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  1. Given that they are rolling out XB Game Pass for Mobile Phones and Tablets, I really doubt there will ever be a dedicated XBox Handheld.
  2. I know you said money is no issue, but I would still avoid any laptop that claims to be capable of 4K gaming. On a screen the size of a laptop's, 4K resolution is pointless and will only serve to make the laptop more expensive, torture its battery and be louder and heavier than it needs to be.I've told @skyfirethe same thing, I would recommend the laptop I bought near the end of last year, the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DV, at least as a minimum, a place to start. I would say you will have to by another storage drive though, so consider that when it comes to pricing.
  3. This sounds lie something more easily done through being cleaver with software rather than hardware, but I would admire one for trying this full on old school. If you go tough with it, I wish you the very best of luck.
  4. Nonsense! I have a Facebook and Twitter I use often enough and it hasn't affected my mental health at all.
  5. Spoiler tags have been discussed before, and I agree, they should be added. I haven't got round to creating the spoiler thread yet, but I should get back on that.
  6. OK, seriously, this is a video game forum, you can't just start topics about pinball, at least not on the video games section. I have a lot to say about my new lawnmower, but I don't say it because this is not the lawnmower forum. Please take a minute to think about what you want to say. Stop spamming the board with irrelevant stuff. Check for topics before posting new ones
  7. Correction Apparently there will be a multiplayer mode added at some point. I'll add to the review when it comes out, but because this was a review of the game in its launch state, I will not change the score.
  8. Just because the dev's are up front about, doesn't mean this wasn't created with the same lack of imagination. There's a million games like this. Like @skyfire said, even DOOM itself evolved to improve, so I just don't understand why dev's still think that doing this formula again and again is gonna help them stand out. Even the title, Hellbound, sounds like the first thing they wrote down. Sorry to shit on this so much, but I am getting a little sick of these FPS's that feel they have to be DOOM to feel old skool. Keep the basic environmental interactions and more floaty, fast-paced gameplay, but do something different with theme and design.
  9. Crafted with all the imagination of DOOM cloners cloning DOOM, because this is clearly a DOOM clone.
  10. I used to do the same thing with some of my old PC CD-ROM games as a kid. Dungeon Keeper, Screamer (A shitty old racing game, but it had a cool soundtrack) and, best of all, Carmageddon. Of course, I didn't realize until years later that Carmageddon's soundtrack was actually an instrumental version of Fear Factory's Demanufacture album. So I could have, you know, listened to the album.
  11. "I wanna build a snowman, to kick its balls made of coal."
  12. In answer, not any more easily than I could do regular sports professionally. I have talents for pushing self-propelled lawnmowers and sarcasm, and that's about it
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