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  1. What’s the key to gaming affordably? Taking advantage of deals when they show up. Whether you are hunting for discounts or you want to share a sweet deal you just discovered, this is the place to do it. But we have a few rules and guidelines for you to follow. What to Post This section is for game and gaming-related deals only. That means you can share discounts on video games, subscriptions, and anything else game-related (i.e. PS Plus or Xbox Games with Gold, Epic’s free games, and so forth). Please include only the sale price in your post, not the standard list price. We
  2. It's literally impossible to find a next gen console, whether it be PS5 or Xbox Series X. The quest is beyond nightmarish. With that being said, I do think we'll see much more availability in early 2021. I think it's a personal decision and comes down to the cost of a PS4 replacement.
  3. Goliath, Queens Gambit, and The Crown are all good.
  4. Goliath (Netflix series) - 10/10
  5. DC

    Milestone Thread

    VGR Forum just surpassed 49,000 forum posts!
  6. DC

    Community Chat #1

    How was everyone's Thanksgiving?
  7. tbh this is a crazy cheap deal and worth serious consideration. 👍
  8. It isn’t unheard of for DDoS attacks to be used against online opponents, especially when it comes to competitive gaming. You also might be a victim of throttling as ISPs intentionally slow down your traffic when you game too much. A VPN not only masks your real IP address but also encrypts your traffic using the highest level of encryption, allowing you to play games without DDoS attacks and throttled speeds. Those searching for a reliable gaming VPN can save big on PureVPN with their Black Friday deal. The 5-year plan is available at a massive 88% OFF, costing you just $1.32 per mo
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