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  1. For indies I don't mind purchasing the digital copies as I usually tend to wait for the PSN Flash sales.

    For AAA titles I do prefer the physical copies as they generally have massive installs meaning they would take forever to download given where I live.

  2. Even to this day GTA:SA is my favourite in the series. The missions were a lot of fun, the addition of lowriders and vehicle customization saw me purchasing every possible garage in the game, and then filling them to the brim with as many as I could fit into them....before some often disappeared xD. And not to mention the soundtrack. This game seriously had the BEST soundtrack in any game ever made imo.

  3. I loved both RR and H&R, and likely wouldn't be able to pick one or the other if someone were to ask which I preferred as a kid. I must have gone through each of them at least 5 or 6 times, plus a multitude of partial playthroughs.

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