DICE Details New Battlefield 5 Map: Panzerstorm

One of the big new additions which came to Battlefield 5 today was the game’s ninth multiplayer map; the first to release post-launch. The Battlefield 5 Panzerstorm map takes place in Belgium and features a significant emphasis on vehicle combat. While other large maps do, of course, feature vehicles, Panzerstorm takes this aspect of battle to a whole new level.

Battlefield 5 Maps: Panzerstorm

“Panzerstorm is loosely based on the Battle of Hannut,” explains DICE; “fought in Belgium during the second year of World War 2. The German forces have ripped through a small municipality, smashing into British defensive forces. In the aftermath, tank husks litter the otherwise beautiful landscape now ready for the taking.”

The Battlefield 5 Panzerstorm Map Matches Hamada for Size

At present, the only game mode available to play on Panzerstorm is Conquest. Given that all of the other eight multiplayer maps are available for multiple game modes, including Grand Operations, it seems likely that more will be added in the near future. However, for now at least you’ll need to be playing Conquest if you want a chance to see this new map. According to DICE, Panzerstorm’s map size is “Very Large,” putting it in the same bracket as Hamada. Until now, Hamada was the largest map in the game and the only one categorised as “Very Large.” However, while DICE describes Hamada’s pace as “Moderate,” Panzerstorm is apparently “Moderate-Fast.”

The reason for this is simple; “Up to 17 tanks can roam the map at once, with an additional three called from Reinforcements,” explains DICE; “The map’s size allows for spread out tank skirmishes but is large enough to leave room for alternate battle strategies. If you crew a tank, try rolling in a group of them to maximize your ability to fight back. Going alone as infantry is a death wish on this map. However, a good squad can dominate tanks as there are enough trenches to fortify and spring an ambush from. Fortification opportunities are abundant – no, they can’t stop a tank round, but a sandbag wall might lessen the impact. Also, there’s a plane for each team for air support and spots to build Anti-Tank guns.”