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Found 2 results

  1. We are back with another episode of Overlord Countdown, and this time with the most anticipated horror games of 2021. Broadly there being 2 sections of horror games , that are survival horror and plane horror games and we have included both in our listings. The scariest horror games are a trend that happened in 2020 and it continues to 2021 as well. Some of these games were anticipated ones with chilling horror game experiences which also displays frantic terrors of your own mind. The new trend of horror games highlights online co-op, Open world survival craft, early access ones, popular choice ones, analytical ones and ones that are early to arrive. Some games have a mix up like blending with the FPS environment along with mash up of creepy content and some portraying intense sexual content. New scary games are filled with Adventure, intense experience, visual narration with well engineered dialogues and some that demands the courage of the concerned player. We do support horror games which intends to haunt the players out of the blue and hype should be kept up to the maximum as this is a very element specific genre. The eerie atmosphere created by horror games do keep our anxiety in check and it is recommended for those with epileptic issues to avoid playing them as there are even disclaimers specifying the warning of health issues. So as an overlord, the top-down perspective for us is recommendation and we have ranked these games based on hype, trademarks, franchise driven, suspense, onslaught, puzzle driven and thrill defining. We also have some honourable mentions that almost makes this list of terrific horror games of 2021 which were hard to keep in place in this listing.
  2. RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official NEW Trailer (2021) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A4x47vNjlo
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