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  2. Gareth Southgate has finally resigned from his role as the coach of the male national team of England. Lots of fans are really excited about that, and it makes me wonder who would take over from him now. Do you have the name of the next manager that is going to replace him?
  3. Music is part of our daily life activities. I have seen people who really enjoy music to the extent they can't go 30 minutes without music playing. When you are high, what are the particular songs you enjoy listening to?
  4. Music concerts are cool places where you get to meet your favourite artists singing and having fun. I have been to a couple of music concerts where I had cool fun. Have you been to any music concerts where the show was disrupted by fights and issues?
  5. Playing games can be a means to kill boredom, and there are no lies about that. However, when it comes to socialising and making more friends, do you see games as a means of making more friends.
  6. The ball playing goalkeepers are now a thing with most top teams now wishing to have one. It is all because Pep made his team play in that style. Truly, he has influenced a lot in the game.
  7. I believe that I should win or learn and not lose. When I lose, I relax and see what really happened. I don't believe in getting really bad or exhibiting silly characters when I lose.
  8. You are right. I don't even understand the reason they get to drag religion into politics all in a bid to win elections. The consequences most of the times is never as straightforward as they may wish it to be.
  9. This would be a dream come true for many gamers and it would also be a unique selling point for Sony because it's definitely going to attract gamers.
  10. One of the few lesser-known features that can also enhance your gaming experience on PS5 is the screen reader feature. This can actually read the menu aloud.
  11. This is what I should be seriously considering doing. Creating a corner where I get to play my games without much distractions from everyone in the house.
  12. We really need to know that the DualShock 4 can only be used to actually play PS4 games on the PS5, and not the PS5 games.
  13. I read that the game's remastered version actually promises a lot of enhanced graphics and audio as well. To add to that, it also offer dynamic lighting and controller support, which is amazing.
  14. I found out that the bug affects both PS4 and PS5 users and it's causing them to play multiple games at once and I read that it can be very dangerous for players with epilepsy.
  15. Actually, i found out that Shines Over: The Damned is a first person horror game and the game is quite short. It can be easily completed under 45 minutes.
  16. For me, I still believe that the PS1 and PS4 are simply the the most visually appealing consoles in the PlayStation family.
  17. Sony really needs to justify the cost of their games with more exclusive features or try to make some improvements that set it apart from the existing solutions.
  18. I do think honestly that insomniac could simply remaster the Resistance trilogy, and that's definitely one of the easiest ways to bring the game back online.
  19. My top picks are: Metal Gear Solid Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX Resident Evil 1-3 & Crash Bandicoot 1-3
  20. The ability to backup and preserve old saves is a milestone. The passion and creativity that's put into the gaming community is truly inspiring.
  21. The original PlayStation was totally a game changer and it paved the way for the success that sony recorded in the gaming industry today.
  22. The high price point and limited capabilities are definitely a serious drawbacks for the PS5. Also, added to that is the exclusivity of the platform, which is a big limitation.
  23. Of course, the physical copies are always a good way to ensure that you have less worries about being taken away whenever you play your games.
  24. There is need for everyone to find a balance though when it comes to playing games. Understand that there should be the need to handle other activities.
  25. What are some solid story-driven games that aren’t that well known?
  26. Are there any games you’ve tried and failed multiple times to learn and get into?
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