Hades’ Latest Song Marks Another Victory for its Excellent Soundtrack

Darren Korb is the award-winning mind behind all of Supergiant Games’ masterful soundtracks, including their latest title Hades. For the roguelike game, he has been challenged with orchestrating a soundtrack that feels as tense as the game; like it belongs in the realm of the underworld itself. Indeed this task was one that strayed from his past endeavors. Yet despite how different it may sound to Bastion or Pyre, the music from Hades is just as artful. His latest track The King and the Bull is no different.

Darren Korb Strikes Again

It’s almost as if speaking about Korb’s musical exploits never gets old. This is largely thanks to the versatility the composer brings to the table, as well as the undeniable quality of the tracks. With each major update has come another big entry to the list of music already available to the game. This not only proves Korb’s talent but his dedication to his craft as well.

The King and the Bull brings something special to Hades. The haunting melody, in the beginning, set up the tension constantly present in the game perfectly. All through the halfway mark, this tension rises, building as Zagreus dodges and swipes his way through enemies. Then come the ripping chords, shredding through the action and bringing the track to its peak.

It’s this multilayered artistry that fans of Supergiant and Korb have come to expect over the years. The composer’s close relationship with the development team and stars of each game is reflected in each soundtrack he makes. This is most certainly the case for Hades as well. The soundtrack is as bold and exciting as the gameplay and never fails to make emotions rise. Hades is a game best played with headphones on full blast.