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  1. @The Blackangel, @skyfire, @killamch89 We released second teaser trailer. You can check it here YouTube Teaser Trailer 2. Also, we added some images in our Steam Store page. Hope you will like it. Cheers.
  2. @The Blackangel Our graphics are between AA and AAA. We want to have good graphics, good story and a good gameplay. Depending how we are moving in good direction with these three things, we will define the price.
  3. @skyfire We plan to show small part of the gameplay, but before release. Till then, we plan to launch couple of other trailers and of course the official trailer. Next week we plan to launch the second trailer which is from the house inside from the basement.
  4. @The Blackangel, @killamch89, @skyfire: I want to announce you that we launch the first online riddle to show you a little piece of what awaits you in the game. If you love riddles, you can try it. You can access it from the website Home page if the riddle is not solved yet ... or from the Characters page any time (doesn't matter if it's solved or not). If you like it, feel free to share this information with anyone you want. Thank you and have fun!!!
  5. @skyfire Thank you for your review and support. Audiences' feedback is very important to us. We already have a huge number of game portals as supporters. In the next couple of weeks, we will launch the second trailer. That will be from the house inside. The first chapter will be happening in the house. In the next chapters, you will back here and will go through this terrain. Please stay tuned. Interesting things are coming soon, like our first riddle on our game website that can play everyone in the world and try to solve it. That will be an introduction to what awaits you in the game.
  6. Thank you and stay tuned ... You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ... and all other social media if you want. You have the links in the original post above. Thank you.
  7. Hey "killamch89", thank you for asking that. The game is a third person game with mix of narrative (the main character narrate the story while you are playing), a lot of riddles, puzzles that force you to think out of the box to be able to solve them. On that way you are discovering the story. And this is only the first chapter of the game. There are 7. The second will come somewhere at the end of 2020. Next couple of weeks we will create riddle on our game website that everyone can play in live in real world. That will be some kind of introduction that will show you what await you in the game. So, stay tuned.
  8. Hey "The Blackangel". Thank you for visiting this topic. We still haven't got defined the final price, but will be reasonable. Something in the range of $5 and $15. Please let us know your opinion. Audience is very important to us.
  9. COMING SOON Mystery game that will raise your creativity, your mind, thinking out of the box We finally can say that Chapter 1 of our first game "The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher" is coming soon. We worked hard to come to the position to define the period. Our expectations for release are the first quarter of 2020. We will work hard in the next couple of months to be able to define the exact release date. We are starting to build our community and we will provide to our community the game with quality that will make you satisfied. If you want to be updated for the progress and all information related to our game "The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher", please add this game in your wishlist and follow us on: Steam store Company Game Website Social media Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin YouTube Our hard work at the beginning gave us our first result, our first trailer. We hope that you will enjoy watching it. Let's stay connected.
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