Madden 21 Mobile App Launches The Yard: Underground as New Mode

The Madden 21 mobile app officially went live a day earlier and with it came an interesting new attraction. EA unveiled something called The Yard: Underground where gamers can participate in fast-paced backyard football games. Here are more details about Madden 21 mobile app’s newest game mode.

Madden 21 mobile unveils The Yard: Underground

We’d seen rumors and leaks about The Yard, a new mode that was said to be coming to Madden 21 on consoles and PCs. Now it’s officially available as part of EA’s Madden 21 mobile app on iOS and Android devices. EA unveiled an official reveal trailer for it on social media, showing off exactly what it involves.

With The Yard: Underground, gamers will be able to customize a player avatar’s appearance including looks and gear. In the Madden 21 mobile app, you’ll then get to participate in smaller games with faster gameplay. Gamers will bring their customized player into 5-vs-5 games in different spots around the world. The object is to “rank up” and gain rewards as you do, improving your player.

“We wanted to create a new way for players to express themselves and take on small-sided football in an arcade-style experience that’s completely new to Madden,” Seann Graddy, Executive Producer of Madden NFL 21 said via Electronic Arts’ press release.

“The Yard is fast, thrilling and most importantly fun. Players will delve into all new gameplay on mobile and on consoles that will bring to life the backyard football that NFL players and fans grew up loving, where the rules are relaxed, and you can win with attitude,” Graddy added.

Some people are comparing The Yard to the previous NFL Street video game based on how parts of it play and feel. Madden fans are also quite familiar with the crazy new mode Superstar KO introduced into the game last year. It seems like EA is moving towards more arcade-like modes now as news continues to arrive about 2K’s NFL football games.

What about The Yard for consoles and PCs?

EA has yet to unofficially unveil the mode for consoles including PlayStation and Xbox, or Windows PCs. However, many are speculating that The Yard will be certainly part of the game.

Based on a report from Dual Shockers, that will be the case and there’s even better news. Those who get started with The Yard: Underground on the Madden 21 mobile app will be able to transfer progress to the console or PC game.

The new Madden 21 game has an official release date of Aug. 28 for Standard Edition on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, customers can play it three days earlier with pre-orders of the Ultimate or MVP Edition.

In the meantime, check out the new Madden 21 mobile app available for iOS and Android devices (links below). Keep in mind it’s free to download but there may be in-app purchases as options.

iOS mobile app link

Android mobile app link

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