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  2. The director of the first movie is ready to film the third movie. He said that it's part of a big revival. Locations are being scouted. Serbia? So I take it he meant a game. I'm not sure why he would say that if he didn't know something.
  3. There are so many. For some reason, I only stick to either classic shows/movies, or I find my own weirdo movies that only I like, mostly Sundance films. It took me YEARS to catch up with the whole Twilight Saga, I got into it after all the hype. Oh, and all big name movies like Independence Day, Twister, I never wanted to go to the show to see them. My bf at the time would always have to drag me.. if it were up to me, I would have just waited until they hit Blockbuster or regular TV.
  4. You are right about that!! They know people are kinda desperate and vulnerable right before a movie (esp if they're on a date) and they also know it's "tradition" to get popcorn and stuff at the theater.. that's when they grab the opportunity to ⤴️⤴️⤴️ the prices!
  5. I think time, practice, and experience can build a great team. And a good coach helps a lot too. Like for the Detroit Red Wings.. we're just waiting on better trades. We need a much stronger offense.
  6. I know this topic has been gathering dust for quite some time, but I'm giving it a bump because the trailer for HBO's The Last of Us series has dropped. I must say, the overall aesthetic is absolutely spot on. This really does look like the game. What little we saw of the infected in the trailer look really good as well. I'm really looking forward to this now.
  7. I would be a ghost that could secretly keep an eye on whatever anyone was doing. I'm not a nosy person by nature, but I think that would be a lot of fun. I would also move stuff around or hide items (they're actually called hider ghosts,) like when you mysteriously find your keys in a strange place.. 👻
  8. I would say probably the Weather app, our local weather with radar, hourly/daily/weekly. But a while back I was always on Pet Buddies app building outside scenes and sometimes decorating rooms. You can only do so much and then I guess that's it with that game. My final "room" was actually a huge beach scene with a well-known hotel I built piece by piece called the Don CeSar. 🌴 It took me like a whole week. Then I was finished with the whole thing and figured, can't beat that. You're done.
  9. Sounds fun. So you use your phone for work, and then take breaks to watch stuff in between and talk to your friends.. Thanks Kane99
  10. Hey guys, how many sodas (or pops) as we call it do you drink per day? I always have 1 Diet Coke, preferably from McDonald's. But I dilute it with 1/2 caffeine-free Diet Coke so I don't get too wired. Which is your fave? And how many per day? 🥤
  11. Agreed. I like: Blair Witch Project Rest Stop Halloween (s) except part 3 Open Water 🦈 😯^^ SO GOOD -- probably the scariest shark flick I've ever seen.
  12. First off, never blindly trust what a YouTuber says, you need to look at the sources and do a little research. A quick summery for everyone to describe precisely what has happened. The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has rated something named Silent Hill: The Sort Message. I cant read Korean, so can't tell what the details are apart from the date (knowing what the rating is would actually be helpful, but alas, I don't know.). The company that applied for the rating is Uniana (Links to thier English website), a company best known for the production of arcade machines often under licence from Konami to use thier franchises (such as Dance Dance Revolution). Yes, that's right, arcade machines. OK, the did also publish some games for Komani in Korea and were were also responsible for publishing eFootball, but that's hardly a reason to get exited given how much of a disaster that was. @Candy Stick, you and the Silent Hill fanbase have got to get a grip. This Silent Hill: The Sort Message could be anything. It could be an Arcade, it could be mobile game, it could be a tech demo, anything that isn't a full boar, full roar Silent Hill. I personally don't see even Konami leaving the publishing of a Main Silent Hill release in the hands of a subsidiary, although it is possible that Uniana are just handling the publishing locally in Korea. So it is still possible that this is a proper, new Silent Hill, but I doubt it. How many times are people going to have to say it. Believe nothing unless it comes from the horses mouth. Stop doing this to yourself, man. Anyway, here is the article from Gematsu that I believe was on of the first places to report the story. Another link form VG247 that goes into a little more detail.
  13. Which TV shows? I've been looking for some new (or even old) ones to start getting into.. Was reconsidering La Femme Nikita reruns.. we get them all for free now!
