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  1. Venom (2018) on Netflix. Couldn't be bothered playing a game so gave this a go, and I want that time back. Good Things; Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock was solid. Showed great imagination and looked invested in the role. Vemon's design was creative, looked animated and fluent, but still reflected the comic well. Eddie Brock and Venom's inner dialogue was funny at times and made me giggle. The rest. The plot had various gears in its pacing and the characters were very forgettable. The story wasn't interesting and was just a copy/paste of so many superh
  2. There's good reason to believe my fears are coming true. According to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, Microsoft do not need to bring future Bethesda titles to other platforms to make this $7.5Billion deal work for them. PC Gamer Article. This likely means The Elder Scrolls VI and other future Bethesda titles will be Xbox Brand Exclusives. When Sony turned Spiderman into a PlayStation exclusive, I said at the time that whilst I understood how upset people were, I didn't mind it, because it was within Sony's rights as the owner of the IP, and that to make it exclusive made business sense. Mor
  3. Another great topic, but also really belongs in Forum Games and Fun. Moved to the appropriate section.
  4. Just for context, this is how my laptop looks after almost a year with mix of older games, smaller indie style games with a few bigger, newer games in there as well along with other files; Yeah, given the likely installation sizes of next gen games, I'd be upgrading storage sooner rather than later.
  5. Great thread, but I am going to move it to Forum Games and Fun.
  6. There was a time when video games were toys. From video games very earliest inceptions in very late 60's-early 70's all the way up to early-mid 90's calling them video games toys would have accurate. Even companies like Nintendo and SEGA existed for decades as toy makers before they ever made a video game or a console. However, I believe it was around 1994-1995 is when it all changed and video were very suddenly not toys any more and for a very specific reason. Things like this stated to appear on game boxes; This is when video stopped being toys and became
  7. A laptop screen isn't connected to the components of the laptop itself the same way a PC monitor is. There isn't a physical conversion interface, like HDMI. It's all connected, converted and processed directly through the machines internal circuitry, even an expert would barely know where to begin, not to mention you'll likely damage the laptop screen in the process anyway. If all you want is a 3rd screen to show windows, a discord tab or whatever non-gaming related task, a small, cheap monitor or cheap LCD TV would suffice. It wouldn't be very expensive and would be light enough to fit any wa
  8. I appreciate this from Microsoft as real world video game stores have had a hard time in recent years. The huge increase digital sales and the efforts of certain AAA game publishers *cough, cough...EA...cough* to destroy the used games market, and would all but mean the end for stores like GameStop. Who would have though after seeing what Microsoft had originally tried to do with the Xbox One we'd be seeing this for the next generation. You have to give them credit, there does seem to be a genuine change in attitude from this company in reads to this.
  9. Thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to avoid this update until this is resolved.
  10. I wanna make something clear, I would never abuse my moderator powers, and this perfect opportunity is the proof. I would love so much to edit this topic title so the word "Snap" would become the word "Strap". Anyway, this is undeniably cool and some cleaver engineering went into it, but I'm just not convinced it's really that useful outside very specific games. Still, I'm not at all sad they this guy did this. Kudos to him.
  11. Video games have a control choice and player input element that other entertainment media's lack, but even so nobody sane would confuse real life with something they see through a screen and sense, as well as interact with, through a control interface. Movies and TV shows have been photorealistic for decades because they are literally filmed, and have not had that effect. The concerns you express are exactly what certain groups and governments want you to believe, so they can keep using entertainment media as a scapegoat. With all due respect, it's ridiculous to believe that games, no matter h
  12. There's a couple of games offered free a week. They vary in quality, genre, scale, purchase price and personal appeal, but's it is definably something Epic are doing right and there is some really good games offered. Project Storm 2: Vietnam is also free right now. As for ABZU, I haven't tried it yet, but knowing the developer and their other work, this isn't a game themed around action, challenge or role-play, it's about relaxation, therapy and captivating visuals to suit.
  13. IGN has an unfortunate, but somewhat earned reputation for not putting the interest of gamers first. Their weird scoring system that gives terrible games above average scores, a willingness to bow down to developer/publisher demands and even plagiarism (to be fair, IGN didn't know) has been noticed by many over time. However, I have seen a change in IGN over the past couple of years. A more rebellious, outspoken IGN talking more for the gamer, surmised by Simon Cardy and his review of FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch. You don't even have to read the whole article, it's perfectly summe
  14. A little update. Sony has announced that following 10 PS4 games are the only PS4 games that will NOT be backwards compatible with the PS5. I'm still not entirely sure how BC will actually work with disk based games, but digital PS4 games in your library will be downloadable from the PS store onto your PS5 console. I'm still assuming that one will have to download the game then the disk is used by the system as a kind of authentication tool.
  15. Welcome to VGR. Anything you wanna ask please feel free, but just try to enjoy yourself here.
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