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  1. How do I set Rage 2 in God mode?
  2. Thank You, I ordered a Logitech mouse from amazon so tomorrow if it doesn't work I'll use my controller which I've never used and if that doesn't work I"m going to build another computer which I have line out for $1700 for all the parts which will play my games nicely. Thank you again for your reply
  3. I held down my left mouse button for a minute but nothing happened. I have a Microsoft mouse which I've used for years. Could it be my mouse which I've had for years or is there some key strokes I can use?
  4. I'm new at this site. I couldn't find any response to my posts. I couldn't find my posts. I thought the Admin was deleting my posts and I couldn't figure out why. I was looking for "Rage 2" but couldn't find it. I'm not a spammer just confused. I know that LMB stands for Left mouse button. But my question is I can't figure out what "(hold) + LMB" means? Also I'm 73 years old and I get confused easy, sorry. "
  5. I got stuck in a game called Rage 2. I got to the 2nd tutorial and they said "(hold) + LMB" I know what LMB stands for but I am stuck on the 2nd tutorial?
  6. lostsoul70

    Rage 2

    What is LMB? I got into a tutorial and they said LMB and now I can't get out, I'm stuck.
  7. lostsoul70

    Rage 2

    What video card should I get for Rage 2 and Doom?
  8. I'm just wondering if I can play quake 4 on Windows 10? I have play it on this computer with Windows 7. However when I try to install I get "Error Number: 0X80040702 Description: Failed to load DDL: CD Setup with now terminate" I looked the error message up and I feel like I need to overhaul my computer. Can I get some help with this?
  9. I tried to put Doom 3 and Quake 4 on my i5 4690 and these are my error messages which I looked up but don’t understand them. Quake 4 – Error Number: 0X80040702 – Description fail to load: CD key – Setup will terminate? Doom 3 – Error: 1602 – This installation package could not be opened
  10. lostsoul70


    I just started Rage2 and I got into the Dash arena and I can’t get out. I tried all the keys and just can’t get out. What keys do I hit to get out of the arena?
  11. I'm trying to load a game and it say "Bethesda.net is not responding due to a long-running script and that page is frozen so what can I do to fix this?
  12. lostsoul70

    Rage 2

    How can I load Rage 2? I sign in and created an account and my email is verified. I'm lost.
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