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  1. DC

    Ask Alyxx

    @Alyxx Who is your favorite villain from a video game and why?
  2. @The Blackangel Are there any games you're really bad at?
  3. @Executor Akamia What's your favorite game series of all time?
  4. @Juneberry What's more important: action or story?
  5. @StaceyPowers Is there a game that is considered to be really bad but is your secret guilty pleasure?
  6. @Dead2009 Would you rather have loads of time to play games but only be able to buy two games a year, or be able to buy loads of games but never have much time to play them?
  7. @kingpotato Would you give up video games for life and receive $500,000 in cash, or would you refuse the money?
  8. DC

    Community Chat #1

    What's everyone have planned this weekend/>
  9. Voting closes April 5th at 10pm EST.
  10. I have 1 code for 200 Points. Who wants? @DylanC @Dead2009 @Executor Akamia @UleTheVee @killamch89 @Shagger @Crazycrab
  11. I have 1 code 50 Points. Who wants? @The Blackangel @DylanC @Executor Akamia @Dead2009 @UleTheVee @killamch89 @Shagger @Crazycrab
  12. 1 code for 100 points? Who wants? @Alyxx @The Blackangel @Executor Akamia @UleTheVee @Dead2009 @Shagger @killamch89 @kingpotato
  13. 1 code for 100 Points. Who wants? @kingpotato @killamch89 @Shagger @Dead2009 @Crazycrab @UleTheVee @Executor Akamia @DylanC
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