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  1. Gotta be quicker @DylanC! Don't worry, just opened another auction!
  2. This auction ends when the forum hits 20k posts - get your bids in!
  3. @killamch89 wins! Reaching out to you this evening.
  4. Get your last minute bids in @DylanC, @killamch89, and @xXInfectedXx!
  5. Get your final bids in. Auction ends in 200 posts. @DylanC @killamch89 @xXInfectedXx @UleTheVee
  6. Auctions ends VERY soon. Just 300 more posts. Get your bids in. @DylanC @UleTheVee @xXInfectedXx @killamch89
  7. The current bid is 1750. The auction closes one the forum reaches 15,000 posts. @DylanC @Jerlene @xXInfectedXx @UleTheVee @killamch89 @Keranov
  8. DC

    Community Chat #1

    How's everyone doing?
  9. DC


    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  10. Get your bids in! We're just 700 posts away from 15,000, which is when the auction ends. @DylanC @Jerlene @xXInfectedXx @UleTheVee @killamch89 @Keranov
  11. DC

    Point System

    I'm not aware of any issues pertaining to the inflation of VGR Points. I keep a pretty close eye on low quality posts and spam. Happy to hear what others have to say.
  12. DC

    Community Chat #1

    How's everyone doing? What's going on VGR!?
  13. DC


    Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  14. I haven't gotten around to playing yet. For those of you who have played, what are your first impressions?
  15. Congrats @Cleopatra92 on winning VGR's January 2019 Member of the Month! I've awarded 500 Points to your account!