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  1. Environment Perception Studies have been sighted discussing how video games improve the brain’s perception of visual data. It works this way, as most of the video games are based on the interaction with the environment payers over time develop a habit of processing information coming from multiple sources. This through the help of different colors and graphical representation enables the user to associate colors with information or action improving the ability of the payer to make associations hence the ability to discern minute details. If we take the example of games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, those who are familiar with the environment will say that it has a lot to offer content wise, so the faster the ability of a player to process different pieces of information the better understanding of the environment hence better playing results. This makes games an immersive and intuitive place which enables the player to make faster decisions in simulated complex situations. Logic Development Games Development Companies induce creativity through problem solving and logic. Playing angry birds is about more than just tossing a bunch of feathery friends at frightened pigs. There is actually a method to the madness, when the player tackles a level in Angry Birds they actually have to think about the best way to topple the complex structures. As a result players play with their thinking cap on and it is not just about this game but every game provides some level of mental stimulation that has the ability to provide a sense of motivation. Video games provoke the brain’s problem solving logic to come up with creative solutions. It’s as old as the event when Alexander the Great figured out that cannot untie the Gordian knot but simply cut it with a knife. Sensory Coordination Who says video games don’t offer a chance to improve a minds transferable skills that are essential to help a person in their daily lives. There are several research out there that indicate that playing video games on a regular basis young people improve their hand-eye coordination. There even studies about surgeons that grew up playing video games had better experiences conducting procedures like laparoscopy and also operating robotic devices that aid in complex medical procedures. Performing surgery is a very sensitive and visual process. And keeping in mind the bad rep gaming gets who would want a gamer as a surgeon. But study has shown that the contrary is true. Increases The Brain’s Gray Matter Gaming actually helps people have greater control, over small movements in their bodies and in their motor skills. This indicates that gaming leads to a potential increment in the amount of gray matter inside parts of the human brain. Studies have shown that games have more gray matter in mainly in two areas of the brain that correlate with learning motor skills. This way gamming can lead towards quicker reaction times as compared to non-gamers. Not only this the increment of gray matter help information to travel faster inside the brain that can result in quick decision making and better adaptability towards the environment. Minimal Outside Distractions Gamers when immersed in a task seem to visualize the task completely with the help of visuals and emotions. This indicates that a gamer’s full attention is towards the attainment of a certain goal, gaming provides the best training a brain can go through in order to practice focus and prioritize attention.
  2. According to the buzz video games make up one the most popular forms of entertainment in the world today. These story telling experiences include all ages, demographics in multiple genres and serve many different platforms around the world. Now with the inclusion of augmented reality, simulated experiences have also shown the potential to be beneficial not only in the medical field but several other industries. But with so many people out there living the best gaming experiences of their life, we come across this question. How does playing games affect the mind and where do we stand with our understanding of the gaming movement? The current video game market revenue only in the US is estimated to be over $18.4 Billion; furthermore the revenue generated in North America through mobile games is projected to be around $10 Billion at the start of 2020. We have seen people talk about video games on talk shows, radio, different social media platforms and have opinions that present a bleak picture about gaming but also a very hopeful one too. So, here are some different ways in which gaming increases the productivity of the mind. Maintains Brain Equilibrium Gamming improves the brain’s balance issues, believe or not the human ability to walk upright is an essential function maintained by the brain. So equilibrium is an ability that is greatly affected as the human gets older. Playing video games can actually improve the balance and training your minds balancing ability is the best when exercised since a very early age. There have been studies conducted recently by the application of Virtual Reality and it was observed that the elderly has better results when placing their full weight on their back. Focus Ability If we talk about the condition dyslexia, it is a neurological condition that originates in the brain so as a result it gets harder for people to read, write and spell. Video games work as potential relief for children who suffer from focus issues or similar disorders that affect the minds ability to focus. As playing games is mostly goal and achievement driven so it can enable the child to increase attention span at a faster pace. An increase in the brains cognitive flexibility lets the human priorities the proper attention to the task in hand. This proves to be beneficial as a trained mind has the ability to shift focus from one concept to another and gaming is all about that. As an example, playing real-time strategy games developed by different game development companies, it enables the player to adapt to the changes in the environment and progress to attain the best outcome possible.
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