New Borderlands 3 Character Art Released on SHiFT

Although Gearbox has unveiled a surprising amount since the announcement of Borderlands 3, one area which has been mostly kept under wraps is the roster of playable characters. While details on the loot mechanics, arms manufacturers, and so on has been revealed, the Borderlands 3 characters have only been briefly touched on. Now, a new set of artwork for these upcoming characters has appeared on SHiFT.

New Artwork of the Upcoming Borderlands 3 Characters

SHiFT is a website used by Gearbox as a community site and also as a place to redeem codes. With the announcement of Borderlands 3, the studio has taken the opportunity to release a number of free codes which fans can use to claim rewards; thus driving usage of SHiFT. As such, fans quickly noticed when new artwork featuring the Borderlands 3 characters appeared on the site. There are four new pieces of artwork in total; one each for three of the four characters, and one ensemble piece.

Borderlands 3 Characters New Art

The names of the Borderlands 3 characters have thus far been revealed, along with some basic details about their styles of play. However, fans still know very little about them. It’s anticipated that fans will get their first real look at these characters on the 1st of May; during the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal stream.

The first of the four characters is Amara, the Borderlands 3 Siren. Unlike previous Sirens, Amara seems to be more of a close combat character; she has the ability to project giant arms of pure energy. Moze is the game’s Soldier. However, unlike Axton in Borderlands 2, who could summon a turret, Moze appears to be able to summon a mech which another player can ride on. Relatively little is known about Zane, other than he has a wrist-mounted flying drone, and may make use of holograms. The one character who doesn’t have character art on SHiFT is FL4K. This robotic character is supposedly some sort of beastmaster.