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  1. Well sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't just depending on who you're reading it from. But we all can agree that we can dominate 1v1 against some game journalists so it begs the question of why are game journalists bad at games? Let's take a look at some key features of this website that goes over it. Most of the time game journalists don't start off as game journalists they just want to be journalists for a tech company, newspaper, or any other type of news area but get an opportunity as a game journalist for a ton of money. We all love money and so they jump to become a game journalist because money is quite common nowadays so this is one of the main reasons why game journalists suck at games. They are also not interested in video games, so that also plays a big factor. If you want to read more then make sure to check out this article that goes more into depth. Moderator Edit: Link Removed
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