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  2. It all depends on the game. Most of the games I play are either an above aerial view, or a side scroller which doesn't offer much in the way of stealth options. However in the few games I can think of that I play that have the player option, I tend to go with a bit of stealth. I try to be as stealthy as I can in GoW and in Dante's Inferno. I recently started playing Darksiders for the first time, and I'm still learning the mechanics of that, but I go with stealth when I can. Unless there are humans around. Then I go nuts and slaughter them.
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    tbt to Modern Warfare!
  4. I'm actually the opposite, I've always preferred to use the careful, indirect or stealthy approach. Doing as much as possible while expending as little energy and resources as possible even if it takes longer rather than charging in like Galahad and I've never really deviated from that. Even now on my dozenth or so playthrough of Skyrim the Bow is still my primary and I can't seem to break the habit even when I try. So naturally TLOU is a game that panders exactly to my playstyle.
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  6. I’ve been having trouble using the Mako tank in Mass Effect. I’ve been getting by okay, but it has been very much flying by the seat of my pants rather than actually figuring out what I am doing. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to get away with that. My first question about this vehicle concerns pressing the “x” button (I think). This lifts the vehicle off the ground, but to what purpose? I have tried it in conjunction with going over bumps, turning, etc. All it does is make me lose further control of the vehicle? It seems like a completely useless function, but I don't know why it would be there unless it has some viable purpose. My next question involves the guns. The larger gun that you can use to send the occasional slow blast does well, but I swear the other gun doesn’t even deal any damage, even when my aim appears good. I usually end up running over targets repeatedly to kill them, and I don’t think this is by design (though it is pretty funny, I have to admit). Is there is something I am not getting about how to fire correctly while in the vehicle? Finally, does this vehicle not auto-repair slowly with time the way character health does? Or am I just not waiting long enough for it to come back? It seems like all damage is permanent if you don’t apply Medi-Gel. I try driving away and getting out of the combat zone, but if the vehicle is on fire, for example, it remains on fire. So when I run out of the repair kits, I have to just start over. Any replies appreciated. @Alyxx You were helpful with combat tips, so I thought I'd see if you have any suggestions.
  7. When I am playing a game where I only control one character, I usually distribute my points and pick my perks right away (unless saving perks for later, as in Skyrim). But when I am playing a game where I have multiple characters to level (i.e. Dragon Age or Mass Effect), I notice I will wait a long time before doing so. It simply is not efficient to level up immediately. It seems like there is someone leveling up every few minutes (okay, not that frequently, but still), and it just yanks me out of immersion to have to constantly sit in their screen to distribute their points. Plus, honestly, I am totally inefficient with leveling in general because it demands so much executive function. So, I usually wait until every member of my party is ready to level up, and then I handle them as a batch. It takes less time, and it means fewer interruptions in the story/gameplay. I’ll make an exception if there is a tough fight ahead and I need every strategic advantage I can get. Then I will level up anyone who is ready. How about you? Do you like leveling? Or do you find it tedious/annoying like I do? Do you level right away, or do you wait to level until you can batch process your party?
  8. For years, I never liked using stealth techniques in games if I could avoid them. I wasn’t very good at them, for one thing. For another, I just preferred the action of running and gunning. It felt more focus, and stealth involved a lot of waiting and anxiety. What’s weird is I’m on my second playthrough of TLOU and I find myself taking a stealthier approach voluntarily this time. TLOU always pushed me in terms of getting me used to stealth, but the first time through, I did very little sneaking and choking of opponents. This time around, I find that is my go-to approach for most rooms if I can manage it. I sneak around and choke as many opponents silently as possible, and am completing sections in some cases without using any ammo which I wouldn’t have thought I could get through that way the first time. It still takes a lot of patience, but I guess I simply am more patient nowadays. Anxiety has been replaced by a sense of satisfaction at feeling I am in control of a situation and my opponents are not. Have you had any unexpected changes regarding how you feel about a particular combat style? Have you grown to love an approach you initially disliked, or vice versa?
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  10. Unfortunately I dont have an Xbox One or a pc powerful enough to run this, Actually I dont anything about rugby xD
  11. I saw post on a different website stating that it is possible that Cyberpunk was delayed because it wasnt running well on the base Xbox One, apparently the game demands a lot of power from the consoles and the original Xbox One couldnt handle it, so thats why the game was delayed.
  12. I personally love to do the Mage or the Fighter role but often I get marksman and the tank which I kind of hate.
  13. I used to do that on couch and then back pain started with too much of same position for hours. I guess I have to do more walk in the park these days.
  14. I wish to see heroes of the storm on android. but considering the amount of complexity and options, the porting would be impossible.
  15. It was kind of predictable considering it sucks up a lot of our money. And that means we have seen things way earlier going this way.
  16. I guess they may take some time after finishing all those remakes and then come back with new storyline I assume.
  17. I hope they also change the plot this time and make something new with title like silent hill: second order and then build some sort of new universe in that timeline.
  18. Considering it is Remake and not original work, I guess the thing about delaying it is fine.
  19. Looks like a good news for those who wanted to give it a shot.
  20. I guess there are some people left in the industry who focus on plot, creativity, design and also the graphics. And kojima seems to be giving his all for that side of the industry to stay active. You can read the news. https://ign.com/death-stranding/144039/news/kojima-productions-reportedly-wants-to-develop-anime-manga-and-smaller-games
  21. I just turned 38 a little over a week ago. Yippee. ^Note the sarcasm.
  22. I have Rugby 20 for XB1 (2 codes) and Steam (1 code). Get it for 200 Points. Who is interested? @killamch89 @kingpotato @The Blackangel @DylanC @Alyxx @Shagger @UleTheVee @Executor Akamia
  23. I've changed the notification settings, so I'll see if that helps. To early to tell if that's made a difference at this point, but I'll let you know.
  24. I'm one of those people that think that's a good thing, The whole Desmond/Animus storyline was baggage that I never really felt any reason to care about and it got in the way of the actual fun parts of the games . When they ended it along with putting less focus on the Animus material the games got better immediately. In my opinion Assassins Creed is one of those few series that (aside form Unity, with all it's technical issues) has gotten better over time. With that being said when looking back at the past few years it has been a mixed bag when it comes to entrances in older franchises. The only ones that really stand out for me are those games that do significant refreshes on the original rather than doing the same thing. Things like the re-booted Tomb Raider, Capcom's recent Resident Evil games and the aforementioned God of War.
  25. Transition to 3D was huge, both Zelda OoT and GTA 3 were the best examples of gigantic evolutionary advances that worked. I gotta say though, each game in the Witcher franchise slayed the previous one in advancement. Technology and Scale pulled out of seemingly nowhere. How even?
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