  14. I know, I really did think the longer I played, the better chance I'd have to level up and win some real cash. Never happened. It's such a fast game, isn't it? That timer.. 😬
  15. 😝😂 It's embarrassing, but it's called "The Lover".. VERY dirty movie but I swear that's not the reason I like it. The movie would do just fine without all the naughty scenes. I think the storyline is cool. 2 complete opposites meet on a ferry, different in every single way possible. Even in age. Great film.
  16. Gotcha. And to be honest, I don't really think I'd like peanuts in brownies either. I'm guessing it would taste like a really dry Snickers bar. ??? I think the only time I eat peanuts is when I have a Snickers or Peanut M&Ms
  17. Yep, around the year 2000 seems to be the start of PC-Party for everyone. It was so new and exciting.. yet, I'll admit it took me a year to finally learn the concept of copy/cut/paste 🙄😁 My brother taught me. Over and over again.
  18. I used to drink sparkling water all the time, always with a twist of lemon or lime. (Hey that rhymed) 😜 Perrier, which was wayyy too expensive.. and then I moved on to La Croix.
  19. I played Two Point Hospital and felt the same way. Eventually it just became too tedious to play so I stopped. And at one point I felt like what I was doing wasn't enough, yet I was doing everything right.
  20. I wonder if he told Microsoft about the mistake, and if they let him keep it or requested it be returned. But if he didn't tell them, he got a free xbox series X lol. I bet he kept it, because he marked out his order # and tracking. So if MS did see it, they couldn't find out who he was. Yeah that's probably what I would do too, keep it to have in another room. Or trade it in for a PS5 or something so I have both consoles.
  21. Not really. I mean some games have made me think of real life experiences and some have reminded me of my home and where I live. Like RDR2 for example. Riding around at times, I wonder what the life was like for people that live in my hometown. Like, is this what they saw when they would ride their horses back in the day. Idk. I can't say for certain if there was anything else, but maybe something else will come to mind.
  22. You can check out GameGenie.com. They cover just about every game console from the PS3/Xbox 360 era and back. You can get both Game Genie codes, and just plain old cheats for the games. I assume they would all be active still. But also remember that whatever weapon you get when you defeat a boss can be used to purely decimate another boss.
  23. I have been thinking about this for a while, and the curiosity finally got to me enough that I have to ask. Does anyone have any kind of coincidence that mirrors a game? For example here where I live it's heavily redneck. But that's not the thing. There's the towns of Blackwater, Valentine, and Rhodes very close to where I live. Now, I know Rockstar didn't look at where I live for inspiration for RDR2. But It's an eerie and interesting coincidence. There's St Louis, but no St Denis as far as I know. I find it really weird that one of my all time favorite games would have something so close to real life for me in it. Has anyone else experienced something like this? And I'm not wanting to know about games that are intentionally made to mirror your area. Fictional games are what I'm wanting to hear about. It can have elements of real life, but not entirely real life.
  24. Akun

    Last Game Played

    I caved in and bought Two Point Campus after feeling bored at night and needed a new game to distract me. I had a history of being engaged by management simulation games because the routine structure of a management game keeps my anxiety in check. But man, just two hours into the game, I'm reminded how tedious management games can be, maintaining these students happiness on a limited budget. I'll probably have more fun playing the sandbox mode where I don't have that kind of stress though, so I guess I'll reserve my judgment for now. But I have a feeling I'll be too busy to spend too much time managing an entire campus for long... I could see it as a nice distraction in late nights when I get bored. Thankfully, it's not too expensive, costing $51.90 Singapore dollars. After earning a bunch of cash from reselling my old SMT games (along with Digimon Survive), I didn't want to spend too much on games so quickly, so 50 bucks isn't too bad for a game as large as this.
  25. It's been a long time since I've played it, but you could try Zelda: Twilight Princess. I would recommend other Zelda titles, but you said you didn't want anything too cartooney. I would recommend RDR2, but that has pretty much all the things you said you didn't want. Sorry I'm not much help, but since no one else had pointed it out, I decided to mention Zelda.
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