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Who will be the next WCG Legend? [ Article ]

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WCG posted a new video on their official website: wcg.com, reliving their glory days. In the video, they showed WCG Legends ‘Moon’, the Warcraft Legend; ‘Neo’, the Counter-Strike Legend; and ‘18’, the Crossfire Legend. The video honors the WCG Legends from six years ago while leaving a dramatic nostalgia for all the fans by showing how the legends have aged and where they are now.

Source > http://www.wcg.com/news/view/497

The video shows the “Legend Barbershop” where the WCG Legends are waiting for the next legend to show up. In the end, the WCG Legends welcome the much-awaited legendary player to the Wall-of-Fame where he places his own mark alongside the legends before him. The glorifying video ends with an invitation to the players to become the next WCG Legend.


Link: http://wcg.com/news/view/430

WCG has always been looking for legends since the beginning of their tournaments in 2000. The World Cyber Games Tournaments have discovered all-time legends such as Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen, Li Xiaofeng (Sky), Lim Yo-hwan (SlayerS_`BoxeR`), Kang Byung-geon (iamgrunt), Counter-Strike Poland Team, and Daniel “hero” and Dennis “styla” Schellhase. These legends each earned a spot in the wall of fame. WCG recognizes talents from all around the world and they are now looking for more.


For 14 years, WCG forged their legacy as the Olympic of Esports and showed the world what Esports and its digital athletes are made of. During those times, Esports has yet to become one of the most profitable business investments in the world that we know today.

Now in 2019, World Cyber Games returns, who will become the next WCG Legends?

Link: http://wcg.com/hall-of-famers

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