How to Access and Complete the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

Expeditions are a brand new feature for the Far Cry series in Far Cry New Dawn, allowing players to travel beyond the borders of Hope County. Each of the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions will take you to a different site somewhere beyond Hope County; a Highwaymen Stronghold. You’ll need to get in, find a special resource package, and then escape by helicopter before the Highwaymen swarm you.

How to Access the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

The Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions can be accessed from one of the eight facilities in Prosperity; the helipad. There, you’ll see a helicopter covered in a tarpaulin. Speak to Roger, the helicopter pilot, and he’ll mention being able to take you on Expeditions. However, you won’t be able to set out until you start upgrading the helipad with Ethanol. If you don’t have enough yet, set out into Hope County and capture a Highwaymen Outpost or two. Each you capture an Outpost, you’ll be rewarded with Ethanol. You should quickly be able to amass enough to upgrade the helipad and get started with Expeditions.

Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions Require Ethanol

Once that first upgrade is complete, Roger will speak to you and explain Expeditions in more detail. You can choose to set out from the in-game menu whenever you want; simply choose your destination and Roger will take you there. Note that you can bring your Guns-for-Hire with you.

How to Complete the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

Once you start one of the Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions, Roger will drop you off near to a Highwaymen “Stronghold” in the new area. This base of operations is much larger than the Outposts you’ll see in Hope County, and has more Highwaymen guards. Before you set off, be sure to replenish your ammo and reassign your weapons at either of the yellow boxes on the back of the helicopter. Once you start walking away, Roger will take off and you’ll be on your own.

Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions Aircraft Carrier

From the starting point, look for pink smoke; this smoke designates the location of a special pack of resources which you’re there to steal. Get to the smoke, look around nearby for the package, and pick it up. Whether or not you’ve been stealthy up to that point, an alarm will immediately sound once you grab the package. What’s more, the package has a GPS tracker on it, so the Highwaymen will always know where you are. At this point, you’ll be facing endless waves of Highwaymen, so run to the extraction zone and hold the Highwaymen off while Roger lands. Once he does, get into the helicopter and you’ll escape.

Once you return to Prosperity, you’ll be rewarded with a huge cache of resources for your efforts. You’ll also unlock the next Expedition. What’s more, you can actually choose to replay Expeditions, in a similar manner to “Scavenging” Outposts. The next time you go on that Expedition, the Highwaymen will have moved back in. The rewards will be greater, but the enemies you’ll face will be more numerous and higher tier.