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  2. I love how you bring her up. I had no idea she was an actress here and we usually would see her as funny. At first my mind when I saw her and the circumstances I immediately let go of anything funny. She is not anything funny in the show. She still holds that quirkiness, but added to what was necessary, when a good person done wrong kind of way. Who ami I to judge to execute someone. That’s obviously a fucking war mind she commands. This is no longer politics so what you believe today doesn’t exist in an apocalypse. We are seeing the first signs of humanity fall. Her decision to execute someone, not make it public, not have a ceremony, nothing more than open the fucking door and pull the trigger because you are not needed. And maybe she was done wrong. But to set boobie traps for travelers? She must have condoned it. Maybe it wasn’t her that set the traps! They are hunting someone they thought done wrong, while two travelers are caught up in it and survived a bobbietrap. And you know that bridge had boobytrap written all over it. I loved this episode
  3. So, episode 4. Very different from the last one. Episode 3 was a big deviation from the game, but this one goes full on fan-service with many nods to the game mixed. But honestly, there didn't seem to be much else to it, this was really little other than a big build up to next episode. It's interesting that that they're exploring the motivations of these raiders through this new character, whoever she is... ...but did they really have to cast such a common, non-threatening person to put in this role? I understand that you don't have to look like Scot Steiner to be dangerous and ruthless, but still. I do like how they are building up this history between this woman and Henry, that has potential and I am looking forward to seeing whare that goes. The one other thing I feel that's worth talking about is the scene between Joel and Ellie after Ellie shoots that raider as there was a very similar scene in the game, but it was done quite differently, and honestly, more effectively. In the show, Joel is sympathetic towards Ellie and self-critical, but in the game he was angry at her, slow to admit he appreciated the help and didn't really care about how traumatic it was for her. That I think worked better because it showed Joel's emotional fragility having to break through in a way that better suits the cold, hardened character he still is a this point rather than him immediately being more selfless and thoughtful. I feel like this episode was about Joel's feelings starting to come through, but by doing this halfway the episode it had less impact and still felt a little sudden. For example, if in that conversation Joel was angry like he was in the game and then had that heart-to-heart with Ellie right before they went to sleep, I think it would have had more impact. So whilst I did enjoy the fan service in this as well as the humour, this was a bit of a slow one and probably my least favourite episode so far, but it is building up to some more action in the next episode, so I'm looking forward to the next one.
  4. It just seems like a weird concept to me... when people think of TikTok, they think of short-form content, so why would you go there to look for livestreams? Pretty much the only advantage of using TikTok is that it has a large built-in audience.
  5. Yeah, I only use it on a few things, that are important enough to justify the extra layer of protection. When I do, I usually use the SMS method.
  6. Maybe. I had a second-hand Dreamcast as a child, but after Sega pulled out of that business, I just went back to PC gaming and never looked back. If there was a true successor to the Dreamcast, then I may well have got it and stuck with console gaming!
  7. Not necessarily claustrophobic: indeed, when I'm swimming in an ocean in Minecraft, I feel quite the opposite πŸ˜› . But it is rather annoying... a lot of these games have controls that respond more slowly underwater; and a lot also have a breath meter, which just adds to the pressure. I've lost count of the number of times I've drowned my poor characters 😞 !
  8. Remember in Syndicate, I'm not sure if it was DLC, but when you go out onto some boats on the river on the outskirt of the map you have a huge hologram of an Isu talking to you. Then you can enter a WW1 setting where London is under siege. It was a glimpse into the future the Isu was trying to show you. It was pretty cool to jump from London 1800's with horse carriages to the 1900's with cars and planes. But you are right, there wasn't much else, or at least anything major in that animus story outside that WW1 skit. Here is the Isu conversations during that WW1 mission.
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    Only first person is supported. I hear that they do have a character model for the person you play as, but you're essentially just two floating hands when playing in first person. So if in third person, you'd just see disembodied hands. Found this topic on steam discussing it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/205100/discussions/0/451848855001711165/
  11. I think a randomly generated world is cool. A lot of games already do this, with Minecraft as an example. Procedurally generated worlds. But yeah, I agree it would be tough for AI to do the whole game itself. I imagine we'd have to do the story, characters, acting, and all the other important coding etc. While the AI could generate the world you play in, and maybe even the weapons, items etc. It could also generate random location drops and so on. Yeah there's a lot it still can't do. I think one day it will progress to a point where we can create stories and ideas from AI, but I don't think we'll see a point anytime soon with an AI program coding a full length game including the story, characters, setting, plot, etc.
  12. True. I have a few DVD drives sitting in my closet for a PC and I haven't installed them in years. I have a PC I could install one in, but haven't bothered to do it, as I don't ever use physical media on my PC anyway. We'll still see physical media the next gen or two, but I think we're going to see more digital only consoles coming, which will spell the end of physical media. Plus, I think the digital consoles sell better overall, especially since majority of the time they're cheaper.
  13. Been playing the usual Madden NFL 22 and Fortnite. But I also picked Hitman back up recently since they released the new Freelancer mode. Honestly really enjoy it, makes playing Hitman all that more scary and enjoyable. The way they make it, is that you have complete a whole campaign of missions without dying once. If you're caught in a previous mission, the next mission is easier for enemies to witness you. I played two missions so far, beat them and haven't touched it since. But I will revisit it sometime this week. I want to see if I can get through a whole campaign. I haven't played RDR2 in quite a while either. I think it's been a couple months now. I'm almost done with the game. I plan to come back to it, and complete all the side stuff and then finish the game again. But, that won't be for a while yet.
