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  1. I posted 2 years ago about this too, but seemed to have missed the bigger public for a read. You can find that here. Now 2 years later, we're still going at it for Allods Online, that's how dedicated a players we are! 😄 I am trying to spread awareness that the P2W server is not the only way to play Allods Online. It's got a subscription server with the lowest of sub. fees I know around the mmo genre. Reference: 100 crystals = 1 euro. The population is the only problem we know of today, and that's what we're trying to solve here. The game itself is amazing and gets often updates, has a low sub. fee, but what it lacks is the secret recipe called Players. I made a video explaining quite briefly, but clear, on what we're intending to do, and why Allods is failing in the population aspect. To help out, we're giving away a free month of subscription to complete new players because we believe the 1 week free trial the game gives is not enough for you to make an opinion on the game. The first 100 players that sign up via the link in my video, will become eligible for the free month of sub. This giveaway ends on the 16th of May 2021. Eligible in the sense of, it goes though when we have a minimum of 75 players that signed up via that link. I am genuinly helping the game I love. I do not ask in my video for likes, or subscribers. I am asking for your time to watch the video, and consider joining us for a month (or more) of gameplay, which could be free via the giveaway we're currently hosting. For those that remember Allods, it's not the same game that you used to hate because of P2W elements. Those are simply not present on the subscription server. I want to thank you for your time reading. I hope you'll watch the video, and maybe I helped you find your game back ^^
  2. Cap level increase by 5 levels 3 new big world bosses added A ton of new pets to catch around Sarnaut Mausoleum of Sparks is back! Gear reset to lowest quality but level risen - fair start for everyone! no p2w on the subscription server Smuggler's Paradise (Yes, it is an official server) A ton of returning players! Come check it out. Dragagon#1985 for any questions or comment on this post. Will check daily!
  3. Hello everyone! I wanted to inform everyone about this awesome beautiful game that many will remember as the p2w WOW clone. First I want to make sure that everyone knows that I am against p2w as well, and luckily for us Allods Online has a subscription server where there is no p2w at all. It gets as cheap as 5 euros/month and then even less when buying more. It gets completely free once you start just participating in forum events of allods. Server's name is Smuggler's Paradise. That aside I wanted to tell you all about 10.0. It's a new patch that raises the cap level by 5 levels, up to 85 now! Gear will be reset but starts on the higher level now. Levelling goes very fast as there is a permanent 40% boost, and in weekends a random buff appears that can increase exp gain by another 100%! Old content will be brought back such as Mauseleum of Sparks! If you do not remember the game, then it's time to get to know it and try it out with us! New accounts get a free week trial so you don't have to pay at all to try it out. WHEN? The date of the patch is still unknown but mods are teasing everyday it is soon! Edge of Horizon is an action style mmorpg that continues the lore of the Allods we know it by. It has the same art style as Allods Online, only it looks to me like a rift game environment where random events spawn throughout the world and teams form randomly to bring down huge bosses and packs of monsters as you move throughout. It's completely independant from Allods Online and playing there won't influence Allods Online. I hope I got the fire in you awakened to come and try it out, I hope to see you ingame :) Ask me for links to discord servers and the game's hottest new pages about the new content because I am not sure I can post links due to promotional rules.
  4. It's only the server name 😛 Hope to see you soon, give me a whisper ingame or on discord!
  5. --INTRODUCTION-- Hello everyone! I came here to promote about a game which many will recognize and remember, if not, then that's maybe for the better. --ABOUT THE GAME-- Allods Online is an awesome mmorpg set in a sci-fi fantasy world. It's full packed with events, content, raids, dungeons, lore, pvp, pve, space pvp(astral) and more that I can't think of right now. In the recent years, Allods made a bad name due to it's p2w aspects. What many players/ex-players don't seem to know, or be aware of, is that there is a p2p server! A subscription as low as 5 euros per month, even less if you buy multiple months and it's totally anti p2w! Everyone is at the same level of competitivity. The only way to be stronger than others is to have it the natural way, play the damn game! Now I came here to preach because there is only one problem. The p2p server came a bit late to the party when the f2p (p2w) was already fully running and eating up players in the competitiveness. Many, including me, spent over 2 thousands of euros. No wonder people don't want to come to another server, or another game, right? Well no, not if you give it some thought. I have made the jump to the p2p and I regret not a single second on it. The money I put on f2p is gone but knowing I can continue the love for this game for but a nickle, simply no words! Now the problem we have is (not having) population. Every mmo's fear, yeah? Well I don't want it to go down, so I came here completely volunteerly trying to make people and gamers aware of this awesome game, that it is still alive, and that you don't have to deal with all the wallet b**s**, because the subscription server truly is how the game is supposed to be. --WHO ARE WE?-- We are Avarice, a high level guild that's seen many players come and go. We know all about the game, want to help new and returning players into the game, because lots has changed in the meantime. We're in it for the long run, I hope many here will join us and who knows, we'd get some friends extra :) --HOW IS THE SERVER?-- Currently the 2 sides are active, both Empire and League have active players, dedicated players, casual players, both active guilds. Plenty of players to do content with, skirmishes pop very often, many new players every week because more of us are promoting like I am doing here. Incase you see the names around, leaders of the current guilds are: Marmotteuh & Migizeusy: <Unexpected> Grog & Irados: <Arcana Solaris> --FINAL NOTE-- I highly encourage everyone to come and try, you get a 7d free trial if the account has never accesed p2p server ever before, so nothing to lose. An awesome mmorpg game, with a history, with a future, with dedicated players, are hoping for more players to come and join the fun! If you have any questions, about anything, please comment or hop into the discords, I will be checking everyday! See you guys ingame? perhaps ♥ --HELPFUL INKS-- The game's website: https://allods.my.com/en The official game's discord: https://discord.gg/jfskUPA Our playermade p2p server discord: https://discord.gg/gq3xsJk What we've done so far, and hope to do with many of you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrowyWpiqy_t3F9JiXeGQXA?view_as=subscriber Also often streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/xdragagonx --FOR MODERATORS OF FORUMS-- This is purely volunteerly, we have no commercial or financial purposes. The only gain we hope to get is more players to play with us.
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