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  1. DC

    Ask DC

    Red Robin, Five Guys, In N Out.
  2. DC

    Ask Stacey

    @StaceyPowers What’s the most amazing true story you’ve heard?
  3. DC

    Ask Dylan

    @DylanC Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony?
  4. DC

    Ask Dylan

    @DylanC What’s your secret talent?
  5. DC

    Ask Alyxx

    @Alyxx What’s the dumbest thing someone has argued with you about?
  6. DC

    Ask Stacey

    @StaceyPowers What did you Google last?
  7. DC

    Hi All

    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  8. Wow, a ton of new games were announced. The Game Awards was arguably more exciting than E3 this year. I am super excited for Rage 2 and mortal Komat 11!
  9. DC

    Community Chat #1

    How's everyone doing?
  10. DC

    Ask Alyxx

    @Alyxx Do you think that children born today will have better or worse lives than their parents?
  11. DC

    Ask Dylan

    @DylanC What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?
  12. DC

    Ask Stacey

    @StaceyPowers What’s something people don’t worry about but really should?
  13. DC


    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  14. DC

    Ask Alyxx

    How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?
  15. DC

    Ask Dylan

    What tips or tricks have you picked up from your job / jobs?