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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Greetings from RedRain Studio. We are an indie game developer specializing in mobile platforms based on Jakarta, Indonesia. We proudly present our brand new simulation game called Dishtionary Survifood. The game itself offers players to take on the role of William who was stranded on Ananas Island. William who wants to take the bed of Timor must work under Timor’s order to build a comfortable home for two of them. In this case there are several unique game mechanisms that can be playable in this game, including mining, carpentry, farming, fishing and breeding. With these mechanisms, players can produce unique items and materials that can be sold or used as materials for upgrading tools. Trailer Final Compressed.m4v Another in game screenshot in Dishtionary Survifood Dishtionary SurviFood has reached 5k+ downloads on Google Play and still counting! IT IS FREE TO PLAY, DOWNLOAD NOW! Download here Get connected with us! Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok Discord
  2. Genre(s) Action role-playing,and Casual MMORPG Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer, PVP Backstory One day you are trapped in a place where there are many gates, you are not trapped alone, you are trapped with a girl named Alice. to find your way home you must explore each of these gates. and at that time the journey to find a way home began. Gate of Mobius (GOM) is an ARPG combins of action, strategy and magic. GOM world is a cominbation of different well know fairy tales. Join the world with your friends and enjoy the stories of different characters! Card Drawing and Character skills Cast your spell! While each character has its own unique card and values, draw your cards to implement particular magic or skill. Before entering into a game, you can allocate upto three cards into the card deck. Story Mode and PvP Mode Form a fantasic team up to three to challenge different story levels and to versus other teams in the world. You can get more powerful equipment and strengthening materials by completing story missions to enhance character values and skills. Tailor made your character in GOM! You can customize your own character by combination of clothes and gears.
  3. TED squirrels Adventure Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRjq-SGh6Do Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Rgames.TEDadventure an Adventure game of Ted, TED searching for magic crystals.., the source life of squirrels kingdom • Consists of 31 levels • Fight giant boss • Cool cinematic and action • Many variations of enemies • Items or Secret to find and collect • Unlock All Achievements Full Game No micro transactions Classic Low poly style, Bringing you nostalgic look to Golden age era of world console games 3D Graphic, to mobile
  4. AppGrowing is a Global Mobile Ad Intelligence and Analysis Platform that Fuel Your Mobile Ad Performance. 👀Little preview on our upcoming Facebook webinar on ⏰Friday⏰: ⭐1. Global mobile games market overview Global media buying increase by 64% in 2021. Casual games were the largest advertiser, with an increase of more than 200%. ⭐2. Top mobile games market Market Insights on Japan, South Korea, United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil. ⭐3. Top advertisers Coloring game "Tap Color" ranked No.1 in media buy ranking, followed by shooting and SLG games, including "Free Fire", "PUBG Mobile", "Mafia City". ⭐4. Advertising analysis of top advertisers In 2021, Top advertisers and earners belongs to Free Fire and PUBG MOBILE. 😊Please follow our Facebook and sign up for FREE: AppGrowing
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