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  1. Honestly, I've actually seen way more people piss and moan about the supposed backlash against the provocative character design in Stellar Blade than people actually complaining about the provocative character design in Stellar Blade itself, even amongst press articles. I'm sure if one tried to find it one would find somebody complaining about it, it is the internet after all, but I don't think it's been that big of a deal. It's certainly no reason to worry about censorship in GTA, an entirely different game series that has no relation to Stellar Blade in any way and is obviously catered to adults as well is being infamously provocative and controversial in concept. Not to mention that nothing in Stellar Blade has even changed as a result of this "backlash". In other words, nobody is taking away your tits and ass, and they couldn't if they wanted to, so calm the fuck down.
  2. I remember the announcement and the empty void of nobody caring that followed. Not exactly sad to see it cancelled.
  3. A three way tie between Friends, Brooklyn 99 and Red Dwarf for me. I tend to lean towards comedies that on paper should not work and those are three great examples of shows that had no right to be as funny as they were.
  4. What is it in the trailer that we've all seen that prompts censorship and political correctness to be such a concern? That paired with the content that made it into GTAV makes me wonder whare that concern has come from.
  5. I do think that these early RE games needed a serious revamp to appeal to modern audiences. Back then the solution to make the games tense and desperate through the controls were born, at least in part, out of the limitations of the technology of the time. In other words, I do not fully agree with you @Knight Plug on Capcom's motivation for remastering these games. What additions and omissions that have happened to these remasters I feel are born out of a genuine motive to modernise them whilst still trying to maintain the atmosphere. Having said that, It's been 9 years (Correct me if I'm wrong) since RE1 was remastered. Whilst that wasn't exactly yesterday, a modern revamp of the original Resident Evil does seem kind of unnecessary. I would much rather see Code Veronica X get the treatment that have it happen to RE1 again because I feel that game was made by a capcom that wanted to modernise Resident Evil but didn't have a clear focus on how to do it. I go into to this in more detail on this thread, but here's the relevant part of that post again: I genuinely feel that with a Code Veronica X remaster Capcom could pull a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and bring us the game it was always meant to be. Again correct me if I'm wrong, but that game IS Leon's origin in the RE universe, so with how popular RE4 is I suspect there would be a lot of interest in that. But hey, what to I know.
  6. It's over, Sony has walked back this policy. Full story from Gamesradar. Like I said in my earlier post, I don't believe there was any ill intent intent behind this, Sony just completely failed to think this through. Well now, they had to learn the hard way. Glad to see they've listened.
  7. A few that come to mind worth checking out; Carmageddon: An instrumental version of Fear Factory's Demanufacture album. Enough said. Primal. A soundtrack comprised of all original songs from the band 16Volt. There is a heat pounding violence to this sound along side a haunting, daunting atmosphere The game itself is an underrated PS2 classic as well that really needs to be played by more people. Playlist: The Burnout Games. I know, this is a little bit of cheating as these are playlists made up of licensed songs, but they are very compilations worth checking out. I'll even extend that to Burnout Paradise, even the game itself is a piece of shit. Even though it is all licenced music, some of the games did something clever with it by muffling the music while you were not boosting and that served as a genuine incentive to go hell for leather just to keep hearing the music like it was meant to be heard. Very smart audio design. I'll just post the intro to Burnout 3: Takedown as a taste of what to expect: Here is a Youtube Channel dedicated to the music in the games to check out https://www.youtube.com/@CrashFMBurnout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It may be a familiar score, in fact the main theme is the same one from previous Elder Scrolls games, but man it upgraded big time for Skyrim. If you actually stop and listen to it, it's a very dramatic, full sound that is easy on the ear and very pretty at times too. Goldeneye (N64) I know that this soundtrack is mostly comprised of remixes of the James Bond theme, but the are original mixes and sounded fantastic, and on N64 no less. They still sound fantastic a quarter of a century later. I would go so far to say that this video game has the best version of the James Bond theme I have heard in my entire life, full stop. That alone more than deserves a shout out. Final Fantasy XIII I don't care that this game sucks, the music is fantastic, one of the best soundtracks in any FF game. I have got to be honest, I do think FFX's soundtrack is better, but I decided to focus on FFXIII as I feel this great soundtrack gets overlooked because the game itself was a bit shit. It has that serene, yet chaotic feel to it that's very unique and pleasant to hear. Screamer A little known DOS racing game from 1995 that I played a lot as a kid. I love it back then, but having a better understand of what was out at the time, specially on consoles, I can see the game as being pretty mediocre. However, if your PC was able to run the soundtrack direct from the CD-ROM, you were treated to the original recorded versions of the game's digitized rock music soundtrack that sounded amazing.
