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  1. Looks like most nominations are in but regardless here is a bump/reminder.
  2. DC

    Last Game Played

    Playing Rage 2 on XB1
  3. M&Ms, Snickers, Kit Kat, Cookie Dough Bites, and Twizzlers
  4. Get your nominations in guys! @kingpotato, @killamch89, @DylanC, @The Blackangel, and @StaceyPowers
  5. DC

    Ask DC

    I am terrified of drogs and hyenas.
  6. This is the official Member of the Month - August 2019 Nominations Thread. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles. Last month's winner is @Aerielle del Rosario thus is not eligible for nominations for August MOTM. Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community. Nominations end August 31st at 10pm EST.
  7. DC

    Last Game Played

    Madden 20 on XB1
  8. DC

    Ask DC

    I'd say frogs are gross and hyenas are creepy/ugly lol.
  9. @StaceyPowers, @UleTheVee, @The Blackangel, @kingpotato, @killamch89, @DylanC
  10. DC

    Community Chat #1

    What's everyone doing today?
  11. DC

    Last Game Played

    NBA 2k19 on XB1
  12. Read about it here: https://www.vgr.com/save-up-to-75-during-playstation-store-celebrate-summer-flash-sale/
  13. @StaceyPowers What was the last situation where some weird stuff went down and everyone acted like it was normal, and you weren’t sure if you were crazy or everyone around you was crazy?
  14. @The Blackangel What did you like / dislike about where you grew up?
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