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  2. Some research can be misleading. It's not always about what is written in research pages. Games affect people in a different ways. Some research can be wrong while some might be right.
  3. Heatman

    Do you donate Gamers during Streaming?

    Seriously, I don't donate my games in such situations. It's not a thing in my to do so.
  4. Heatman

    Last Game Played

    Thanks for making this available. Now, I can literally know more about the game. Thanks for sharing mate.
  5. Heatman

    Earphones or Headphones

    There is no denying the fact that headphones are more expensive than earphones. It's why the former is more durable than the latter.
  6. Anachiwo

    Do you donate Gamers during Streaming?

    I do so but not very often. It depends on how I feel about the game at the moment that would be influence my decision in donating the game.
  7. Heatman

    Does gaming affects one's behavior?

    It's how you play games and get yourself consumed by it that determines how it affects you in positive or negative manner.
  8. Mine would be soccer or football games. Also RPG as well. These are the kind of games that gives me maximum satisfaction.
  9. People will always say what they wish to say about gaming but generally in my opinion, it's all about the gamers personality that goes a long way in determining how the game affects the individual.
  10. Anachiwo

    Does gaming affects one's behavior?

    Take for instance, gaming helps people who are in some kind of bored situation. So, it does affect one's situation at any point in time. But what matters is how it's used to impact on one's life.
  11. Anachiwo

    Are video games a waste of time?

    Not at all. It's not. It depends on how much you are playing and allowing it to take more time than it's supposed to take.
  12. skyfire

    Are video games a waste of time?

    I kind of agree that people want to escape reality thats why they create fantasy. They create things that does not exist. Lot of those things turn out to be affecting their mental and physical health. On that note I'd say that there has to be some sort of balance for the gaming. Like this way you don't get addicted with the gaming.
  13. skyfire

    Does gaming affects one's behavior?

    The thing is gaming being thing like addiction. It is often not in our hands to control that behavior. It's same as the alcohol and the other addictions. Once it goes out of head, it just becomes habit. And all that we can do about it is work on the habits that keeps us away from the gaming. I know controlled gaming is lot better than anything from what I have seen so far.
  14. Yes that is my point too. Gaming leads to the aggressive and the negative behavior among the teens. And that is not all some of the teens who turn out against their surrounding usually play a lot of games. I understand we are all gamers here. But we have to also know our boundaries and know that gaming isn't everything. And researchers funded by gaming companies would surely side with gaming companies.
  15. Recently spending a lot of money on tower defense games. I download them for free but the upgrades inside the in app purchase kind of makes me want to buy it. So that small amount of purchases are now increasing slowly. I know I have to stop doing this and save money for better games later. But some of the games are really good on that note to purchase if you ask me.
  16. A lot of gamers make money off the ads and the sponsorship. However unless you meet 1 million subscribers, you are less likely to get any decent ads and the sponsorship. So you kind of rely on the donation of people and other methods like merch. So not sure how gamers make money until they reach popularity. I personally only donate to those who stream games in my niche. Do you donate gamers during streaming?
  17. There is one walkthrough that was released which was based on the PS4. It's pretty good. Like graphics and sounds. Also the overall gameplay makes me kind of positive about the game.
  18. skyfire

    Verizon wants to Stream Games like Netflix

    Let's face the fact, nobody wants to pay money to watch someone else play the game. Free streaming is what people need. And twitch and Youtube gaming gives them just that. Why would anyone want to pay for those game streaming. I understand that verizon wants to bypass the net neutrality and overtake on the user interest. So I think this surely will be challenged.
  19. skyfire

    Rocket League adds Cross-Play Support for PS4

    If cross play happens for F2P users too, then that would bring lot more traffic for them. I am not sure if they are even ready to handle that sort of traffic. Because it can be pretty difficult to handle servers when F2P numbers are more than premium users. Then again rocket league being game that can handle this, it won't be much of problem for them to add such cross play support.
  20. skyfire

    Epic Games Store

    Too early to make the comparison. I mean how many years STEAM is in market and how many years EPIC game store is in market? I am sure slowly they will add more features and try to compete.
  21. skyfire

    PewDiePie Banned from Roblox?

    I am not sure if you don't follow his channel how come you think he is not promoting racism. Gaming companies don't ban for nothing. Not in case of the pewdiepie. He promoted racism on many occasions. And he even spread rumors of some female employee and lead to her suspension. So he is not your typical weird youtuber but anti semitic racist person. But then again each to their own on judgement.
  22. I'm genuinely on the floor in complete laughter. You see this is why I never really try out hooking up online - you never know what you will get.
  23. killamch89

    Community Chat #1

    This week has just been nothing but trouble, my water cooler started leaking and fried my gaming PC 😭. I mean, I have the files backed up but now I am going to have to use my gaming laptop which is nowhere as powerful -_-. I knew I shouldn't have kicked that black cat last Sunday(I'm kidding).
  24. killamch89

    Earphones or Headphones

    To get earphones of equivalent quality to say a $100 pair of headphones, you'd have to shell out at least $300 dollars.
  25. killamch89

    PewDiePie Banned from Roblox?

    I agree with your comment. It is the same thing with people who accuse you of being a bigot when they are bigots themselves.
  26. Shine_Spirit

    Do you watch streamers? If so, why?

    No, because I don't think they can add anything useful to me. I mean, for me... Video game is just a fun way to spend time and not an "obligation". I can't understand how a person can spend so much time watching those people playing the game they wanted to be playing.
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