NBA 2K22 MyTeam Cards: Signature Series Packs and Active Locker Codes

A new series of NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards debuted in the game on Friday with the addition of the Signature Series Packs at the Market. Headlining these packs is NBA superstar LeBron James, with his card featuring him as a member of the Miami Heat. His former teammate, Dwyane Wade, is also part of the packs, along with current players Blake Griffin, Rudy Gobert, and more. We’ve got the full details on the release plus the latest active Locker Codes to enter in MyTeam.

Signature Series brings new NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards

The latest release for 2K22 MyTeam is the Signature Series packs. With these packs, gamers can get regular versions of certain players or their Signature Series items. Leading the way are Miami Heat champs Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, each of whom get new Diamond items.

D-Wade’s card has a 93 OVR rating including 95 Offense, 90 Defense, 99 Shot IQ, 93 Shot Close, 93 Driving Layup, 93 Speed, 90 Perimeter Defense, and 93 Speed with Ball. LeBron gets a 92 OVR rating. His card includes 92 Offense, 90 Defense, 99 Shot IQ, 92 Driving Layup, 91 Speed, 93 Stamina, 90 Intangibles, and 89 Draw Foul.

They’re joined by 90 OVR Amethyst Blake Griffin and Karl-Anthony Towns, along with two Ruby player cards: 89 OVR Rudy Gobert and 88 OVR Terrence Ross. Packs are selling for 11,250 Virtual Currency (VC) or 15,750 MT. A 10-pack box is 101,250 VCC and a 20-pack box is 202,500 VC.

The Signature versions of the cards feature additional Hall of Fame Badges, making them extra special. For example, LeBron’s Signature Series features seven Gold and four HOF Badges. There are just three HOF Badges on his regular card in the release.

Unlock a Diamond Larry Bird Signature Series card

There’s another Diamond player card available as part of these new NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards. Gamers can unlock a free Diamond Larry Bird by getting all seven of the Autograph Event cards from the packs. Additionally, these can be acquired in the 2K22 Auction House under Consumables.

As shown below, Larry Legend’s card is a 94 OVR Diamond. It features 96 Offense and 86 Defense along with nine Gold and five HOF Badges. His top attributes are his 95 Offensive Consistency, 93 Shot 3pt, 92 Stamina, 92 Post Fade, and 90 Shot IQ. See more of Bird’s card and other cards from this series at’s listing.

Latest Locker Codes for Signature Series, Other items

Why spend currency on a Signature Series packs when you could land a free one? 2K dropped a Locker Code for a chance at one of those packs, along with other rewards. They include a Converse shoe pack or two Tokens. To get one of the rewards for free, enter the Locker Code “MyTeam-SIGNATURE-SERIES-CARDS.”

There was another Locker Code given out ahead of the Signature Series code above. With the code below, gamers have a shot at one of three Diamond items to celebrate the September Equinox. Simply enter “EQUINOX-DIAMONDS” within the next week to claim the Diamond Shoe Base, Shoe Boost, or Contract.

See more details for how to enter Locker Codes in 2K22. Also, check out the 2K22 mobile app which allows for entering codes easier, in addition to checking your VC, and scanning your face for MyPlayer!

For more news about the game, visit VGR’s NBA 2K22 page here.