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  1. @NightmareFarm Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  2. @Shagger What's one of your favorite bands?
  3. DC

    Ask Kyng

    @Kyng Favorite Star Wars movie?
  4. DC


    When you were a kid (or maybe even now), which did/do you prefer to color with? Crayons? Markers? Colored Pencils?
  5. If you were mayor for the day, what three things would you change about your city?
  6. Wow, not one single nomination. We'll try again for December's MOTM.
  7. I've closed this thread as we are not interested in any third party apps or groups that take away traffic and activity from the VGR forum.
  8. Just found this dope song by Luca Koala called Sleep Tight. I can’t get enough of the upbeat, effervescent sound, and the beautiful video, and I’m surprised I’ve never heard of the artist. Anyone else here know Luca Koala?
  9. DC

    Bad advice

    Obtaining relationship advice from someone outside of said relationship.
  10. Same. Common, yet overlooked allergy.
  11. DC

    Community Chat #1

    Happy Saturday. What's everyone up to?
  12. I can't wait for this movie. However, the bar is set very high given how much time and money it took to produce. I am so excited, hope it doesn't disappoint.
  13. Is Christmas a religious day for you? If so, what kind of religious activity do you take part in on Christmas?
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