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  1. Snow from FFXIII This self-righteous douche canoe is so annoying and dumb blind to what is going around him it's almost funny, but it stays in cringe. His abilities are useful in combat, but I can't stand the character. The game tries everything humanly possible to make you like him, but none of it works. He is so beyond salvageable as a character that even having him played by Troy Baker couldn't save him. Think about that.
  2. And interesting topic. Well thought up. I think we will. It may not be exactly like it is on Star Trek, but I do see this being technically possible in our lifetime. What I find more interesting is how holodecks are featured culturally. Video games, whilst they have gained some serious stock and are more respected than ever as a mature pastime, aren't yet respected in the world of culture as perhaps they should be. The "holo-novels" in Star Trek, which are basically like role-playing narrative games, are a cultural expression held in no lower stature than classic novel would be today. I know that video games will be respected like that someday, but I would like to think that time is closer than how long it'll take for technology to get that advanced. They also use holodecks for training, experiments as well as recreation, and I see that in the future of gaming technology as well.
  3. Looks interesting. This is published by Gearbox though, so I'm taking this cool looking trailer with a grain of salt.
  4. And right way I've got issues. First, the name, it's dangerously close to XBox One X. There's a very real possibility that someone can accidentally buy the wrong console. Maybe I'm overacting, but I actually thought Scarlett was better. Second, it looks like something one would mallet into the ground to build a fence. But then there was this, in full game rendered footage, and I find myself falling in love... Haven't seen much talk of features yet, and Microsoft hasn’t addressed reports of the company’s plans for two next-gen consoles, but the Xbox “Series” X naming does suggest there won’t be just a single console. We understand Microsoft is planning two new consoles for Series X, with a second lower priced and less powerful console planned alongside the more powerful main console. For nerds, the Xbox Series X will include a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft is also using an NVMe SSD on Xbox Series X, which promises to boost load times. Xbox Series X will also support 8K gaming, frame rates of up to 120 fps in games, ray tracing, and variable refresh rate support.
  5. If you're asking if these games are available on multiple platforms including Xbox then yes, at least the more recent games. If you're asking if you can interact with players on other platforms and/or switch platforms to play the game same game account with the same save file then no, you can't. Most of these games are single player anyway.
  6. What I would look for is interface improvement. VR demands so much more in terms of its control interface than other platforms and, as much as it's improved, still need to be so much more in order to gain popularity and become a popular choice for game development. I know when we get old will be tellin' dem kids about back in our day we were old school with our controllers and TV's instead of whatever fancy shit they'll be using that will likely be some version of VR. What I don't know is what breakthrough it will be to make VR better than more conventional gaming. It's not visuals, if that was it VR would be more dominant right now, but what would it take?
  7. I'd also recommended The Outer Worlds. From the same studio that made Fallout New Vegas
  8. Discord is basically a platform centred around gaming that allows people to group up and chat through both text and voice. Users can join and create servers on the discord platform for friends, members of their community or the public to join. More details on their website.
  9. Nintendo and PlayStation have always seemed to cater to my gaming tastes a little more that XBox, especially PlayStation. But still, I bought the PS4 first mostly because of how badly XBox messed up it's launch of Xbox One. However, it became the more played console for the same reason as was traditional, better exclusives, more to my taste. I also play on PC, of course, but in terms of gaming, the PS4 has been my main go to this gen.
  10. This pretty much reflects my thoughts. I'm a multi-plat gamer and hold no sense of brand loyalty, but the PS4 killed it with its exclusive games and Sony knows and wants to keep that going. Microsoft I think have also learned from that and thus have put a lot of investment in new studios and stuff over the last couple of years and that I think the next Xbox will have some superb games, just not right away.
  11. It's pessimistic, but I have to agree The professional relationship between Kojima and Konami is shattered. Even if they did work on this together the environment would be, if anything, even more toxic than it was with MGS5 and that could only hurt the game. Komami is a company that just happen to own a lot of gaming related IP's, but isn't actually that interested in making video games. They'll publish their annual sports cash cows and publish other games here and there to claim relevancy in the gaming industry, but seek to actually make money elsewhere. You know what, let 'em. A great game never made is a lesser evil compared to a terrible game ruining a franchise's legacy from a company that doesn't care. And because it seems Komami isn't will to sell these IPs, the latter is the best we can expect from any Komani game for the moment.
  12. Well, here it is. In my as always humble opinion, it wasn't brilliant. Nice to see confirmation of Resident Evil 3 Remake and more info on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind was gonna please fans, but that Ghost Of Tsushima trailer was a trailer for a trailer and most of the other games were duds or have very limited appeal, like Superliminal and Dreams as well as Paper Beast as a game that's already strange, but also VR. This opened with Untitled Goose Game... the perfect start and a great omen. Onto my thoughts on the other stuff. Predator: Hunting Grounds will be Evolve and Friday the 13nth all over again, except I do see it being a pay-to-win, microtransaction laden leech. They're already doing "pre-order to win", so the intentions for this are very clear to me already. Spellbreak has potential, but a battle royal game trying to appeal to RPG fans? I'm sue about that. I do want to be wrong because it does look cool. It's totally right for PlayStation to celebrate 25 years and that message from Ken Kutaragi was sweet, if a bit short, so I'm not going to grudge that part, but let's be honest, it wasn't very useful. However, there was one shining star. The very appealing partnership of Square Enix and Platinum Games came out swinging with this; This looks amazing. This is probably still to early in development to draw any real conclusions and the release is probably a long way off, but this looks incredible. Getting some very nice Devil May Cry vibes. This, for me, was definitely the highlight. So what are you taking away from the State of Play. Anything you're looking forward to?
  13. I can't even begin to think of what say about this. Just feel sorry that this is real. Read about it here. Like I said, I can't explain.
  14. Ah yes! Finally the big nosed, ugly one shows up. Welcome bro.
  15. Developer SimulaM, creator of classics such as Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, has announced a new game where you play as Jesus. Doing his Jesusy stuff... Now, before we dismiss this, just think about it. Video games are created as an entertainment media made to empower the player. Whether it be lifting the Champions League in FIFA, or slaying the mighty dragon in Skyrim, all good games exist to make the player feel lke they are more than what they are and believe they can be. Playing as Jesus? Playing literally as God? Performing miracles and creating an influence so important that it would become foundation of modern civilization itself? That has got to be the most empowering concept ever! A game with potential as limitless as the power of the great deities! And... log it all as Polaroids in your journal... just like Jesus did... potential! ...or maybe... ...just maybe... ...this game is fucking stupid.
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