Madden 20 Rookie Ratings Revealed For Kyler Murray, D.K. Metcalf, & 2019 NFL Draft Class Stars

It’s that time of year again, as the Madden 20 rookie ratings have officially arrived. Sunday brought us a teaser video of rookies reacting to their ratings. On Monday (July 1), they unveiled a longer video along with the newest rookies’ ratings. That includes top pick Kyler Murray, surprising Giants pick Daniel Jones, and the Seahawks’ D.K. Metcalf, amongst other talented young stars. It also gives a surprising look at which young stars rate the highest in the upcoming game.

Young stars react to Madden 20 rookie ratings

In what has become an EA Sports Madden tradition, they unveiled a comical new video showing the new rookies as they see their ratings for the first time. Among the new young stars included in the video are the No. 1 pick Kyler Murray, the Seahawks’ new rookie D.K. Metcalf, the 49ers’ Nick Bosa, and more. Watch the new clip below which clocks in at a minute and a half total.

Rookies generally take a bold approach to how they should be rated for their Madden 20 rookie ratings. However, fans see how reality sets in with the video above. Most of this year’s rookies take it in stride, although some call it “disrespectful” or mention “I’m better than him.” The good news is they have a full season ahead to prove they deserve better ratings and get adjusted in the game.

There’s also 10 of the new rookies who are being added to a new Madden 19 Rookie Premier program for Ultimate Team. Gamers will be able to acquire a specific rookie using tokens and then also received a special version of that rookie in Madden 20.

Which rookies rate highest in the game?

Since Kyler Murray was the 2019 NFL Draft’s No. 1 pick, it makes sense he would be rated above all rookies, right? That’s not the case. The former Sooners QB will bring a 73 overall when he enters his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals. Just behind him in terms of rookie quarterbacks is Dwayne Haskins with a 72 OVR. Haskins was picked lower in the draft than expected. 

In fact, the guy who the New York Giants took ahead of him is Duke Blue Devils quarterback Daniel Jones. He will start out Madden 20 rookie ratings with a 63 and most likely on the bench as an understudy for Eli Manning.

The guy with the best Madden 20 rookie ratings of them all is on the New York Jets. It’s none other than defensive tackle Quinnen Williams from Clemson University that boasts an 80 overall. Behind him is another defensive tackle, the Buffalo Bills’ Ed Oliver Jr at 79. Right end Nick Bosa, the No. 2 pick in this past April’s draft for the 49ers, is a 78. 

Here’s a look at the top 11 players in Madden 20 rookie ratings due to several ties amongst them:

  • DT Quinnen Williams (Jets) 80
  • DT Ed Oliver Jr. (Bills) 79
  • RE Nick Bosa (49ers) 78
  • LE Josh Allen (Jaguars) 77
  • WR Marquise Brown (Ravens) 77
  • TE TJ Hockenson (Lions) 77
  • DT Dexter Lawrence (Giants) 76
  • WR D.K. Metcalf (Seahawks) 76
  • LOLB Brian Burns (Panthers) 75
  • TE Irv Smith Jr (Vikings) 75
  • CB Byron Murphy Jr. (Cardinals) 75 
  • DT Christian Wilkins (Dolphins) 75

See the complete Madden 20 rookie ratings here at EA’s site.

Some fans of particular teams or rookies may be shocked by what they are seeing. However, EA mentioned they overhauled their Madden 20 ratings system. The concept is to make sure the elite superstars in the NFL seem like they are on a level above their competition. The rookies have yet to fully prove themselves, but the 2019 NFL season is quickly approaching.

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