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  2. Civilization would completely stop. No one working, and certain industries would dry up and close shop. We would be back to medieval times, living in grass huts and forced to be self sufficient. I personally wouldn't be complaining, but the technological would would either have never come to be, or cease to exist.
  3. My birds follow me around the house. Apple takes flight to come find me, and Maxine just walks around until she's found me.
  4. Let's start with a few of mine. Rats- PROS- 1) They are extremely playful. 2) They love to explore. 3) They're affectionate as hell. 4) They're cute as hell. 5) Rats are one of the most loyal animals in the world. CONS- 1) They have an extremely short life span. 2) They bite often if they don't know a person. 3) They're masterful escape artists. Houdini has nothing on a rat. 4) Despite what many will tell you, they're incredibly high maintenance. 5) Rat food isn't cheap. ************************************************************************* Birds- PROS- 1) They're playful. 2) They're beautiful. 3) They love to cuddle. 4) They have wider personalities than any other animal. 5) They have the intelligence level equal to that of a 3 year old. CONS- 1) They're expensive. 2) They tend to bond with only one person. 3) They're extremely high maintenance. 4) They have the intelligence level equal to that of a 3 year old. 5) They are often mean as hell to the people they didn't choose to bond with. 6) They require lots of stimulation for their mental health. 7) Their supplies are extremely expensive. Cages for a macaw tend to run close to $1000.
  5. First we start with dogs: Pros: 1) They're probably the most affectionate animal you can get as a pet. 2) They'll typically defend you even if they're normally a cowardly dog. 3) Some of the bizarre habits they have cracks you up. 4) Dogs are extremely loyal and typically want to follow you everywhere. Cons: 1) They're constantly digging up the yard. I swear you could fake a moon landing in my yard. 2) Their curiosity gets the best of them, they get themselves entangled somewhere and then they have this look like: "well, aren't you going to get me out of this?" 3) They're always hungry and act like you haven't fed them in years when in fact it was like a minute ago. 4) They're a pain to deal with during mating season. Cats Pros: 1) Depending on the cat, they can be extremely affectionate and they'll defend their favorite human to the death. 2) Cats are highly intelligent and more independent so they won't tend to bother you as much as dogs most of the time. 3) Cats usually bring you presents in the form of mice or other small animals they caught. Cons: 1) If you aren't their favorite human, they tend to be meaner to you. 2) They can be quite demanding. 3) They have tendency to mess with almost anything and find themselves getting hurt because of their curiosity and mischievous nature. 4) They're very possessive so if they smell the scent of another cat on your garments, they'll tend to be mean to you for a time. What are the pros and cons of having certain animals and pets in your opinion? Do you agree with my list or did you feel as if I omitted some things? Please share below.
  6. In the case of my dogs, the stray cat and pigeon, I'm pretty certain it's food and lots of it too. Toys as well and they probably would get me something.
  7. My female dog Lassie has quite a few but the most odd one is her standing in front of the stove and checking out her reflection in the glass. If I put her in front of an actual mirror, she just goes right back to the oven. I'm not sure why either. What are some odd habits your pets have?
  8. Personally, I'd say it's difficult to answer this one because of the unpredictable nature of humans in general and the norms of the various societies around the world. What are your thoughts?
  9. As I've said before, I'd love to see From Software make a soulsborne-style Zelda game. Others that come to mind are: A 3rd-person shooter prequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn set during the war with the Faro machines, A Resident Evil game where the main character uses a claymore or similar big sword instead of a gun, An offline single-player version of World of Tanks, and a 3rd-person military shooter set in the FFVII universe where you lead a SOLDIER squad.
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  11. I love it when their bigotry backfires on them. They deserve it. The thing is that while the bible is banned, the Book Of Mormon is not. So there could still be a fight on thier hands in Utah over that one. We'll just have to wait and see. I tried several times to open this link, but it wouldn't work. I eventually had to cut and paste it.
