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Found 5 results

  1. GamLover

    Does PS5

    Does PS5 use an external ‘power brick’?
  2. What are some good rpg games for ps4?
  3. I've said it on the forum that I was gonna wait to buy a PS5, but now my PS4 is seriously starting to limp. The jet noise has been getting progressively worse, the power on/off senor isn't working and now the disk drive has packed in. I don't know if I can cope with this this thing for much longer, so what do you think. Should I try and PS5 it before the end of the year (I know it's a nightmare atm finding one) , find a replacement PS4 to do for a bit longer or try and stick it out and live with this one on life support? The thing I definitely won't do is buy from a scalper, absolutely not.
  4. Anybody interested in this game? I watched the trailer and it looks really neat. It's a survival-horror game where you live in a town that is trying to escape the past by taking, "Joy," a drug that leaves them in a blissful state, oblivious to the horror around them. Unsure if I'll get it at launch because I'd like to see if it gets ported to Switch. If I do get it at launch or it doesn't get ported then I will probably play on PS4.
  5. My wife isn’t a gamer. The only games we played together over the past 7 years of our relationship were LittleBigPlanet, Overcooked and Mario Party. Those games only captured her attention for maybe 30 minutes before she got bored and started scrolling on her phone. Finding PS4 games we could both enjoy proved to be a challenge. She prefers to watch Law & Order: SVU or some serial killer documentary on Netflix. I like horror and fantasy. So when I discovered a review of Until Dawn on Youtube, it felt like the perfect game for us. In this interactive horror game, you try to keep eight teens alive as a maniac stalks them outside a mountain lodge the following winter after two of their friends disappeared in a blizzard. Until Dawn was right up her alley – there’s crime, mystery, a killer on the loose and a satisfactory twist at the end. Better yet, our decisions determined whether certain characters would live or die at multiple points in the story. Full review: http://gyglounge.com/until-dawn-murdering-teenagers-made-wife-gamer/
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