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  1. A sport, to me, is a challenge of the traits that make us human. This challenge can be a test of a number of different things including physical capabilities, competitive spirt, skill, timing, fitness, grace, strategy, teamwork, skill and even technology. My scope for what counts as a sport is, as a result, very broad and I can't really think of anything that I would say didn't count... ...except that as that is fictional... ... and also that. Hunting can be justified, but not as a sport. With all due respect to @The Blackangel, I think with the sports you listed the line between sports you don't like is blurring with those that "don't count" as sports. I despise cricket as much as the any reasonable person would, but me not liking it isn't a justifiable reason to conclude that it's not a sport. I also can't stand football (soccer), but I'm not prepared to say that sport isn't a sport just because I hate it. I wholeheartedly disagree with you on Tennis and Ping Pong. Those games are very competitive takes so much physicality and training to play those types of games well. Golf also requires a huge amount of practice, precision and logic to play well, even if it is one of those sports whare you're really playing against yourself, but still very much counts as a sport. My point is there is a difference between something not being a sport and one simple not liking it.
  2. I love Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West on ultra hard. The games control so beautifully that wilst hard as hell, they avoid being frustrating. I also love games like Donkey Kong Country and Decent growing up. I also found ReCore to be an enjoyable challenge, although the more general consensus is that game isn't actually that hard, which me wonder if I played a different game to everybody else.
  3. I bet big Tim will still pay himself a massive bonus as a result of this when he could have not laid off quite so many people. Gaming industry executives are the worst.
  4. According to Google, "Functional neurological disorder (FND) is a medical condition in which there is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body sends and/or receives signals, rather than a structural disease process such as multiple sclerosis or stroke", but that obviously doesn't clarify what it like for the individual and those close to them what it's like to live with. I know she picked the wrong day to test you, but you're both going through something very difficult, so my advice is try to be patient with her.
  5. Nothing in the thread title nor in the content of the original post violates the rules with the possible exception of the word "Bullshit" as it's a profane term, but that's not the nature of your complaint, so is not relevant. The thread title is within context and makes sense paired with the opening post. Sorry if the title upsets you, but I'm not going to recommend @The Blackangel change the title because "you got triggered" as you put it.
  6. Once Again, sorry for your loss. We're here if you need us.
  7. I know the game is a published under the Xbox brand now that Xbox own Bethesda, but this a PC game as well as an Xbox game, so I'm moving the thread to the "Video Games" sub-forum. I've played a bit, but not got very far through it yet. It looks OK so far, but hasn't quite got it's claws into me the way I expected.
  8. A toss up between The Last Of Us, Final Fantasy X, Burnout 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn. It's hard to choose between them because they are very different kinds of games.
  9. I talked about in another recent thread: I feel compelled to say the same thing twice. I really wish I could remember it it was an Atari 7800 or 2600 Junior. The only distinctive thing I remember about the console was the rainbow strip motive in the top of the console, and both the Atari 7800 and 2600 Junior have that.
  10. Any 4K TV/monitor with HDMI 2.1 and HDR10 will suit the Series X well. It possible to find TV's of this spec' at a fair price now, around £500-£600.
  11. My favourite is probably quite literally Halloween. A classic slasher for a reason.
  12. I didn't have a Gamertag until I bought an Xbox One about a year after its launch. My current Gamertag is only a slight modification of my original. The only reason I wouldn't use my original is because it directly references a gaming community I've long left behind.
  13. So many good ones, I can't pick a single favourite, but here's a few that stand out to me; Primal A soundrack comprised of all original songs from the band 16Volt. The game itself is an underrated classic as well. Playlist: Example Song: The Burnout Games. I know, this is a little bit of cheating as these are playlists made up of licensed songs, but they are very compilations worth checking out. I'll even extend that to Burnout Paradise, even the game itself is a piece of shit. I'll just post the intro to Burnout 3: Takedown as a taste of what to expect: Even though it is all licenced music, some of the games did something clever with it by muffling the music while you were not boosting and that served as a genuine incentive to go hell for leather just to keep hearing the music like it was meant to be heard. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It may be a familiar score, in fact the main theme is the same one from previous Elder Scrolls games, but it was upgraded big time for Skyrim. If stop and listen to it, it has a very dramatic, full sound that is easy on the ear and very pretty at times too. Goldeneye (N64) I know that this soundtrack is mostly comprised of remixes of the James Bond theme, but the are original mixes and sounded fantastic, and on N64 no less. They still sound fantastic a quarter of a century later. I would go so far to say that this video game has the best version of the James Bond theme I have heard in my entire life, full stop. That alone more than deserves a shout out. Final Fantasy XIII I don't care that this game sucks, the music is fantastic, one of the best soundtracks in any FF game. I have got to be honest, I do think FFX's soundtrack is better, but I decided to focus on FFXIII as I feel this great soundtrack gets overlooked because the game itself was a bit shit. It has that serene, yet chaotic feel to it that's very unique and pleasant to hear. Screamer This was a decent racing game for the time. If you could set the sound up to use the CD tracks instead of the default sound font for the music (Oh yes, GONFIG and SETUP programmes for games, gotta love the 90's), what you would get is one of the best game soundtracks ever.
  14. About 5 or 6. My family was living in what we call a counsil home at the time (For those outside the UK, it's basically a property owned buy the government that consul Tennant's rent from the local authorities.), but the counsil houses were being renovated. Because of the work, we were rehoused in something akin a trailer home for number of weeks until the renovation was complete. I always rembered that because that time we spent in that tempory home was over Christmas that year. One of our presents was a Atari. I can't remer if it was a 7800 or 2600 Junior (The consoles are very similar in appearance), but I was playing 2600 games on it. More specifically, a 32 in 1 mulicart featuring a lot of 2600 classics. Even by the standards of the day the games were primitive, but they were fun.
  15. Once again, welcome to VGR. Sounds like a fascinating community you run.
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