New Death Stranding Cinematic Takes Things To Another Level

Death Stranding fans, you can stop refreshing Hideo Kojima’s Twitter page in order to find out more bout what happened at Tokyo Game Show 2018. The panel took place with Kojima himself and the game’s japanese voice actors. Apart from a few information about eath Stranding in general, a new cinematic has been showed, filling us with more questions than shedding some light on its plot.

The Death Stranding video shown at TGS 2018 featured the Skeleton Face man, the mysterious figure we’ve seen during the third trailer of the game. This time though, he’s not silent. In fact, this is the first time we hear a character speaking in a sarcastic way in the game.

His english voice is that of voice actor Troy Baker, famous for his work as Joel in The Last of Us and Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. His japanese voice now, is that of Satoshi Mikami. What’s intersting about the new Death Stranding cinematic is that it is the first time we see a tied together piece that looks like an intro to battle.

Many relate the Skeleton Face Man to a Pharaoh figure and the giant “lion” beside him as a Sphinx. No corelation to the Egyptian history culture has been made up until now, however, with no information on the part of Kojima Productions it’s difficult to say for sure.

The next time we’ll see Death Stranding will most likely be during the Game Awards 2018 which will take place in December. Hideo Kojima has already teased that he might pop up the news about the release date of the game, which is the number one piece of information fans want to know right now. Is the whole anticipation worth it or are you feeling let down about the lack of details about the game?