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  1. Hoping that you're well, @Shagger.
  2. Based on DC's question, favorite Daft Punk song? 🙂
  3. On the present, I'll stick with YouTube. Twitch has started to become a community full of people who are only streaming for money and not bringing fun. I mean, I'm not saying that it's not quite the same on YT, but it's a little more family-friendly.
  4. Ah, the fresh sun is here, school is over and you are at home living your life. What are your plans? Spit it out, guys!
  5. I don't play a lot of games on my phone. It's a Galaxy A51. But, whenever I'm bored, I enjoy playing Rocket League: Sideswipe. Even tho the battery on this phone is pure trash.
  6. Who says I can't do them both? xD I can just buy some food from the grocery store and get into the cinema. Multitasking 😄
  7. Whenever I don't want to go outside and just relax on my PC, I spent about 8 hours on videogames.
  8. I had my first computer at 5 years old. As I remember, I was playing NFS Underground & some sort of Sonic game.
  9. Oopsie, I'm sooo late, but happy new year, guys!
  10. I'll go with the GTA Definitive Edition games. I mean, they have a lot of bugs, but I quite like the remaster process.
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