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  1. The FIFA series needs to die of ebola and rot in hell. Hopefully the contagion will spared to EA Sports in general and kill them off too.
  2. I'm not sure I would describe TLOU as a horror game, though. There are horror elements, as well as elements of survival and it's very much narrative driven, but It's still a 3PS/Action game at it's core.
  3. Well, that kinda how we watch stuff now, isn't it? Weirdly, I've been watching Robot Wars on YouTube for the past week or so. It was a televised contest where teams build remote controlled machines to fight in in an area in a knockout style tournament. I think America has a very similar thing called Battlebots, so if you've seen that, you get the gist.
  4. I'm a man and sit down to pee. Every time.
  5. This offer is available until June 28th 2020, 1pm UTC (9am Eastern) https://www.gog.com/game/horizon_zero_dawn_complete_edition If you don't have a PS4 and have never had the chance to play this, now is the time to pick it up on PC. I promise, you won't regret it. The best cam on 8th gen for me. EDIT Just got word that same discount applies to the Steam and Epic Game Store versions of the game. The Steam version is discounted until June 24th https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151640/Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_Edition/
  6. I remember you posted about this situation before, and one again you have my sympathys, but I'm afraid that I can't offer any additional advice that what I've offered already. Like I said that time, this isn't a forum dedicated to help with problem gambling, so there's little that we can do beyond what we have already done. I sincerely hope that you, your wife and your family get the help and support you need. Look out for gambling help and financial help. I found this Gambling Help Forum that may offer better advice that we can. Please check that out and the other links that we have posted if
  7. PlayStation Support (via thier YouTube channel) themselves recommend this as a solution to this problem, so I highly doubt that it poses a risk.
  8. According to Opera Forums, this appears to be an known issue with Opera running on Android, but not windows. I use Opera GX on my laptop and it works just fine. You've probably thought of this, but have you tried using a different browser? I use Chrome on my phone and, again, experience no issues.
  9. I actually have a very similar story. I work at a dockyard that refits and now builds ships for the Royal Navy, among other things. Fairly Recently, we assembled the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier. As a way to honour the hard work of the people who built them, each individual had his or her name etched onto one of the hanger doors. We were all obviously invited up to a little ceremony to commemorate this. We couldn't actually look at the engraving as the doors weren't complete at the time, but the full list of names were up on a large billboard displayed on the hander. And yes, you gue
  10. I get why people were mad at him. Knowing that he was such a big donator to republican politicians and policy as well as holding stereotypical "Christian" views on certain things makes me relived that I never bought 5NAF, and I never will. He says he supports equal rights for woman, yet he thinks he has the right to tell woman you can't have an abortion, what they are and are not allowed to do with thier own bodies. He says he doesn't discriminate based on gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, yet financially supports politicians that are trying to put into law more anti-LGBTQAI+ bil
  11. I pretty much agree. E3 was ment to give journalists a chance to see, and possibly try, new games to then report about them to fans through the publication they worked for, whether it be a magazine, newspaper, website or whatever. When they first started to let the public in it became that much more difficult for journalists to see everything they needed to see. To to fix the problem they themselves created, E3 started hosting presentation style conferences so everyone could see new announcements and trailers all at once. This turned E3 into more of a con' (Like Comicon), something
  12. Sadly, we had to expect this. There's no force of heaven or earth that can convince me that the they never intended to bring this to PlayStation or Nintendo when they first started developing the game. This is all a result of Microsoft buying Zenimax Media (Bethesda's parent company) back in March. Playstation owners have every right to be pissed, but like I said I don't think this is gonna surprise anyone. That aside, the game looks cool, but might not be worth a day 1 purchase given Bethesda's unfortunate, yet earned reputation when it comes to game launches.
  13. As most of you are aware, Cyberpunk 2077 launched (after several delays) on December 10nth 2020, and it was pretty much a disaster. Buggy on PC and almost unplayable on previous generation consoles. Even worse, CDPR tried to hide this by not giving out review codes for consoles and not allowing journalists and content creators to use thier own captured footage for video reviews. The game received such a backlash that both Microsoft and Sony pulled the game from thier digital stores, although the game could still be bought on disc It's been many months, many patches and many apolog
  14. I was I about to ask what the point of this system was when the standard PS2 was backwards compatible, but having watched the vid I kinda get it. The DVR feature and the internal storage are cool and very innovative for the time. It's obviously not all good as the system is apparently unreliable and controller inputs at the back?
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