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  1. Even if you were right, there is absolutely no need for that insulting "Go get educated" type of response. It's rude and it's unnecessary. The fact you have offered the "advice" to "watch a documentary in Africa" to someone who actually lives there, well that only make you like a fool. Yes, there are still large area's of Africa that are very poor with people who have other far less arbitrary things to worry about than video games, but it's also a continent in a development boom. May I suggest it's you that needs the education.
  2. It wasn't necessary to make this thread for me, but thank you.
  3. I know that pointed @Heatman that with Africa's gaming install base in gaming being around since the year 2000 that there should be more of an industry in Africa by, but trust 20 or so years in a lot of time at all for such an industry to take hold. Just because people have been playing games for that long in Africa, doesn't mean the opportunities and very indigenous education that's necessary to be able to work in such a complex, fast evolving and not to mention competitive industry are really there yet. The unfortunate truth is America, Japan and Europe are still years ahead. The next part is something I feel the need to apologize in advance for a it is not pleasant, so sorry to anyone that this upsets. @Reality vs Adventure, again I'm sorry to say this, but Africa having such a young population doesn't actually speak that much of it's market potential video games, there are other, bigger things. The infant mortality rate and the birth rate in Africa is very high, quite a lot higher than in North America or Europe, with an average age of death that's also a lot younger. The amount of young adults that live in Africa now is a sign of much things have changed for the better as even 20-30 years ago a lot more of those people would not have lived into there 20's, but it didn't stop people have more children then other regions 20 years ago because of the high infant mortality. Like it or not, that is why Africa has such a comparatively young population.
  4. The first thing I'm going to do is fill gaps in your knowledge because that's just who I am. DNF Dual is fighting game available on PlayStation consoles (PS4/PS5) and on PC. It's is part of a long running series of games under the Dungeon and Fighter name. Now that's out of the way, do you mind telling what exactly the point of that post was? You didn't know of the game and you weren't will to spend 5 minutes on google to learn for yourself anything about it. Instead you comment anyway just to have a dig at the game. Not for being a bad game or a game that doesn't suit your tastes, just for being a console game, and you didn't even get that fact right. So basically, you only made the post to have a dig at consoles. Frankly, that is dumb as hell. Now that you know it's a PC game, here it is on Steam if you're suddenly interested, and if you are now only interested in the game because it's not just for "the peasanty", then you have bigger problems. Because I somehow doubt a game's console killed your family or that there is some other reason to have a legitimate grudge, I'm gonna put this down to some "PCMR" fanboy nonsense, and know that will earn no respect here. It's immature, stupid and has only purpose, to aggravate people, so I'm not tolerating it. You have no interest in consoles, that's fine, but let me tell you as a fellow PC player we are "masters" of nothing and nobody and we are superior to nobody. Check that attitude at the door and show all your fellow gamers on VGR the same respect you feel you should receive in kind. That's my words to you as a mod. On a more personal level, grow up! Fanboyisum really isn't that funny at it's best as a teenager, and it really isn't funny as an adult, it's just puerile.
  5. The WRC videos actually have it right. In rally, fans can get very close with little to nothing in terms of barriers and other such things for protection. In rally, they don't race on racetracks, it is time trials on dirt tracts, country roads and off-road terrain, so there are no grandstands. Fan will usually find a spot at the side of the route the competitors drive and just sit/stand there. The clip below should show you what I'm on about.
  6. Given that I live in the UK and was born on the 3rd of July the best I can hope for on the 4rth is a hangover
  7. I just wanted to point out the innocent don't flee the crime...
  8. Around where I live it's not uncommon. For example, the bus station in my local town charges people to use the toilet.
  9. Public toilets. There is never a good enough excuse to charge anyone to answer nature's call.
  10. If it's like a "Groundhog Day" situation where it doesn't end until you convince a beautiful woman to sleep with you, then it wouldn't be that terrible.
  11. Just start telling a story about when you swam in a septic tank for fun that morning and they'll go away.
  12. What I love about Atari is how ambitious they were, but usually more so than they really were capable. When you actually look into it, it's amazing things they did before anyone else but so often ended up a failed and or flawed experiment. Here are just some of the things Atari did first, often years before anyone else. The pause button Analogue stick control 4 controller ports on a console An integrated colour display on a handheld Wireless controllers 64 bit Backwards compatibility Interchangeable games (OK, they were not the first to do this, but they made idea popular and made it stick.) 3rd party and open source game development Like I said, a lot of their experiments failed, but you have got to love them for trying. So thank you, Atari. It's impossible to imagine what our world would be like without you.
  13. Good eye contact is one thing, staring at someone intently like your trying to "Shang Tsung" thier soul is another.
  14. Mine is actually gaming related. When I play Tales of Berseria, it drives me nuts when all the characters total earned XP isn't as close together as possible. I maybe should explain a little for those that don't know. In ToB the characters all earn XP from the battles in the game and they all earn the same XP whether they are in the active battle part of not, expect for one thing. The character who scores the final hit on the last enemy standing earns bonus XP. The size of the bonus is parentage of the standard XP calculated by (I think) by the sized of thier best combo chain or something like that. So that means that every time somebody earn a bit more XP than the others. When characters first join the party, they're usually a bit behind, so you can use this system to help them catch up. This is some you want to do in order to see that all the party member are at equal strength and all level up at the same time, so the system does serve a purpose of some kind. My issue is end up obsessed with this. I even re-arrange my party order after each battle to make sure those with the highest XP are not part of the active party and thus can't get the bonus. It get really me riles up when somebody starts to pull ahead of the others or if I get a chain of the same characters getting or not the bonus repeatedly throwing everything out of balance. If a really need a certain character to get the bonus to square everything up, I'll disable the combat actions of the others to make sure that only the character I want gets that bonus. I even find myself stopping playing the game to just flip around the character status screens figuring out where the biggest gaps are. And I get genuinely angry when it goes wrong. I do a similar thing when I play FFX, but in that game obsessing over the character levelling is justified as you have to make sure all the characters are involved in the battle, otherwise you can loose progress, so you have to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Here, it's obsessive and unnecessary. I need help...
  15. What once were cheat codes are usually microtransactions now, and it sucks. These were fun things to play around with and game developers could really have fun with them as well. I remember in these hospital this was the noise you heard when you put in a cheat code.
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