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  1. That would be the best complaint that was ever made at a restaurant! Excuse me waiter, but I don't think my dinner is quite dead yet...
  2. A good point about how this is oddly accepted in gaming, at least more so than it would be elsewhere. Excuse me, waiter? Yes, sir? I ordered my steak medium rare with mash potato's and grilled asparagus, but the steak is raw and the potato's are missing completely. Don't worry about that, sir, we'll fix that in an update next week. It's just not acceptable.
  3. Remember when Joel held two of David's men captive and played them of each other while torturing them? It would be so ironic to see Joel torture Troy Baker. For some reason I can actually see Troy playing specially this guy... As for the idea of Ashly playing Anna, man I hope that's true. I do fear that might not be the case because I don't feel Ashley Johnson is immediately convincing as a mother to Bella Ramsey as the two really do look nothing alike, but I wouldn't care about that.
  4. Good and relevant advice with Starfield just around the corner. Hopefully I'll be able to resist Starfield or maybe I'll play it through Gamepass if possible, but knowing me I probably will still buy it if I have to because I'm a turd.
  5. This is not just the future, it's also the past. Compamiies like EA have been doing this for decades. The the two things that have ares; Post launch patching has opeen the window for this to become even more common. The internet as know it now helps word about such instances spread more quickly and get more talked about. But make no mistake, this is nothing new. I remember huge issues plaguing game like Magic Carpet 2 and the original Dungeon keeper back in the 90's. Then there's the now infamous E.T. game and Pacman port on the Arari 2600. Because post launch patching wasn't a thing until comparatively recently, one could say the problem was worse, if not as common, back them. To play the patched version of Dundeon Keepr, fo example, you had to buy the whole game again in the form of the Deeper Dungeons edition.
  6. Shagger

    Hi guys

    Welcome to VGR. Always nice to see new folk joining. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  7. With the exception of Devil May Cry 2 which was literally the greasy remnants from the bottom of used septic tank moulded into the shape of a PS2 disk, I've really enjoyed what I've played of the series. I'm aware of it's interesting development with it starting as a Resident Evil game and Capcom realizing that they were going off on a new tangent, thus deciding to make it a new IP was one of the best decisions they ever made. I really need to try out Devil May Cry 5m it's been sitting on my "to-do" list for too long.
  8. Disappointed, but not surprised. There was no way Microsoft weren't going to follow suit sooner or later. Not that I'm in any way condoning Sony (An I'm fairly sure Nintendo) doing this, but this was inevitable.
  9. I wouldn't assume too much about the similarities and differences between these two countries just because they share a border.
  10. Even on the MegaDrive/Genesis, Sonic levels weren't exactly liner with various paths open to you and secrets to find, so the fact that they don't hold your hand makes sense to me. Unfortunatly, I don't have the game, so I can't really offer any specific advice. If you are stuck, try looking up a guide online. I did find this video that may or may not be the very part you are stuck at, but at the very least this user's gameplay walkthrough might help you out if you check out his other videos.
  11. Shagger

    E3 2023?

    Don't you think you're brining this up a little too early? E3 has got to be six months away. Sorry, but this is pointless. I won't lock this thread, but I'm lock other threads that come up closer to the event because this is already here.
  12. I was under the impression Japanese censorship was mostly related to violence rather than sexual content and nudity. Maybe it's both. I do agree with what you said about people having a fit over censorship, it is childish. I'm not a fan of censorship, adults do not need need thier media moderated that heavily when it's rated for adults, but it's pathetic to loose your shit over Lara Croft now wearing jeans instead of short shorts or whatever.
  13. Yes, it's possible to run games from other services (or any program, really) through the Steam launcher, but the feature is not easy to use and it keeps track of only a very limited amount of information. GOG Galaxy does this much better.
  14. Given the fact the original game was controlled with a single analogue stick, they'll have to. I love Goldeneye on N64 and Perfect Dark was even better, but let's be honest the games haven't aged that well. Bring back Perfect Dark with a retelling of the same, mad story with modern FPS mechanics, controls and graphics and I will be a happy man.
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