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  2. I picked up the first 3 Devil May Cry games today. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I just had a few questions about them. is this the type of series that you need to play them in order to really get what's all going on? Also which one does everyone say is the best of the first 4 entries? Why do you say it's the best? Is there anything specific I should know before I dive in head first? I'm sure I'll like them, as I really like DMC4. I can't say I'm particularly good at DMC4, but that doesn't stop me from liking it. If there's any other info I should have to really get me ready to take on the entire quadrilogy, let me know.
  3. Cheapest I've seen it for a while. https://www.thegamecollection.net/days-gone-ps4/
  4. Sweet! https://www.gamivo.com/product/resident-evil-revelations
  5. Includes all dlc. Bargain! https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/fallout-4-game-of-the-year-edition-pc-steam-cd-key?mw_aref=74dth566
  6. Decent offer here. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/monster-hunter-world-pc?mw_aref=74dth566
  7. Just finished The Last of Us , God that ending was so good and sad at the same time. The moral choice of this game, there was no good outcome or maybe yes but still what a cruel and sad choice.
  8. Is anyone else into this? I’ve gotten into BattleBots like crazy here over the last couple months. Also has anyone had enough interest to try to put together a team and get a bot together? I do. I even have a design for a bot that would be pretty lethal in the arena. I just don’t know anything about engineering, so I don’t have a clue how to build a bot. If anyone has enough interest let’s hear it. Maybe......... who knows?
  9. One thing that helped turn me off from online gaming happened when I played WoW. I had been logged in for the first time ever for a total of 10 seconds and a guy who was a level 57 challenged me to a duel. I declined, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He followed me everywhere and kept challenging me over and over and over. That was the end of my time with WoW. Can’t play the game without some asshole stalking you, it’s not worth playing.
  10. I played the original Mortal Kombat in SNES more than any others. And I would have to say that my favorite was always Scorpion.
  11. Playing Castlevania SOTN at the current moment.
  12. The group I work with all tests our own games ourselves. I’m a thinker on subject matter. Since I’m an amateur author, I bring a strong imagination to the table. As for programming I’m useless. No clue how to do any of that. And I’ve got too short a temper for the testing, so I stick to the idea part.
  13. Hi everyone! Please do check out VGR's exclusive interview with Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move where we discuss their work composing the Borderlands 3 soundtrack and why they think fans are going to love it! https://www.vgr.com/finishing-move-fans-love-borderlands-3-soundtrack/
  14. I don't know how much VALVE planning on investing into the DOTA franchise. But it seems like they have released the idle RPG just to test how much it may earn them on the mobile market. I have downloaded and played few levels of the DOTA Underlords. It is a good game but kind of not worth it for gaming long term gaming experience. Have you downloaded and tried DOTA Underlords?
  15. I have tried the uTest website and tried some of the games for the test. I don't think it's worth it if you don't get paid. I wish to get paid for my time be it test or survey and not all can do that.
  16. I think the game email and the game support ticket system is lot better option. I don't prefer the chat and the call system as an option for the support.
  17. I meant the physical movement where pokemon go type games made us move, if we mix that with the battle royale and place people in same place and get them to play in groups from same location, it can be fun.
  18. I think it goes without saying this happens in many games, not just the MMO. I see this happening in the battle royale too. It kind of happen every now and then and goes in multiple generation.
  19. In MM10, I loved the rayden and also the mod where they had the Predator and Alien a bit hax mode. It was nice while playing that game. Especially with that bone crushing option.
  20. I don't know how many of you have used the kaiOS mobile which has the firefox as the default system under KaiOS. It seems there are some good games that came with the basic OS in that mobile. Like snake, chess and few other games like sudoku. Anyone tried this mobile platform?
  21. Kind of like mobile phones are making such handheld not much usable anymore.
  22. I think the old CS and Maxpayne were really good compared to many other 1 dimensional game we have today. I remember I got into PC gaming during the time when the road rash was one good game.
  23. I think so far the DOOM is upper hand in that context. The game just continues to get better every day. And for that reason my vote goes for the DOOM.
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  25. Looks like most nominations are in but regardless here is a bump/reminder.
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