  12. Well guess what. Looks like republican religious fanatics are getting a taste of their own medicine. The Davis School District in Utah has banned the bible in elementary and middle schools due to vulgar content, porn and violence that is not appropriate for kids under their new book ban laws. I'm very surprised that Utah of all places would even be honest and fair about this since the state is a huge Mormon christian state. This makes perfect sense though that if you want to go around banning books then the Bible should also be banned based on the same principle of age inappropriate content. This just unraveled the entire christian plan of forcing religion into public schools. Oops! Looks like that backfired. So now in all fairness, is the bible going to be banned in every state that bans books? Well, it should be challenged in all those states. So when republicans that have banned books decide not to include the Bible ban in their state, then that shows none of this really had anything to do with kids at all, but really was just a religious issue. But again, I'm very surprised Utah of all places banned the bible. https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2023/06/01/bible-is-banned-these-utah/ In the USA, before the book bans, bibles were allowed in all public school libraries. But it is unconstitutional to force anyone to read the bible or to preach the bible. You can't even force anyone in prayer or pray in the classroom. But Texas made a new law saying teachers and students can pray right there in the classroom in front of other students. Texas even forced all schools in the state to hang a giant sized poser of the Bible's 10 Commandments in all classrooms. Also, any religious donations with 'In God We Trust' slogan is required to be publicly displayed in the school. Which means religious groups can donate a million posters or flags saying that religious phrase and it would have to be publicly displayed for all to see. Crazy goons. Who is indoctrinating who again???
  13. Just let her know that she has friends here if she needs us. We're all here for the both of you as well as your child.
  14. Assassin's Creed is a great series. Initially I hated it due to the never ending training at the beginning of the games. But after getting through that, I've found it really enjoyable.
  15. How many of these games have you guys played? Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of my absolute favorites. @Rain Dew is a huge fan of the Resident Evil series. She's making videos playing it all the time. And who hasn't played Majora's Mask? I mean seriously? I was initially surprised that Hatred wasn't on the list. But then considering that it was pulled from almost everywhere you could have gotten the game, it would have been hard as hell to find. I'm just happy that I was able to find it on Steam.
  16. I've enjoyed what I've played of the series, but wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fan. AC 4 Black Flag is one on my favourite games and I've enjoyed Odessey a lot as well. Some games I avoided because of bad reviews or was too into other games in that moment to really care.
  17. I'm looking for Assassins Creed fans to talk about everything in the whole series. Any fan out there? You want to bond with the series? I haven't found anyone to bond with in this amazing series. Where are you AC fans? Where are you?
  18. Just imagine everything you know and love about a game that could be developed in an alternate universe. The genre changing, and that could have such a huge impact. For examples: Think about Bloodborne in an open world where you can climb the buildings. Imagine assassins creed as a fantasy where it’s basically assassins creed mixed with Skyrim where AC Valhalla now has Ragnar skeletons and dragons roaming the world. Cmon. What’s not to love. What is your game you want an overhaul to a different genre? A shooter now a hack and slash; say what? I’m fucked up
  19. Don't know what to say. I hope she got to say goodbye to her mother in person.
  20. Excellent how you said that in one sentence. I haven't finished the series yet. I'm in season 4 and this really is my favorite tv series of all time. My mind is blown man. It's gone off the cliffs into the wind. It's all too brilliant.
  21. I wasn't really noticing of all this going on. But I can't say I'm surprised at all the clones. Whatever anyone says, you can't compete with the nerd.
  22. Truth Or Dare It's different than all the others. It's a whole new twist to all the Truth Or Dare movies that have been made over the past several years.
  23. She fought hard, but in the end we knew if was only a matter of time. My partners mother passed away last night. On behalf of the family, I want to thank you for your thoughts and condolences.
  24. Continuing on the thread of watching mostly kids movies, my wife and I went to see the new Little Mermaid remake yesterday, and I have to say i was positively surprised. After really disliking the Lion King and Mulan remakes I really wasn't expecting much, but I though it was pretty true to the original, and the casting was pretty excellent. I thought Melissa McCarthy did a great performance as Ursula.
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  26. Hoping that you're well, @Shagger.
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