  8. I feel like the reason Sony has decided to do this is to stop players who were previously banned from the game for whatever reason on one platform from re-joining the game on the other. Given the game is cross platform, I can actually understand this at least to some extent. So whilst I think there was no ill intent, Sony have clearly not thought this through. The fact this might effectively bar people from playing the game because PSN is not available in all countries whare Steam is available a huge oversight. If this was always the plan, they should have shown people the big, flashing sign with the siren saying "You WILL eventually need to link a PSN account to your Steam account to keep playing" before people bought the game. That's the part that really bothers me.
  9. This is without doubt the best song title I have ever heard.
  10. Quality over quantity. I understand the idea of feeling ripped off by a game because it lacks content, especially for a single player, but judging the quality of a game by it's length is a ludicrous trend. I would rather have a few hours of engaging, interesting content that has an impact over 60 hours of grind and pointless padding.
  11. You should. And I can't help but feel you have both missed the point. The best villains not only have a lot to admire about them, I'd got so far to say they kind of have to actually work. Who wouldn't want to be as tenacious as the Terminator, as intelligent as Hannibal Lector or have the power of Darth Vader. It's the fact they use (or perhaps miss use) thier talents to do evil things when they could have done a lot of good with those said talents is what makes them villains. Without that choice, a villain is little more than a force of nature. Nobody get's mad at the iceberg that sank the Titanic, so the movie needed a bad guy, and they got one. A man who is clearly industrious and successful, but also controlling, selfish and ruthless. One obviously doesn't have to agree with or condone what a villain does and says, but it is important to understand thier motivations. Without that, a story has no drive, no conflict and just isn't interesting. So it's OK to find a villain compelling and even admirable to some extend. All that means is that they are a well written character, not that you are flawed and amoral as a person. Anyway, favourite video game villains. Sylens from Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden west in certainly up thier. A wonderfully written and deeply complex character performed with charisma and dignity by the late Lance Reddick. The man is so begrudgingly useful yet about as selfish as a person can get. It goes back to those admirable qualities I spoke of earlier. The man is so intelligent, creative and brutally honest to a fault, but not at all trustworthy and in the end he only serves his own purpose and if that means being on your side one minute then against you the next, then so be it. His very existence is an absolute frustration, I love to hate him.
  12. I've played a handful of thier games over the years, usually the more obscure ones as it turns out. It's just another developer/publisher to me in the end. And to be honest, I'm not sure that they have really earned more good will and success because they have been known for dodgy DLC practices, poor posts (Especially on PC) and a general decline in the quality of thier games in recent years. I do find the comment you made about same-sex shipping in fan fictions written about thier games, well, let's say "interesting". First, Koei Tecmo has no control over that and why would that a be problem anyway? Koei Tecmo has actually been behind a number of games themed around same-sex romace such as Nights of Azure and Blue Reflection (The Atelier may have dealt with similar themes before as well, but I'm not 100% sure), so I don't see Koei Tecmo taking issue with that anyway. I just thought that was a really weird detail to bring up and focus on.
  13. I've always been sceptical of game that try and take a single mechanic and expand it into being the whole game. In this case, it's the crafting/gathering mechanics that are in lots of MMO's. However, I do find myself more optimistic with this one. It may not be the most complicated game in the world, but I like it's style and that roots in-game success in cooperation, unlike other survival MMO's that are beacon calling all ass-holes. This is one worth keeping an eye on.
  14. A quick heads up. It is strongly advised that if you mod Fallout 4 on PC to NOT install the "Next Gen" update. The will break modded saves and some mods might not work after the update. If you have bought the game through a DRM free platform like GOG, not updating the game shouldn't be a problem, but on Steam updates are forced with no way to turn them off. Thankfully, there is a way explained in this video:
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