Fallout 76 Main Quests #24 Part 4: The Storage Area Event

Every time you undertake the Mission: Countdown main quest, you need to fight your way through one of Fallout 76’s three nuclear silos; Site Alpha, Site Bravo, and Site Charlie. These sites are some of the most challenging area in the game, and each is divided between five events which you need to complete. After you complete the Residential Area, Reactor Area, and Operations Centre events, you’ll find yourself in the Fallout 76 Storage Area event.

How to Complete the Fallout 76 Storage Area Event in Mission: Countdown

Fortunately, the Fallout 76 Storage Area event has more in common with Reactor Area than Operations Centre; you can pick the lock on the office door in the first room to find a terminal. Use this to shut down the Supervisor and the turrets. Once this is done, head back to the main area and clear out the other robots. In the main area there is another terminal on the wall which can open a door which leads back to the entrance of the silo. This makes it easier to get back in if you die and have to respawn.

Fallout 76 Storage Area 2

The security system in the Storage Area won’t activate until you use the Facilities Mainframe Terminal or interact with the Mainframe Cores. While the Operations Centre event involved destroying these cores, you now need to replace them. 15 of them, to be precise. Before activating the event, locate all of the cores so that you know where to go. Once the security system activates you’ll face endless waves of robots until you replace all of the cores.

There are two optional objectives which can make things easier here. The first is to find spare mainframe cores, which can speed up the replacement objective. The second is to simply repair damaged mainframe cores. You can remove all 15 mainframe cores and take them to the Tinker’s Workbench in the adjoining room. There you can use Steel Scraps and Circuits to repair them, then go put them back in. This allows you to skip the replacement process. Once the mainframe cores are repaired or replaced, the security system will shut down and you can head towards the final event of the site.