4. I see. I guess keeping even one setup proper is harder in uni days. I had that experience. People making use of your computer randomly was kind of that time.
  5. I think lately I am avoiding high spec games for a reason. Most of the time for me low spec games and also graphics specific games are good enough to work with.
  6. I have no idea on that blue umbrella sub plot, I wonder how it connects with the biohazard storyline.
  7. I guess this video should answer few setting specific questions.
  8. I think often your game choices and the arguments within games could cost you a lot more than just a win or so. Most of the folks lose their frienship with offline friends that way.
  9. I have also learned to switch with other things like sketching lately and also planning on level design so that I can some day finish the game I am planning on for years.
  10. I think anything upto 30 inch block is good enough, more than that can be good but no at all needed. That's what I have noticed so far from my observation things are kind of costly for higher size screens.
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  12. Dagest


    I think it's ok that there are more guys
  13. Nominations end September 30 at 10pm EST.
  14. DC

    Milestone Thread

    VGR Forum surpassed 45,000 posts just a couple days ago.
  15. I bought a new trailer today. I needed a good one to haul my 4 wheeler on. And I got the perfect one. It’s 5x8 and only cost $650. I got a steal on a steel trailer.
  16. @AndreiMirfi looks good. You chill with that beast, and I’ll chill with this Goddess.
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  18. I do like the "Blue Umbella" sub-plot, though. At least Capcom knows how to get everybody talking. 🥴
  19. I... may have a new favourite...
  20. Thanks Shagger. I was not sure how XB1 did that. I guess I will wait a while and ask that question again after people has some time on the PS5. Maybe you HINT HINT
  21. There're rumours about talks between Microsoft and SEGA, and also rumours about Sony wanting to acquire Ubisoft. Of course, they are just rumours, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm not sure I like this trend of big publishers being bought up by even bigger console manufactures. I've been saying for years that it's exclusives that define a platform and that's what matters most, but that didn't mean Sony and Microsoft should just buy up huge publishers and their franchises to create that distinction. A few studios is one thing, but entire AAA publishers is another.
  22. That was nicely put together. Well edited, good choice of music and good in-game skills. I'm not gonna like, these videos aren't really my sort of thing, but I still enjoyed that. Nice work.
  23. Not a good design if you have back problem the way it has shaped for your back is so wrong. Must be designed for those without back problem I assume.
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