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  1. Kill the Faggot was removed from Steam for do honestly have to ask why. Still, It's more interesting than the story behind Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game being cancelled. Games get removed from digital stores all the time for various reasons that are usually not that intresting nor surprising. You're example of Scott Pilgrim may even be one of the least intresting examples. It was a a licencing issue and no more, not that anybody even cared in the first place.
  2. Really, it's how you define it. Does AI stand for artificial intelligence or artificial idiocy.
  3. OK, having read your post, I realise that I may have got it bit wrong. When I said it was good that Americans elected a human being into the White House, I was wrong. What I should have said is it's good Americans elected somebody who knows what the fuck they're doing. Donald Trump is a businessman, and offer him his due respect, a damb good one, but the lesson here is that being a damb good business leader does not directly translate into being a good political leader. I'm fully prepared to admit he's an intelligent man, but not a moral man. That's what it takes to as successful a
  4. I am not an American. I do not live in America. I just wanted to make that clear before I go any further, but I still don't feel like I'm out of place for casting my opinion, so I'm giving it out straight. Having spent the last four years being represented and led buy a barely sane, xenophobic, homophobic, power mad, racist, sexist lunatic who had no room in his life for criticism, now America has a human being. So, despite a brilliant inauguration speech whare he truly said all the right things, Joe Biden has proven nothing yet, especially considering the low bar set by his predecessor. He sp
  5. Despite what the "Soul's" community says, multiple difficulty options are a good thing. It forces game developers to consider story, characters, plot, athstetics, creativityandchallenge that extends beyond crippling the player and/or cryptic combat solutions taking a challenge from those who want it. In other words, difficulty options are a good thing.
  6. There is no beauty to be found in graphical quality. Graphics are the practical and mathematical elements of a game's anesthetics. It's all about the visual clarity of the user interface and how closely the art design is expressed on the screen. If graphics were the only thing to consider, we would all judge games based on how real they look. Sadly, some people do, but not me. Berfore I move on, let me make it clear, there are exceptions. In any game them emulates real life, the quality of the visuals is entirely about the graphics and their quality because there's no design they
  7. I really have no problem with any of this. CDPR are a good developer and publisher, they really are, but they have let the Sainthood gamers grant them go to their head then pushed their luck too far. I just hope this leads to a new realization among gamers that no company is worthy of blind trust. They want all of your money with no care if you die tomorrow. That goes for all of them
  8. EA's problem isn't that they aren't the same company they used to be, it that's they're same company they always were. I think it was Will Smith that said, "Racism isn't getting worse, it's being filmed." and it's the same with EA and their business practices. The only thing that has changed is that the modern world has helped people see them for what the are.
  9. A Switch that runs at 4K, at least in handheld mode, is utterly pointless. The current Switch runs at 720p in handheld mode and trust me when I say that's plenty for a screen that size. When docked it dose make more sence to run in 4K, but I would still rather any extra horsepower a new version of the Switch gets would be utilized to make it more compatible with newer, 3rd party titles rather that satisfy the vanity of sadly loud group of idiots. So, would would I suggest for a new Switch? More reliable Joycons, 4K media playback while docked, 1080p (max) gameplay in handheld mode
  10. I'm locking this topic and removing links, basically because this is a promotion of a stream organisation service that has nothing directly to do with gaming. Even if this isn't a deliberate affiliate on your part, you could at least place it in the correct section of the forum.
  11. This is too good an opportunity to not post this.
  12. I hate to break it to you, but that's a mixture of promotions and allowances that are very indigenous to specific games and some wishful thinking on your part. There is nothing there to suggest a meaningful collaboration between the two brands. What you're describing is more about a third party that working with both console brands more than anything else.
  13. If it wasn't for Nintendo, the PlayStation wouldn't exist. And it's not's like Sony wanted to "get in" on Video Games to compete with Nintendo so have Nintendo to thank for trying, I mean that even more literary than that. The Nintendo PlayStation was develped as a CD based add on for the SNES, but the project fell through at the hardware test phase. The was also how the CDi was born, except Nintendo was working with Philips on that one, but was far less successful despite the advantage of having permission to use some of Nintendo's franchises. That's why the world was cursed with
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