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  1. Horizon: Forbidden West come out on Friday the 18nth of February on PS4 and PS5. Elden Ring come out a week later on the Friday the 25th of February on PC and consoles. Seriously, the internet is there...
  2. Yeah, but instead of supporting the development of anything new and creative to define them as a platform, they're just buying up publishers. For them to boast about those "exclusives" would more likely irk people.
  3. Suffice to say, I am desperately looking forward to Horizon: Forbidden West. Loved the first game and would really like to not only play,, but review the second one as well.
  4. Sorry, but PeTA are not misunderstood, they're hopelessly insane. This same organisation decided is was less cruel to subject heavily pregnant woman and new mothers to be milked for our supply of dairy instead of cows. I'm all for animal welfare, free range farming and all that good stuff, but people like PeTA only know how to protest and never get listened to because there is no practically or common sense to be found in thier idea's. Going back to AC4, they obviously just wanted to leech of a popular video game to get thier name out there. Unless they genuinely believed that a kid plays AC4, then would want to go whaling. Just because thier members lack a will and intelligence of thier own and are so easy to manipulate, doesn't mean the rest of us are so inept. They could have spent that time and resources actually saving animals, but they didn't. As @The Blackangel hinted at, they have been responsible for a lot of culling's and putting down healthy animals in shelters they stopped funding over the years. They are not a charity worth supporting. They waste time and money on stupid publicity stunts like this all the time.
  5. Even though I have no respect for PeTA, I will admit they did a great job with that mascot. Couldn't have named him better.
  6. I think it would be fair to the balance of this thread and so @Heatman's friend can have all the information he need if I point out PlayStation do have and equivalent to Gamepass called PS Now. They're basically the same idea. What one each individual person might prefer will come down to opinion, but I do feel Gamepass has a bit more to offer.
  7. I stopped taking PETA seriously when the went after AC4: Black Flag because the claimed the "whaling" mechanic in would encourage youth to take up real whaling (Full story from Polygon). Several problems there; The game was rated for adults to play (M by the ESRB, 18 by PEGI, and so on), so if any child who played suffered any affect of kind, the blame lies solely on thier parents/gradians. Even if kids did play it, there as stupid as you PETA. No matter how impressionable kids admittingly can be, I still seriously doubt any of them would feel compelled to head out onto the open ocean on a 12 ft row boat and start throwing sticks at sharks. My kid played AC4. A lot. He didn't want to out onto the open ocean on a 12 ft row boat and start throwing sticks at sharks. He wasn't even interested in the "Assassins Creed" part of the game either. Not surprisingly, he was only really interested in shooting at other ships all the time. Why were they (and indeed, still are) wasting time, manpower and recourses on going after cruelty against pixels when they could be making that same effort to, oh, I don't know, PROTECTING ANNIMALS? Don't get me wrong, I fully understand how important education is in the fight for animal welfare and environmental protection, I understand that, I truly do, but nobody is going to listen to somebody who does not respect thier intelligence. Do stupid shit like this and people are not going to listen to you.
  8. Yeah, TOTALLY see what you mean; There is no depth, variety nor complexity. No villains that that need feared, no hero's that warrant admiration, nobody entangled in a complex story arc of thier own somewhere in between. Nobody doing the right thing for wrong reason, nobody doing the wrong thing for right reason, nobody struggling with thier own issues and the issues of others. Nobody that has memorable or interesting about them with no complex moral issues addressed as part of thier own story arcs. Nothing like that at all... ... or the far more likely possibly that @m76 is being @m76 again and doesn't want to admit that a game with a sassy, witty, strong female lead with some subtle feminist traits and dialogue makes him uncomfortable, so instead is making a nonsense claim that all the males in HZD were handled like this guy... Along with, of course, the obligatory "By speaking in support of *insert cause* you're actually in opposition to said cause because you're making those you're trying to speak for appear weak.". In other words, bullshit. Sorry, but you have seriously got to revaluate how perceive reality and how that reality is reflected in fiction. Your view's are just warped, so warped you have to warp the fiction to have the world make sense to you, and it's not good. I'm genuinely concerned about you.
  9. In my experience, I haven't found one to be better than the other. They both have discounts and sales where at times will be cheaper on one of the two, but this isn't a constant think. Typically, the game will be the pretty much same price. If your friend is look to choose between the platforms, he should consider other things. Is he interseted in the subscriptions available and what platform has the better exclusive games.
  10. Welcome back. A lot has changed in 3 years, but I'm sue you'll come to love the forum as it is today.
  11. To me, this is just another con. I'd rather pay money for a good game then waste hours of my life playing crap for a pittance. The only people than make any real money with these games are the dodgy bastards who publish them.
  12. That's great advice. I'd like to add to that by saying make the meeting point somewhere as public as possible.
  13. @dfarmer2001 The effort you are putting into pointing out these deals is appreciated, but there is an expected format and set of guidelines set for video gam's deals posts. You can read all about them in this pinned post. Please read these guidelines and follow them for future threads in this sub-forum.
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