MLB The Show 20 Game Features Full Minor League Rosters for the First Time

In a historic move, the upcoming MLB The Show 20 game will be the first in the franchise to feature full minor league rosters. That means rising stars from various ball clubs around the country will be available on their respective teams. A new promotional video arrived to announce the big news for MLB The Show fans now imagining the possibilities.

MLB The Show 20 game trailer shows off Minor League teams, players

On Wednesday (Feb. 12), Minor League Baseball and MLB The Show released a video called “They Got Next” to announce the big news. The video highlights a variety of minor league players and teams for the new MLB The Show 20 game. One of the players shown briefly is a very popular choice with Tim Tebow. The former football star left the gridiron for the baseball diamond and currently plays for the Syracuse Mets club.

The video below is just about 30 seconds but still gives the great news, and announces something that is a big step towards including more aspects of the minor league experience. That could mean adding realistic minor league stadiums in the future.

Minor league teams have been part of MLB The Show games over the years, but the rosters weren’t ever “full” or complete. For example, Tim Tebow was noticeably missing from Show 19, but not anymore. The new additions should allow for more call-ups and fun in terms of gamers running their own simulated franchises or seasons.

MLB video game details

The MLB The Show 20 game will also feature new Road to the Show updates including relationships playing a bigger part in team success. In addition, a recent gameplay video showed new developments for fielding and batting that will be part of The Show.

The game arrives exclusively to Sony PlayStation 4 on March 17, 2020. However, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers shouldn’t have to wait much longer. The game will come to other consoles in the future, thanks to a new partnership involving the game makers and MLB.

Visit the PlayStation website for details on how to pre-order a copy for early access to play the game ahead of everyone else.

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