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  1. I actually heard about this a couple of days ago. I would have stated a thread myself, but wanted to wait for more validity to the rumour. Now, you won't find very many people who love this franchise more than me, but even I can't get behind this at all. This is a complete waste of time, effort and cash, however little of those things it would actually take to pull this off. I don't think a sequel to Days Gone would have made me any happier as I didn't actually enjoy that game very much, but it would be easier to justify. I see this as an attempt to strike the hot pan close to the
  2. I'm not paying double the the price to have some ass hole's name on display above my right nipple. That is all.
  3. This vague, badly written description leaves me unsure of exactly what this is, but it sounds shady as hell, so I'm locking this thread until @DanielStone offers more information to me through a pm.
  4. You're right, this doesn't feel like the correct section. I was about to move it, but then realised there wasn't really a place to move it to. I'll have a word with @DC about creating a general tech' issues and and troubleshooting section on the forums.
  5. This won't be a popular opinion and I already regret it as it is a great chance to stick it to a company I hate, but I gotta be honest, the whole thing about them not including a charger with the iPhone didn't actually bother me. 99% of people who fit the combined requirements of both wealth and stupidity to be actually buy and iPhone will have at least one USB charger at home already. So that means significantly larger boxes to ship. That means more manufacturing materials and processes used for the contents of the box and more trucks and shipping containers to ship less goods that had a high
  6. Welcome to VGR. Getting to the point, the answer is no. There has been dozens of people trying to spam this these "surveys for collage" and I never buy that story because it was obvious they were really mining information for commercial reasons. Even if you are being honest, this is gaming forum, not a free billboard. We have no interest in people joining then immediately posting self serving spam and being here only for that reason. If you were willing to contribute meaningfully to the VGR community, then it would be different story, but that is obviously not the case. I don't mea
  7. There has been attempts at similar things before, but none them really caught on. The tended to be underperforming, impractical, expensive or a combination of those things. This new system looks like something different... What you're looking at is, believe it or not, a Windows gaming PC. 16gb of hyper fast ram, a beastly Ryzen 5 4500U APU, an integrated XB1 style controller and a choice 512GB or 1TB SSD storage. All built into a device no bigger than a Nintendo Switch. Full specs: The big difference between AYA NEO and the Switch is the AYA NEO
  8. The simple answer is yes. There's a lot of Esports teams that compete on racing sim' games covering all sorts of motorsports, include teams representing actual racing teams like Mclaren, Red Bull and Williams. As for getting involved, that's not a question I can answer and, to be honest, you're asking the wrong place. The best any of us can realistically do is Google it the same questions you should be asking.
  9. Yes, video games and the stories they tell are a form of entertainment, but creative writing is also a form of art. Like all art, it's defining purpose is itself, and that's the only purpose art should ever have. Creative writers always leave something of themselves in what write because they have to, they write what they know. A case can be made ALL creative fiction is self serving for those who create it because of that. So the question is when does a creative writer go too far when is comes to signature? For me, the line gets drawn when a creative writer stops serving the plot
  10. So he wrote a story that's morally grey and open to interpretation knowing it would divide opinion to feed his ego? Wow, did I get that wrong! All this time I thought he was writing a tragic story for adults with a complex, challenging take on morals and emotional trauma and not children that needing to be taught the very basics of right and wrong and where everything is happy clappy. Man, was I silly.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I get the idea of a writer and/or director taking more value with the audience knowing it's their story over simply serving the story itself. I'd call out M Night Shamalan to a prime example of that, but in what is Neil Druckman in that category? I personally find his writing more subtle and in service to the plot.
  12. It's a pre-teen gambling game masquerading as an FPS. In other words, it exactly the same, albeit a worse execution, of the main game. In other words, fuck the game and also fuck anyone still stupid enough to play it.
  13. What a race to start the season. It was exactly what fans wanted. A rookie scoring points, drama and a battle with both with strategies and wheel to wheel between the tho favorites for the championship. It was very fun in the mid-field, although I'm a little disappointed buy Aston Martin, I hoped for more from them. Hamilton proved, once again, how good he he is. Had what's been the slower car, but still won. Well done.
  14. Now that the F1/F2 season in starting, goot a time as any start talk of motorsports on VGR. I'll be following the F1 and F2 season throughout. F2's new format is a bit weird, but has brought about great racing already. As for F1, happy to see a very game Red Bull to against Mercedes. Still a Sir Lewis Hamilton guy despite that and want ham to get title no 8.
  15. 2-3 years, but I only ran the Neverwinter clan for a few months.
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