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  1. Welcome, @Oblivion Knight!!
  2. America... Don't worry, there are better days.
  3. When I was child, my parents knew what gift would I want, but now they directly give me the money.
  4. *mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida vibes*
  5. Hey, Boblee! Welcome to our place! 😄
  6. Tried Life is Strange 2, and I quite liked it! Gonna keep your idea in my mind!
  7. As long as it's for the bills, I have nothing to complain! My ad blocker was always disabled for the forum!
  8. What brings you here on the forum?
  9. In case you're asking, it's the Logitech G102 Lightsync - Blue Version
  10. Got this thang 3 months ago, and I'm totally satisfied with it. It's also a money saver.
  11. If you want a regular email service, I'll stick with Gmail. It's simple, looks fresh and you can select to not have ads in your inbox. If you want a private email service, then I'll stick with ProtonMail or Mail2World.
  12. After some thinking, I decided to buy Dead by Daylight and I'm very thankful with it. I haven't found a racing game that surprised me, so I switched to the other genres.
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