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  1. Guitar Hero is still my favorite non-nintendo game of all time! What edition was your favorite? I liked Guitar Hero 1 & 2. I never played the latest versions. I always wanted to try that band one, lol. I only played the guitar. But it was so fun and I felt like it was good for my coordination, lol. Made me appreciate the music that was on there too. 

  2. I just started playing Twisty Towers for iOS! It's so fun! Reminds me of an old sega game my friend had back in the day where you had to run around a tower. 

  3. I haven't played Candy Crush since 2013. I recently found this really fun motorcycle game for iOS. It's quite addicting because you get put in certain ranks when you win more matches. 

  4. Just curious, did you ever like the classic super mario games? Like Super Mario World? I never played Dr. Mario, but I've seen it. Maybe I will check it out sometime. 

  5. Yeah they have the new nintendo consoles, etc. but my favorite one will always be Super Nintendo. Maybe it has something to do with my limited ability to play 3D video games due to motion sickness (I can play, but for a short duration). But to me, there is nothing else like it. I love Super Mario and Super Mario World. I love it all. 

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