  14. Sega was too ambitious, and wanted to stay ahead of everyone I think. The Dreamcast was a great console for the time, but after the Saturn, I think people had soured on Sega because of it. The Dreamcast could have sold well, but I think it came out too late. Especially since the PS2 was just two years away, and had better hardware and graphics. So Sega either had to get started on yet another console, or just move on. I think they made the right choice, because if they went up against the PS2, I don't think we'd be hearing Sega in talks as much these days.
  15. I looked up the seller and saw the items he was selling with all the cover art. They basically made it all a bunch of soft core even if it has no relation to the game. Yeah he might cross the line eventually like his cover art River City Girls or Trigger Witch, looks like porn. But this RE at least has a monster in it.
  16. Yeah that's really what matters. I will say, that I have played some games longer than I should've, because I was trying to collect every achievement, even the mundane and boring ones. I don't tend to do that anymore for games. If it's something that's tedious and takes too long, and isn't worth much, I probably won't even bother attempting to get it. These days I play games to have fun, not to collect every achievement. I used to try doing that, but life is short and I ain't got time to try and find everything, and do everything in a game. If I finish the base game, than that's all I need to do.
  17. Not sure, but I am aware of party games that utilize smartphones to play along. So not everyone needs to have a console or PC in order to play, just a compatible smartphone. I think there are phone games where you can challenge people for prizes. There was a game show I saw on mobile a couple years ago, where you could join a gameshow live and if you're smart enough and answer all the questions you might land in the game and could win prizes. I only played once, but gave up pretty fast.
  18. Same. I want to try it out, because I think you can connect it with some apps, and I'm curious to see what crazy things you can do with it. I doubt it's a lot, but maybe there's some fun graphical work you can use it for, or creating fun things out of it at least. Also I think you can use it as a webcam. If I ever see a Kinect in the wild for cheap, I'll pick one up and see about finding some PC apps and software to mess around with.
  19. That's fair. I figured it was due to them not being nearly as popular as Mario & Luigi, or their other IPs. But still, I think they could easily utilize these two for more games. There's probably a lot they could do, and they could even experiment with ideas to see what works and doesn't. Yeah true. But I think if they got their own adventure game, similar to most Mario games today, it could sell. Especially with Nintendo's name backing it, I think it could do alright. It's not like we ever really got a dedicated game focusing on just those two. And it could be a completely different thing to Mario. Maybe they could use Wario and Waluigi as more adult versions and make the games more serious in nature, or something haha. Idk. I just want to see Wario involved more. :D
  20. If you dare to let you imagination wonder, you might realise with regard to people making such covers for horror games like Resident Evil, well, it could be worse.
  21. I always saw the animus as a tool for the bad guys to find the apple of Eden and other artifacts with special abilities. I played the second, Brotherhood, and Black Flag, and from all of those games, the Animus is utilized, but in different capacities. Well, the first three games focus a lot on the animus, including the past and present settings, but I think by AC3 and Black Flag, they kinda drop the animus storyline and just focus all the time on the past. I think in Black Flag you could walk around some gaming company you work for, that utilizes the Animus (I forgot their name, I think it's to do with the Templars), and so on. I don't even remember if the Animus was a part of AC Syndicate, and that was the last one I officially played. I do remember the story branching off to this whole crazy thing about some gods or something. I forget, but to be fair I couldn't get into that story so much, so I kind of forgotten most of it.
  22. Alternative covers are one thing, but to go in this direction is weird to me haha. It's cool to have alternative covers, but I don't think most want what this ebay seller is offering lol. But there seems to be a clear target audience for them and if it's working, more power to them I guess. Not hurting anyone, as long as they're not stealing any copyrighted artwork/assets.
  23. Yeah that is a reason. Especially if it's a timed thing, where you have to get something done in a time limit. So with that, and the possibility of poor gameplay added on top, it just makes it worse. But yeah, it can be used well, or done badly. Just depends on how good the developer is with water levels.
  24. Maybe it has something to do with how you are usually timed under water before you run out of breath and die. So it hurries the pace up and creates a mild panic when you are trying to find your way around especially if it's dark and the swimming ability is messed up.
  25. Saturday Night Live have done a Last of Us/Mario Kart parody starring Pedro Pascal and it's even more brilliant than it sounds.
  26. This is kind of funny because I remember on another thread how I dissed the cover art of a bunch of Resident Evil games and looks like someone else also wanted something different for cover art. Why not some meat??? πŸ˜† Doesn't make sense though cause it's a horror game. At least have her eyes popping out and a knife stuck in her. Or some kind of body snatcher wearing her skin sown together in patches.
  27. Thanks for posting this. The only AC game I remember playing to completion was AC4: Black Flag, so I never really got the full purpose of the Animus and the parts of the story told in modern times all that well. Nor, I admit, did I particularly like them either. I was always more interested in the historical settings and events in these games. It's nice to get a new perspective on this. So thanks for sharing.
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