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Chris Pineson

FUT 20 Guide: Here Are 11 Amazing FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Bargains Less Than 1,000 Coins

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  Even though we are all striving to have the best of the best in our Ultimate Teams, starting out with a few bargains is always important and necessary. The more money (in this game we call coins) you save, and of course, the quicker you'll be able to create your dream squad. With that in mind, we now have already put together a list of some of the best FIFA 20 Ultimate Team bargains. Let's dive into this, shall we?

  What's more, all of these amazing players are available for 1,000 FIFA 20 coins to buy or less.

  Here Are 11 Cracking FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Bargains For Under 1,000 Coins(Players Listed In Alphabetical Order):

  Abdou Diallo - PSG (Paris Saint-Germain):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  According to what we see from above, we can get a conclusion that with the exception of shooting (his score is 37), none of Diallo's stats drop below 70. That is remarkable for a center-back and particularly one with his price tag.

  Donny van de Beek - Ajax (Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  How should we say, the Eredivisie seems to be the league for bargains in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team game, and check here, Donny van de Beek is the perfect example of that.

  We all know that a jack-of-all-trades midfielder is always key in Ultimate Team, and what's more, with none of his ratings dropping below 71, this Ajax man certainly fits that bill without a doubt.

  Geoffrey Kondogbia - Valencia (Valencia Futbol Club):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  Geoffrey Kondogbia is a FIFA favorite, having been a very expensive player in the past several editions. That makes his rock bottom price tag in FIFA 20 a bit of a surprise, but, anyway, we are certainly not complaining at all.

  James Maddison - Leicester City (Leicester Fosse Football Club):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  James Maddison has been so fantastic in the Premier League this season, with that 79-overall rating looking a bit low as a result.

  In FIFA 20, he is still excellent, capable of laying on a lot of goals for your forwards and also notching a few himself to boot.

  Jean-Philippe Gbamin - Everton (Everton Football Club):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  In FIFA 20, a high energy defensive midfielder is key to any successful Ultimate Team and fortunately, Jean-Philippe Gbamin is capable of fulfilling that role so smoothly.

  When you consider the inflated prices of Premier League players, you should know that he is a real bargain. And you should pick him up right away.

  Joaquin Correa - Lazio:

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  Anyway, Joaquin Correa is a pretty cheap choice up front and he shouldn't be found lacking. The only weakness of his is his physicality, but even that he is not too bad for a player in his position.

  Kevin Gameiro - Valencia (Valencia Futbol Club):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  Kevin Gameiro is always a perfect selection in FIFA, and this year's game is also no different. His pace is fantastic as it always, with his other stats ensuring he will be able to put it to good use.

  Koen Casteels - Wolfsburg (Verein für Leibesübungen Wolfsburg):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  In FIFA 20, there is no shortage of quality Bundesliga goalkeepers, and just because of that, it has caused a number of bargain choices.

  Few are more enticing than Casteels, with an 83-overall goalkeeper for under 1,000 FUT 20 coins, he is a perfect option to have.

  Mario Hermoso - Atletico Madrid (Club Atlético de Madrid):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  This is common-sense that Atletico Madrid is never short of a few quality defenders and Mario Hermoso is also no exception. He is very quick for a center back, but doesn't lack in defensive chops or physicality. All in all, he is a wonderful option to have in the squad.

  Moussa Marega - Porto (Futebol Clube do Porto):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  If this guy was in the Premier League he would cost an absolute fortune. Check these three stats, 79 shooting, 88 pace, and 90 physicality. He is absolutely an outrageous beast.

  Of course, he will be an absolute nightmare for those opposition defenders.

  Last but not least, Steven Bergwijn - PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging):

  First of all, let's see his basic information:


  Steven Bergwijn has a phenomenal player item in this year's game and he acts as a massive threat out wide. His pace and dribbling are apparently fantastic, but some other stats ensure he isn't lacking in any areas. Less than 1,000 coins, you should purchase him right away.

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