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  1. I like some of the Call of Duty games but idk. They're all great but I'm looking for Co-op mode, online, and zombies because I like zombie mode's graphics and I love zombie. But I'd have to say either Black Ops 3 or 2
  2. I like playing survival because it's a challenge to stay safe and creative is alright but it sucks bc you can't dig 3 blocks and that's as far it will go down. But I mean 40 or 50 blocks down and you'll hit lava. But I like survival because it's more challenging.
  3. Long time ago back in 2000s it was awesome, it was almost the best game I ever played. I still have it to a PS3. But ever since that GTA came out, all the other GTAs made me loose interest bc of how the story was. But liberty city stories and GTA 5 was pretty good but I'd pick San Andreas outta any one
  4. I mean I love 2k games but I never had a PS4 to play it on but my friend had one and I love WWE 2k17 he had some more PS4 games but I love the WWE platform. And I love that game
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