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  1. It's a very hard choice, but I'll go with movies. If I had movies, I would've get bored in like 2 days, but with games... I get bored very hard.
  2. Find myself With games, I learned a lot of stuff. It also got me into tech & programming, and I'm so glad.
  3. I've been trying to find a Gamecube in my country, but nothing comes up!
  4. My parents and my aunt are the only people from my family that doesn't like games. They say it's just a waste of time, but they let me play.
  5. #mousekeyboard4life Everytime I tried a gamepad, it just made me uncomfortable.
  6. I'm also with Getting Over It. My friends were playing it at our class PC, and somehow... they managed to break the keyboard.
  7. I don't like the AIs that talk to you, and then they glitch out of the game. Like... are they teleporting or something? Or the ones who spawn in different places for no reason.
  8. I'm doing fine. I'm spending the last days from my holiday, then return to school. School's fine, my grades are good!
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