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  2. I wonder if they make max payne with some christopher nolan theme of Tenet or some other similar time travel type of the concept. It'd be fun to play that sort of the game.
  3. Battle royale seems to be fetching a lot of money in the FPS category and nintendo has seen many creators trying it in 2D format too. So the super animal royale is another attempt at the 2D animal themed battle royale game.
  4. Nintendo has taken a different turn. They want to make the users their game creators. So it is kind of like surprising to see they making the game builder garage tool. You can check out the trailer on what's to come with this tool.
  5. Well unless zoey is into 3D development and game development with stretching the limit for things. I don't think that much power is required.
  6. Nah their hinge and the side thermals are extremely poor with the Legion. I found MSI better on the thermal part. I think you have to try multiple devices to be sure at the end.
  7. I wonder if the monitor has the sensitivity options like those LG TVs that watch the room light and adjust the light accordingly.
  8. Powerful? It's a beast. I mean for the config of following options Look at that. Like that model is kind of hard to beat even with ASUS, MSI and Razer.
  9. I'd say raspberry PI with the Linux based games in it can be a good option. I have been reading the maker magazine for the ideas of making one such device.
  10. Which is your device? Most of the laptops who have RGB support have the application to turn things off. If asus and MSI has it then maybe you can do it with other devices too.
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  12. I don't really hate games that other people like but just annoyed about it. Good example for car parking multiplayer game, a lot of people around me play and I can't finish the task and I deleted it.
  13. Can I just turn myself into jail to pay off bounties? I'm reading I could. Cause I have multiple bounties in different counties. I can't even play the game.
  14. Holy smokes!!! Here is a moment in time when everything comes together. I just started recording cause things looked pretty, and then..... But I couldn't download whole video cause file size. rdr2.mp4 rdr2.mp4
  15. I noticed that the betrayal scenario has been a thing in almost every GTA game, which actually annoys me, do you think that Rockstar will finally come up with new oriented storylines or people will be able to predict that GTA 6 will include betrayal as a plot twist as usual?
  16. The Medium isn't even available on ps4. Thats messed up cause it's made by Bloober Team, who made Layers of Fear and Observer. And I'm craaaaazy about Layers of Fear.
  17. "Unholy" seems to be having that rare vibe you get when playing horror games, excited to give it a try
  18. i actually hate it when some games have to change a bit to be adapted with current generations :(, but it's still nice to see the game surviving for 31 years!
  19. bruh, why would you need all of that ram lmao, even Escape from Tarkov needs a maximum of 20 GB's and it's known to be a serious ram eater
  20. depends on what time i'm playing on, it's always high on day due to the sunlight in the room that makes the monitor harder to see, but lower in nights
  21. that's a lot of power in that tiny device, woah
  22. i pretty much think the opposite here xD, i always found legions to be having some sick looking designs
  23. well, this makes sense but it's not right, due to compatibility issue, some old games can't be played on modern devices, there is surely either a hardware or a software issue at some point :/
  24. unfortunately moderating RGB isn't an option in all devices, this is what keeps annoying me so i gotta deal with distraction when playing on night...
  25. that's still not recommended in my opinion for many reasons, dying and repeating missions again and again sometimes will make you stop playing that game or checking youtube for tips which might spoil the game for you :(
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  27. i didn't actually think that there are mods as stories extensions, some of these exist in GTA SA as well and can be made by everyone (some of them are known as DYOM missions)
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